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1) Ekrabor

2) Hunter, level 25

3) I am a long time gamer and returning here after a long break with a good friend.

4) Skinning, Leatherworking, Frist Aid, Cooking, FIshing.

5) Was once a member of Lust for Blood. That guild is no longer a part of this community.

6) I met a Troll named Seyonna that peaked my interest in the guild. Also, I am an appprentice to another applicant, Gorgretta.

7) Redeeming myself to my best friend and Mentor.

8) I am looking to enjoy myself and meet new people, while exploring Azeroth.

9) The sights, the sounds, the battle.

10) Yes.
Apprentice of Gorgretta
Hunter of the Horde
Please re-write this application with the ideals we have put forward in our application process. Write up your application from your characters point of view towards those questions. We have several example in previous applications which you can view to get an idea of what it is that makes for a good Ironsong application.
2) Orc Hunter of the Horde
3) Born and raised in Ogrimmar, parents were killed at an early age by Hunans. Met my mentor while I was wandering the Barrens, she offered to teach me, guide me, make me stronger. I agreed, feeling that fate some how made us cross paths. I continue to learn as she continues to teach. Slow to anger, and often quiet, contemplative, as if in deep thought.
4) Proficient in Skinning and making leather armor. Also a decent cook and feild medic.
5) Once a member of the Army of Lust for Blood, the army has disbanded. Now I follow my mentor to continue my lessons.
6) I met a Troll named Seyonna in Ogrimmar. She was different then most trolls I had met, while I only just met her I felt a friendship forming. My mentor is also applying to become a member of teh Ironsong Tribe.
7) To overcome my need for revenge until I am strong enough to avenge my dead parents.
8) I seek revenge on the Humans who took my parents from me. I desire good comrades in arms, perhaps friends. I wish to be good at what I do.
9) I enjoy the long runs through the lands. The flights over dangerous places. Seeing what the Alliance is capable of. I enjoy the skirmishes, the sounds of battle joined.
10) I have read the code of conduct and will abide by the rules.
Apprentice of Gorgretta
Hunter of the Horde
The Orc had made a small camp on a dense woods up against a small hillock. A soft campfire was glowing in the center of the trees, above the flames were two rabbits he had managed to catch for his supper. It was not much but it was more then most had in these hard times. Reaching into his shoulder satchel he withdrew a rolled parchment. Untying the bindings wrapped carefully around it he unrolled it to begin reading.

A troll he had met gave him this scroll, Seyonna was her name. She bid him to read it over and answer the few questions asked within. He thought that it was by luck he had been taught to read and write. Only by the grace of his mentor was he given that knowledge.

This orcs name was Ekrabor, he was a young Hunter in service to the Horde. Born in the main city of Ogrimmar, his parents where simple merchants, buying and selling various goods just to make ends meet. His parents had been killed in a raid by the Alliance. Ekrabor had been stashed in safety when the raid began, his parents taking up arms in hopes of driving them back out along side the guard. The defense succeeded, but his parents had fallen. Now lost and alone, not knowing what he should do, he left Ogrimmar. Living off the land, Ekrabor found he had an affinity to animals. He was a decent tracker, learning to skin what he killed and turn these skins into useful armor for himself. His skill in first aid also grew as early in his travels he was injured often, many times nearly dieing.

Ekrabor had joined an army early in his life, Lust for Blood, at first it was everything he wanted. Then members began to leave, there was a new leader. Almost without warning the army was disbanded. Ekrabor was alone once more. He traveled Azeroth for a year, in this time he met his mentor, Gorgretta, she had offered to train him. Too make him a better Hunter. She introduced him to Seyonna on one of their in one of their infrequent visits to Ogrimmar. His mentor was interested in the Ironsong Tribe, so the two spoke with this troll for a while, asking questions, trying to get a feel for what they were about. Seyonna had given him some parchment to read over, which he stashed in a satchel with the promise to look it over.

Now he sat at his small fire, smelling the cooking rabbit, looking over the scroll. His hand scratched at his chin often as his lips moved silently. He sounded out words slowly. His mouth was beginning to water as the rabbit cooked in front of him. He thought back to well over a year ago, when his parents were killed. His mind again taking him back to thoughts he had no wish to dwell on. His mentor had told him revenge was an act of stupidity if he tried now. He was not strong enough to avenge anyone. His corpse would lie in the road along with the foolish young horde who thought they could do anything.

Placing the parchment back into his satchel the bindings again wrapped tight about it. He began slicing the meat for his supper. He chewed the tender meat slowly, enjoying the taste. Leaning against the hill, legs stretched out in front of him as he gazed into the fire thoughtfully. This is what he enjoyed, the stars over his head, wind in his face, but he can not pretend to hide his thrill at the sounds of battle. He lived for the fight and always longed for more.

He looked again at his satchel as he cleaned up his mess, burying the remains of the rabbit. Stoking the fire with a few more sticks to keep him warm during the night, he nodded his head. Silently agreeing with what was written on the parchment. Ekrabor lay down on the ground, his hands curled under his head, eyes closed, he drifted off to sleep.

((I apologize for the first two attempts. I hope this is closer to what you are looking for.))
Apprentice of Gorgretta
Hunter of the Horde
Very nice! Hope to see you at the Moot!

Blademaster of The Ironsong Tribe
((I also must withdraw my application. But I do thank you for the opportunity and look forward to seeing you in Azeroth. Safe travels and battles.))
Apprentice of Gorgretta
Hunter of the Horde
Understood, Ekra. Thank you for your interest and sharing your story with us. : ) You are still welcome to visit moots just for RP, they are open generally.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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