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Dungeon and Raid Achievements
Hi folks!

I am wondering if there are any others out there that are interested in grouping up to do some achievement runs. My husband (Loesik, not in guild, but recently returned to WoW) and I missed most of Cataclysm and the start of MoP, and I find I am itching to complete some of the old, and new achievements.

(I am an avid mount collector, so I do admit, that's a big part of my motivation. Seeing content I missed, and the challenge of doing some tough fights with smaller groups is also very appealing to me!)

The things I'm most interested in doing are:
*MoP Dungeon challenges
*MoP Heroic achievements
*Cataclysm Raid achievements
*WotL 25 man achievements

I'm also happy to do other raid runs for transmog gear, and to help others with their own goals. But I'm just looking to find out if anyone else out there would have fun doing these types of activities? I'd mostly be thinking of Sunday runs, since I am an East Coaster, and staying up weeknights is tough. Friday nights are a possibility, but again, it couldn't be too late for East Coast folks.

Please feel free to post here, or contact me in game anytime, if you are interested in any of these things, or if I can help with anything!
You can find me on either my Pally Avanya or my warlock Shalyndra.

Thanks, and happy hunting!
The Bear would help out when available. Always good to have a Bear around...
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
I'd be very interested in this as well. I pretty much sat out all of Cataclysm.

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