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So I'm increasingly having the urge to level up an alliance alt to see the storyline from that side. Especially with all the new heirloom goodness. The main thing stopping me... not being in Ironsong! I don't know anyone over there. Does anyone else play over there/know a group to hang out with?
I know my original alliance guild is still alive somewhat on Silver Hand they are fantastic wonderful amazing people who would more than likely take you under their wing. That is the guild that I met Noodlemortis in 9+ years ago... I've been almost contemplating leveling one of my alliance just so I can buy some of the alliance mounts/pets to work towards achievements. However I left alliance with such bad blood that a part of me really doesn't want to. OTL

I also see my old MT from Kara kicking around on SH alliance but he was in the same guild with my piece of trash ex and the skank he ran off to Australia to bang... I'd probably avoid that if I were you. Well, not the tank, he is an awesome guy.
Tell us how you really feel. LOL
I have a couple Alliance characters, but was never terribly active on that side, and the guilds I joined aren't really around anymore. Mainly made one for Classic Loremaster before Cata wiped out the old quests (sad I never got to see the full Ony chain, though I accidentally got killed by the Stormwind event once, so I mostly know how it ends), and a second to see the Worgen starting zone. Considering making another to see the updated starting zone quest lines (particularly gnome), but I doubt I'd stick to it to max level (already have an Alliance Priest up to 91 or 92, though, which will hit max eventually).

In any case, if you're looking to RP, I know there's at least a few really solid RP guilds still around - Alahni lo Andu, for example. Outside of those, you can always find a few people that are still active with leftovers raiding groups and see if they have an active guild. The people I've met in that org all tend to be really awesome and inclusive, and their guilds were pretty nice for the short bursts when I played Alliance.
I have a 90 Dwarf DK that i plan to move to Farstriders today. i started him on Proudemoore to play with some friends but they quit and abandoned me. Lord Gibblstein... and yes he also had the legendary cloak Tongue
I would be happy to run with you as needed or i can run with you for a full leveling experience if you like.
It may be a little late, but I have an alliance guild specifically for this purpose. It is called <Horde Spy> and all are welcome. Just let me know so I can invite you with Dronken, my dorf.
I finally broke down and transferred my warrior over to see the Alliance side of the Warlords style. She's now Erisii, and a dranei, cause I figured that'd be the race the storyline would be most interesting as. Xott, I'd love an invite for her if I can. What I've learned so far: The Horde gets the stories, the Alliance tags along as a violent third wheel. And I love warrior! I may need to do a hrode one next expansion. They're fun on a bun!

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