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Hello friends it is a honor to have this opportunity to join the mighty Irontribe Tribe. My name is Dreogan, a veteran rogue who's also new to the undead. My story starts in Gilneas where I started to make a name for myself for the Alliance. Although I was attacked and left for dead many times by the Horde through my travels, I survived. I survived the torment of the Horde when they overran Hellfire Peninsula when I first arrived to Outland. I survived the frigid snows of Northrend when the Lich King tried to overthrown Azeroth. And I survived the Cataclysm as a proud member of the great and famous guild Requiem and we fought and dominated the Horde in all facets of war. Soon, I started to gain a new title throughout the world, Alphagank. "Alpha" for my experience, standing, command and recognition across Azeroth, and "Gank" from my hardships, trials and tribulations from the past. After the fall of The Destroyer, I took some time off away from the bloodshed to heal wounds of straighten out my life. That's when disaster struck.

Requiem, once great and numerous, was all but decimated. The Horde that was once an afterthought started to outnumber the Alliance 5:1 thanks to the reckless Hellscream. All of this happening when the new land of Pandaria was discovered made the future bleak for me and my comrades. When journeying through this new land, I did so mostly alone. I tried many new guilds to fight alongside with but none held for more than a few weeks and the Horde only grew stronger. However, once I joined my last guild, Talented, things started to look up.

We invaded the Heart of Fear and fought the Klaxxi Queen, swept through the Isle of Thunder and defeated the Thunder King, and finally put that sad excuse of a warchief Garrosh in his place during the Siege. We, the Alliance, were finally growing again and once we were alerted to the encroaching Iron Horde, we were prepared. I was one of the first; I quickly set up my garrison and defeated all challenges the Warlords tried to throw at me. I was on top of the world and no one could stop me! But then it happened.

At the height of my success, I was blindsided by Gul'dan in Gorgrond. To think I, a rogue, would be ambushed by a warlock. Instead of killing me outright he used me for an experiment where I wished he would finish me then and there. Finally, death came over me and all I could see was darkness. Sometime later I miraculously awoke to a group of Horde members staring at me. I start to look around my body to see that I was turned into a Undead. The leader of the group Moregil asked me who I was and warned that depending on my answer, I would be destroyed. But his undead companion figured out from my Stormwind tabard I was an Alliance fighter, or once was one. They took me to see Sylvanas to determine what to do with such an mysterious undead as I and her answer surprised me. "Let him live." Her reasoning for this flew over all our heads and she smirked saying, "I remember seeing you long ago in Gilneas. You were a most intriguing specimen. You rebelled against me and despite all odds you are still alive today. I always wanted you as a servant and I thought the chances of having you were lost. Tell me, how did such a worgen like yourself become Undead." Yes, I was once a worgen. The Undead curse was to never afflict me but here I am. With everything I told them there were now 2 choices: join or die. Though I now stand as one of the things I've fought for so long against, my new target is the one that did this to me: Gul'dan. Well, they do say the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I will cast away my past monikers and titles, and adopt a new one as Dreogan. One that suffers, for suffering is all that I've known. With a new goal in hand thanks to the Destroyer of Dreams and an invitation to the Ironsong Tribe by Moregil the decision is clear.

For the Ironsong Tribe!

For the Banshee Queen!


Hi there, I'm Dreogan. I was a Worgen rogue when I was part of the guild Requiem back on Kil'jaeden throughout Cata and was part of the guild Talented for MoP and the start of WoD. When I took a break from WoW during MoP, Requiem left the server and removed the guild. I joined Talented near the end of MoP, but with IRL stuff I couldn't raid with them when I wanted so here I am now.
I came to this guild because it sounds like a great place to do some raiding and fellowshipping. One of the members, Moregil, is a good friend of mine that told me about Ironsong.
I've been playing WoW since near the end of BC.
I have the most time to play on Thrus. and Fri., but I can do stuff after 10pm CST Sat.-Mon. and 12am CST Tues. and Wed.
I'm a relaxed individual that likes jokes and I'm a very well-mannered person. I like to help people that need it and will do my best in anything that I try.

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