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So you want me to tell you a story, well...sometimes things are just too deep to recall at moments of ones life. Sometimes the darkness has taken far too much of us further into the Twisting Nether. Regardless if you are trying to fight it or run from it's past claim on everything; or that is just what I believe anymore.

I am Elodius son of Darklodis who was a stable master at Agamand Mills some time ago. Though I worked with my human hands for a very long time along my fathers side untill the plague, I forgot the feel of the materal world and further placed myself in debt to other things that would call my name at night.

I have yet to learn of any higher standing in any ranks for I have hid myself away from most mortal eyes for around 30 years. I am just now walking down a road to see everyones faces for the first time after my darkening.

As I walk the world over on what it seems to be a lost cause, I can not help but to think I need to know more of what happened. For what I call to myself is something unknown to me, demons to my aid and curses that I speak. I walk alone and have from the grounds of Deathknell along the way finding odd ways such as skinning things, I think I might enjoy this new work along side with any adventures I might take on. I could kill to make silver to buy my new clothes, and sometimes every so often I could find a flower or two to hand to somebody to make them feel better when I came into a village. I guess they all seem to take wrong to my face at times.

I think I am just starting to feel that I need some companionship to better me. After a quest to Grimtotem Post to seek out a murderer, I caught sight of somebody I thought I once knew, or maybe her soul perhaps it was...Yes more than I care to share at this time. However, I seen her in a vision, her name was Chaska (( I'm RL friends with her son )) and somehow she was calling to me. As her voice swept through the trees around me, she was telling me that my path leeds to Ironsong and from there I will grow and maybe learn of the missing parts of my life. As I started to yell back at the voice something cold came over me, and if you were dead you would know that there is no such thing as cold. I was unsure of this feeling and why it urged me to say yes, my feet will carry me there, but it did and so here I am.

As of now I have only came across one other tribe that has helped me make my way to where I am, their tribe is called Cult of Xionakis and needless to say they were not who I was suposed to be with.

I would have to say that on my path I have thought long and hard about my honor, my father would have wanted that of me...so I now wish to serve the lands of the horde and Ironsongs quests in life to fullfill my fathers dreams of me in the ranks and become somebody to remember since I was already once forgotten.

I have heard of the Conduct Ironsong follows and I will do my best to be welcome, I just hope whatever I find out about this new life of mine is something we could all live with.

Nice, Elo, very nice.
(( thanks Khrale, I was going to add you to my story but at 5AM I was kinda becoming short with my typing skills and was rdy for bed lol ))
((I knew you had it in you Mikey. VERY VERY nice!))
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
(( thanks Lisa Smile)

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