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Dwindling light
I was once called. Zhuljeta Heartsorrow.
I am a priestess of the forgotten shadow.
Formerly a Runewarden of the great Runestine of Caer Darrow. And once a mindless slave the the Lich King. I have broken free, and now seek my revenge.I have broken free of his hold and now sek to find my place in a world I no longer know.

I have no one left to call family.

I am a tailor of the highest fashion having sew for the baroness in Scholomance. And Learned the art of potions and transmutations under The Lich Frostwhisper. I am well versed in making bandages and can cook a little. but my fingers still get tangled in fishing lines

After freeing myself from the depths of the dark academy. I met Gholjan... Or rather I should say I met his blade. He mistook me for a Necrolyte. and understandable. pale elf leaving the School. He helped me away from the former forest of Lorderon to Tirisfal glade and then onward to my long lost home to the north. And he continues to aid me in finding my way in a world where I do not belong.

My greatest trial was the years I spent within Scholomance. being a prisoner of my own mind. My body and magic used to commit unspeakable atrocities against those I once cared about.

My goals and desires are to build myself up to one day take my revenge upon the scoure and see them wiped from the hills and dales of Azeroth once and for all.

Learning to live again. Learning to breathe in the sweet air. the waters of the eastern sea washing over my feet as I walk aling the shores of Sunstrider Isle, or watching the clouds pass over the golden plains of Mulgore.

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Doh quiet, dis elfie be ona few priestess of da shadow dat realleh seemed to lamen' her fate. She be beyond useful an' outgoin' wit strangas (after all, she did end up meetin me, yah?) I tink dat she be fit for us. She will be doin' great tings, mebbe terrible in da end, but great none dah less.

<stamps his seal of approval>
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