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Emerald Nightmare raid
Hi all.

With the Emerald Nightmare opening up on September 20, I started looking for info on how to progress.  Below are some useful links to get us informed on what to expect for the Emerald Nightmare!


Icy Veins - Emerald Nightmare Raid Guide

YouTube videos - Here are videos of the first three possible bosses in the Emerald Nightmare.  All three videos are from the alpha testing of Legion so it's quite possible the fights have changed but it should give an idea of what to expect when we encounter these bosses.
Here is Blizzard's preview of the bosses from the Emerald Nightmare.

Emerald Nightmare preview
I know that we're all still working on gearing up, but just wondering - what is our goal ilevel to for the normal level raid? Gear drops are i850, so i840? 835?
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We are aiming for an iLevel of 820+.  We'll assess where we are in terms of gear and raid balance tomorrow evening.

Useful videos (even though alpha) Seems like these demand lots of coordinated movement and placement at minimum. For Nythendra seems like a test of can we stick together, can we jump out immediately when hit with rot, can we dps from right direction at right time and drop puddles in good spots... I get the impression for learning, Nythendra Spewer of Icky Green Goo is probably a slower wipe cycle than Ursoc The Very Angry Bear.
~ Zoopagoo
Super-quick guide to Nythendra:

* Tank the boss in middle of the room.  Raid spreads loosely (8 y) on either side of boss.  Slowly rotate boss as ground fills up with void zones.

* Tanks: Taunt at the debuff (Volatile Rot) and run far away for its explosion / void zone.
* All others:  Flee when the boss turns toward you (cone attack: Infested Breath).  Run out with Rot debuff (AoE + drops poison void zone) and place your void zones in lines between boss and wall, like spokes in a wheel.

* Boss pulls poison void zones toward herself --> Stand in an area with no green stuff & avoid being hit.
* Boss scatters non-targetable insects around the room, random ones swell and explode --> Big bugs hurt: get away from them.


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