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Dragons of Nightmare Nutshell Guide
Tonight, after Nythendra and Ursoc, I would like to try the Dragons of Nightmare if we have the time!  Here's the scoop:

This fight is against four dragons, Ysondre, Emeriss, Lethon, and Taerar, which share a health pool.  However, the fight is not quite as daunting as it looks because (a) only three dragons will be active each week -- Ysondre and two others, and (b) we will only ever be fighting TWO of the dragons at a time, one of which will always be Ysondre.  (The secondary dragons swap at 70% and 40% health).

The raid will need to be split into two groups, each of which handles one of the active dragons.  The tanks will need to tank the dragons very far apart -- about 90 yards apart.


* swap dragons at 7 stacks of the Mark (the Mark is applied to everyone within 45 yards of that dragon, if it reaches 10 stacks everyone will be stunned for 30 seconds).  Run to the middle and swap dragons while the raid stays put.
* Face dragons away from the raid so Corrupted Breath doesn't hit everyone (usually not a problem, can be a challenge during the swap though)
* Pick up the adds, except for the Dread Horrors (unless a lot of these spawn)

* Dispel everything (top priority:  Defiled Vines)

* DPS the bosses and adds, especially the spirits from Siphon Spirit, which cannot be allowed to reach Lethon (Lethon's adds)
* Interrupt casts of Corruption from the Essences of Corruption adds (Emeriss' adds)
* Stand on top of the flower from Nightmare Blast if nobody else is, in order to prevent Dread Horrors from spawning (if a cloud is passing over a flower, it is better to stand on the flower and get hit by the fog).

We will bloodlust at the start.


... have corrupted breath, a 45-yard line attack.

Stand in the nightmare blooms to avoid spawning an add.  Otherwise, get out of everything, dispell everything.

Stay out of clouds

Summons spirits at Ysondre's location -- kill them before they reach Lethon (they heal the dragons)

Interrupt the Corruption cast by the Essences of Corruption adds.
We will be hitting heroic Dragons of Nightmare tonight.  The fight is largely similar to normal mode, with a few differences:

1. The BIGGEST difference is that the third, airborne dragon will now have an ability:

* Tearar will cast a FEAR ("Bellowing Roar") every 40 seconds.  Watch your positioning to make sure you aren't near any sleepy fogs.
* Lethon will apply a "Shadow Burst" DoT on 2 players every 15 seconds.  After 10 seconds the DoT jumps to the three players closest to each affected player, applying a DoT and a slow to them.  This DoT stacks and should be DISPELLED.
* Emeriss corrupts the room with "Corruption of the Dream" which causes all adds to spawn a corrupted mushroom when they die.  The mushroom grows and EXPLODES, doing high damage to everyone nearby.

2. The Dread Horror adds decrease the damage done by players within 5 yards of them by 50%, making them hard for melee to kill and significantly reducing DPS.  We will have an assigned team of ranged to kill these.

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