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*Durkham pulls out a tattered parchment, strewn with wrinkles, and tries to make the creases flat upon the rock that is serving as his writing table. The quill in his hand is small and cumbersome. His large hands are obviously not familiar with the writing instrument, and if one looks, one could see him absent-mindedly biting his tongue as he concentrates very hard, the tip of it sticking between upper and lower lip.*

Durkham say sorry. Durkham not write reel gud. Durkham try hard, though.

*The lines written on the parchment are uneven, barely legible, but still the orc looks down with a proud smile, as if he had just created a work of art.*

Durkham have strong heart. Dukham have much honor. Him work vary hard. Durkham not sure what title is. Him thinks he not have one. Durkham learn to feed himself. Him find that he gud hunter. Him have sharp aim with bow and him kill with heart of … *Durkham thinks for a word… while doing so he picks his nose. Not able to grasp his goal, his large finger moves into his nose until his face becomes slightly disfigured. Satisfied with his success, he wipes his finger on his trousers* …heart of gud honor. Him only kill what he have to. No more. Durkham spend years a boy orc in prison camps. Durkham have hard time in camps. Durkham Da is died. Durkham have Ma, but Ma is…not same Ma now. Her not right. Durkham have to leave Ma at pig farm and find place for him to be safe.

*He stares off into the distance, the thought obviously having an impact on him*

Durkham learn to bandage himself and him learn to cook what he kill. . Durkham also gud at knowing flowers. Him find ways to use them.

Durkham join his friends in group. They call them Bloodhound Brigands. Durkham not sure what Brigand is, but him think it not sound gud. Durkham see some things he not like, but him not sure him ought to say much. Him remember when Ma was gud Ma and she say not to wash you dirty breeches when others see them. Him not sure what gud that means, but him think it fits some how.

Durkham hear that Tribe has gud honor. Him hear that Tribe has pure heart and strong heart. Durkham like that. Durkham find friends with that.

Hard things for Durkham is to see folks who do not have gud honor. Him see one supposed to have strong heart do things like sneaky snakes. Durkham not like mean words. Durkham think clean heart is doing gud with ..naature.

Durkham want find home and family with him friends. Him have gud friends. Clean hearts and them use nice, soft words. Durkham loyal to friends. He go with them and he not let any bad thing happen to him friends.

Durkham want find good hunts with old friends and new friends. Durkham want Tribe with honor and strong heart.

Durkham try reel hard to read all rules. Durkham like them. Durkham like Tribe.

((As Saerrina stated, we are friends that like to play together. We began on a different server, but ended up here. As we have come to see, not everybody has the same sense of a code of honor. The Tribe’s reputation and code of conduct make it very attractive.))
Coranda wanders by the Tribal Totem, as is her morning ritual, and stops to read the new note posted. Squinting at the handwriting, she reads slowly down the page, alternately beaming and suppressing the urge to proofread the entry. When she finishes, she nods and smiles, then rummages in her pack for something with which to reply.

Eventually, a small scrap of parchment with ridiculously ornate patterns incised through the edges is posted with a short note:

"What a delightful application!

- Coranda"

A big smiley face takes up much of the remaining space on the parchment, and a small symbol is scrawled below her name.
*reads the application several times, then reads Saerrina's application again, then looks back at this one and frowns.*

Lok'tar Durkham. My name is Dergash and I am a Warlock. While it is good to see you trying to write, perhaps in future you could ask Saerrina to write out anything formal you have to post, specifically if I am required to read it. I am however impressed you mange to feed yourself, good for you! Your Ma must be so pleased.

We meet every Thursday at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time. Hmm, I am not sure if you can tell time, perhaps you can just ask someone to let you know when it is 6pm? I am sure one of your friends can tell time, just ask them.

Also as a hunter do you have a pet? I didn't see anything in your application about a pet, and most hunters I know can't stop going on and on about their pets.

See you on Thursday.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Dergash, do not be dismayed by Durkham's application. He is smarter than his writing portrays him. He just does not have much experience with writing and expressing himself in that manner. I am very proud of his efforts here!

And yes, he has two pets I see him with frequently. I am still uncertain if I care for the ravager Skeeter or not. But Felinia is quite a cat, loyal and trustworthy, dependable. That description sounds much like her master, in fact. Both have saved my skin more times than I care to admit.
*Durkham laughed at the words of his friend as his big, green fingers scratched behind the ears of his trustworthy, quiet cat. Looking down and smiling a toothy grin, he spoke to the cat.*

You be glad Durkham not let you eat that nice Elf. Her is good friend.

*The dark, sleek cat leaned forward and looked into the sky as she released an elongated yawn. While she was loyal to the core, she would often display her own sense of self, almost to the point of appearing arrogant. Silently, she lay down and placed her head atop her paws, deciding it was time to nap.*

Durkham say sorry to Dergash. Durkham try harder to write gud. Him friend is good knowing time. Durkham will be where him posed to be.
Granted peonship 09/04/2008.

Also I really liked his introduction outfit.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Goldberry peered at the writing, at one point turning her head sideways in an effort to read it. "Hunter...with a....cat?" The white lion at her side reached up and snuffled at the note if trying to check out this so-called cat for himself, while the tauren rubbed her nose thoughtfully, as if trying to remember something. "Oh! Durkham! I wonder how those pink-fletched arrows are working out for him." Grinning, she and Whitemist wandered off.
Durkham, I would be honored to hunt by your side and to have you as a friend.

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