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I am known as Efluvious, which I am told describes my odor and personality well.

Having lost much of what I was, I decided to take up arms against my enemies
and the enemies of my new people. I was trained in combat as a warrior and was taught to protect myself and those around me but when needed to unleash the fury I have devoutly honed.

I have only a vague recollection of who I was before I was awakened and became Forsaken. That which I do recall has consumed me with anger toward the Scourge and the other enemies of the free peoples of Azeroth, and has brought me to respect the Horde as well as given me a grudging respect for the Alliance as well.

While training as a warrior, I learned of the importance of weapons and of substances from which they are made. I learned from the artisans of the Horde how to craft these weapons and then how to use them in my training.

While in the Hinterlands battling trolls, I came upon two who needed help. I joined them and became part of their small guild, which they called Prime Havoc. Unfortunately after several months, the leaders of Prime Havoc went into seclusion and the guild was disbanded. After having experienced the close association within a guild, I searched for another willing to grant me acceptance. The Lu Bu Army took me in, but I found them very different from my first guild. ((The don’t RP much))

In my past life I recall having had interactions with the one now known as Efluvia. She was the one who first named me having a somewhat similar smell: that of rotting bone and flesh. Efluvia and I explored together sometimes and we defeated many of the enemies of the Horde together. Besides Efluvia I have banded with a few of the other members of Ironsong while venturing into our enemies lairs. I have ventured deep underneath the Isle of Caer Darrow, I was with a group of Ironsingers including Eveline and Abru on one occasion and have had numerous interactions with other Ironsingers as well, including Krorg, Seize and Selerinus.

My greatest trial throughout my unlife has been that of self-acceptance. While there are many forsaken like me in azeroth now, I know that I am an unnatural creature but at least have a will of my own. I see the hoards of undead that the Lich King has raised and my eyes film over red with rage! They are puppets! The sooner they and their master are destroyed the better!

As I have forged my weapons and brought them to a sharp edge, so have I done with my purpose: The enemies of the free peoples must be destroyed, and the Lich King is chief among them! I shall tear him apart if it means my utter destruction, but I must be prepared for that conflict. So I train and practice. I do what I can to hamper my enemies and thwart their goals. And when the lich king is destroyed and the free peoples safe, then shall I return to my rest.

What do I enjoy you ask? I enjoy seeing my enemies fall, but I also enjoy the companionship of my people and seeing their purposes knit. When our various goals become one nothing can stop us. Oh, I also enjoy eating dead things.

Yes I have both read and agree to abide by the rules and principles in the Code of Conduct.
Beh! He followed me here... Wretched worm.

I suppose I could voice my support of this puny little warrior, after all, his family saw my greatness and named him in my likeness. And he does whatever warriors do pretty well - die I suppose.

(( Efluvius is a real life friend and a good guy all around even if he can't come up with good names on his own :p I support his application))
Efluvia is a skeptic by nature, you do well to gain her favor.
Her 'small' but given support speaks highly of you.

Please try to attend one of our Thursday Guild meetings at 6pm Server time.
Ask Efluvia for the Moot (meeting) Location.
Vote Akora for MA!

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