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Earning a mount
There is was the last of it. Cloudjumper secured the straps on his backpack and headed off into the depths of Orgrimmar. Through much effort, strife, and work he was about to earn his place as a great hero of the Orc peoples. And he would do it with the 5 small stacks of runecloth he had in his pack right now.

It seemed like somewhat of a let down that it would be the donation of this material that would earn him this great honor and not the defeat of some horrible monster, or the completion of an epic quest. Still it was the honor itself that was the important thing, not in how it was achieved. Besides Cloudjumper knew he had done many great services for the Orc hordes, and completed several quests in their name. He had heard even Thrall himself spoke his name and counted him as one of his finest warriors.

It was not surprising; many in the Ironsong Tribe were counted among the great heroes of the Horde. Several had earned special commendation from Thrall and the other great Horde leaders; many more were diplomats, ambassadors’ to the various other factions around Azeroth and even in the Outlands. Cloudjumper was proud to finally be earning such honor for himself, his family, his tribe.

Cloudjumper walk into the tailoring shop, and found the Quartermaster among the other shop workers.

“Cloudjumper it is good to see you again.” She said, “Come to make another donation?”

“Yes, I think this will be my final one.” Replied Cloudjumper as he began to empty the runecloth from his packs.

The quartermaster began going through her lists of donations, tallies that she kept on behalf of Orgrimmar to honor those who chose to assist.

“How much have you brought me today Cloudjumper?” she asked

“Five full stacks.”

Her brow furrowed as she made the calculations, and then double checked them. She looked up from her tally sheets and smiled at the Tauren standing before her.

“It seems you are correct, this will be the last of your donations” standing she takes the runecloth and sorts it into various stacks.

“Know this, today you are counted as one of the most exalted among the Orcs, all the peoples of Orgrimmar will know of your status and how much you have helped our cause.”

Cloudjumper bowed to her in thanks, then walks out of the tailoring shop heading for the Valley of Honor. Not since his youth had Cloudjumper ridden any beast of burden, however today that would change. He was now certain the wolf masters would be willing to teach him how to ride and care for one of the Orc peoples special mounts.

His form shifts and Cloudjumper races through the streets in the form of the cheetah, so excited is he that regular running can not convey him fast enough. He races through the valley, past the warriors hall, the smithy, orphanage, and up the hill. He slides to a stop at the feet of one of the wolf masters raising a small cloud of dust. The wolf master looks down from his mount at the form below him.

“Why have you come?”

Cloudjumper shifts into his Tauren form, “I seek training in the riding of wolves”

“I see.” is the reply. The wolf master studies the Tauren for several long moments “Twice before you have come to us, twice before you were declined. Why do you think this time will be any different?”

Cloudjumper takes a deep breath and draws himself up to his full height.

“I am Cloudjumper Wildmane, Druid of the Claw, favored of Thrall, Exalted among the peoples of Orgrimmar. By blood, sweat, trial, and combat I have earned my place among the heroes of the Horde and have earned the right to ride such fine mounts as yours.”

Cloudjumper stood there before the wolf master looking him dead in the eye, never wavering, never a doubt passing through him. A smile spread across the face of the wolf master.

“I have heard your name Cloudjumper, and I judge you worthy of being granted the honor of being born by one of the great wolves of Orgrimmar.”

For the next several hours the wolf masters teach him the proper techniques for riding wolf mounts, and how to properly care for them. It is exhausting work, but at the end the wolf masters allow Cloudjumper to choose a mount to call his own. He chooses a fine specimen of the brown wolves.

Cloudjumper climbs into the saddle for the first time on his new mount, taking the reins he heads the wolf out onto the road and through the city, riding as fast as the large beast can carry him.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Taz'dingo, Cloudjumpah! It be a long, hard road but one worth walkin' - we all owe de orcs f'r dere aid in de past t'our peoples. Y'honor de Horde an' Tribe wit yer efforts.

::blows her horn and rides off on Smoke, her Dire Wolf::

Jus' wait till yah go through de Dark Portal, mah friend... but don' rush none.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
I am so very proud of thee my friend. You are one of the noblest Tauren I have known...and you honor your people as well as our tribe.

"Upward paths are the hardest...but they have the best views"
...or so my father always said.

Sing True Ironsong!
<peers at the little Tauren fella. You gots a wolffy? <cheers> I likes this little fella he helps defend!
Eh Cloudjumper mon, Shadow and I be see'n your new mount at da moot. It be a good choice!
I know'n you will'be treat'n him wit da same respect and kind'ness you show'n me and Shadow.

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