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Elegon in a nutshell
Elegon in a nutshell

We've all seen Elegon in LFR, and many of us saw it on normal mode for the first time last Thursday. Here's the fight in a nutshell.

This is a 2 tank, 2 healer, 6 DPS fight. Oryx will go DPS for this fight. It has THREE STAGES.

STAGE 1: from 100% to 85% of Elegon's health.

The Inner Ring debuffs: Anyone standing on the inner ring will get the Touch of the Titans beneficial debuff (increases damage done and healing received) AND the Overcharged debuff (increases damage taken by 5% per stack, up to 20 stacks. New stack every 5 seconds).

The Celestial Protector: Spawns every 35 seconds, close to Elegon. The Celestial Protector will cast Arcing Energy, which will do high damage to random raid members, and applies a debuff called "Closed Circuit" to them, which reduces healing taken by 50% for 20 seconds, and can be dispelled. The Celestial Protector takes 90% reduced damage if he's on the outer ring at over 25% health. When he dies, he'll cast Total Annihilation, which does a LOT of arcane to the whole raid -- if he dies on the Inner Ring, he'll get the beneficial debuff "Touch of the Titans" which will greatly increase the damage to the raid.

Lastly, if nobody is within melee range of him, Elegon will pull everyone to him and deal a high amount of Arcane damage.


* TANKING ELEGON: To begin with, Kaishen will tank Elegon in the center of the room and face him away from the raid (to avoid Celestial Breath, frontal cone attack). Elegon can be turned, but not moved from the center of the room. Kaishen and Shantow will be alternating on Elegon -- see below.

* RAID POSITION: The raid will stack behind Elegon (to make things easier for healers) close to the edge of the Inner Ring so that members can just step out to reset their Overcharged debuff. Ranged and Healers do not need to move from this spot.

* CELESTIAL PROTECTOR: Shantow will pick up the first Celestial Protector and will tank it WITHIN the inner ring, near the raid and close to the edge, until it is almost dead. Then he will drag the Celestial Protector onto the Outer Ring before it dies (resetting Shantow's debuff). Shantow and Kaishen should use a target macro to pick it up.

* RESETTING OVERCHARGED: Everyone must periodically leave the Inner Ring briefly to reset their stacks of Overcharged.

* TANK SWAPPING AND THE CELESTIAL PROTECTOR: Tanks must switch tanking Elegon regularly -- at 10-12 stacks of Overcharged -- so that they can reset this Overcharged debuff. This swap will happen after each Celestial Protector dies. When the first one dies, Shantow will run to Kaishen's location and will taunt Elegon. Kaishen will run to the outer ring, resetting his Overcharged debuff, then will pick up the new Celestial Protector. The new tank should get close to Elegon and taunt him before the main tank leaves, to ensure that someone is within melee range at all times.

* DISPEL CLOSED CIRCUIT: Healers must dispel Closed Circuit.

--> HEALERS: Damage is fairly low during this phase, with the exception of Total Annihilation, which does 200,000 damage. Top players off before this. Use healing and defensive cooldowns here, as they won't be needed again for a while.

The main tank will be taking most of the damage. Healers must watch out for the tank's stacks of Overcharged and use a cooldown if stacks are high before Celestial Breath. There will be random bursts of damage to the raid members from Arcing Energy -- heal through these. Dispell Closed circuit immediately.

--> DPS: fairly simple phase -- DPS elegon, DPS the Celestial Protectors. Move out of the Inner Ring when Overcharged reaches 10+ stacks. Goal: Get Elegon to 85% before the third Celestial Protector spawns. To optimize DPS: melee DPS can stay on Elegon for the first Celestial Protector. Use damage reduction abilities to survive Total Annihilation. Ranged should find a sweet spot at the edge of the border between the rings where they can simply jump or step backwards to reset their stacks of Overcharged. You can find one before the fight starts.

STAGE 2: from the end of stage 1 until the raid fails to kill a spark.

At the beginning of stage 2, Elegon will cast Draw Power for 15 seconds. Then he'll spawn 6 energy charges around him. If these are killed before they reach their destination around the ring, he'll cast Draw Power again (3 sec cast), and will spawn a second set. Every time he casts Draw Power he'll receive a stack of a debuff that increases the damage he takes by 10% per stack, which persists until the end of the fight. So getting as MANY of those stacks as we can is good!


* KILL SPARKS: We will assign people to specific sparks. We will kill the sparks for the first 3-4 waves or so (we'll make the call on the fly), then we'll ignore the 4th or 5th wave -- the one we can't stop -- and we'll use that time to DPS Elegon instead. Note: the sparks do a small amount of damage when they explode, but since they all explode at about the same time this can do a lot of damage -- make sure to reset the Overcharged Debuff).

* DAMAGE ELEGON: DPS Elegon HARD, especially during the first 15-second Draw Power.

* CONTINUE CLEARING OVERCHARGED: For ranged and healers, this is easy -- just spend your time at the outer edge of the inner ring and step off to clear the debuff. Melee DPS should step outside the inner ring whenever they finish killing an Energy Charge. If you opt not to clear the debuff but to run back in to get the next wave of sparks, be prepared to use a defensive or self-healing cooldown to survive the next wave of explosions.

STAGE 3: from the end of stage 2 until the raid kills all the stationary, Empyreal Focuses

In this stage, the inner circle falls away. Everyone must be on the outer ring. 20 seconds after the floor falls away, 6 pylon "Emypreal Focuses" will spawn, three on each side. A wall of energy will form between each opposing pair. This wall goes away when BOTH empyreal focuses are killed.

At the end of stage 2 the raid will divide into two 5-man groups, which will go to either side of the room and position themselves before the floor of the BEFORE inner ring falls away.

Group 1: Kaishen, Ryosaki, Oryx, Zlinka, Melikar. Will go to the FRONT of the room near the control panel. Group 1 will move clockwise, killing pylons as they go.

Group 2: Shantow, Sbin, Ryosaki, Eruadan, Anca, Umu. Will go to the BACK of the room, furthest from the control panel. Group 2 will move clockwise, killing pylons as they go.

* Don't cross the energy walls.
* Avoid the impact locations of the Energy Cascades
* Once the pylons are down, AoE the adds (cosmic sparks).

STAGE 1 starts again when Elegon reaches 50% health. Then stage 2 and 3 happen again.


Once this second cycle of stages is over, Elegon doesn't enter any more stages -- he'll simply damage the tank and raid until killed. This is a BURN PHASE. We have to kill him before he enrages. Stack on Elegon and heal through the damage. Do not waste time resetting stacks of Overcharged -- just heal through it and use cooldowns to survive. We will use Bloodlust here.

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