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My name is Blood Knight Dordris and I am a Blood Elf Paladin. I have been a Paladin since April 2008, when I came of age in Sin'dorei society. I am currently a lieutenant in the Horde army serving wherever I am needed, however lately I have been on leave, and working special Ops in various dungeons. I struggled to toughen up to become a paladin but I eventually overcame the challenges set before me. One day in the days following the end of the war in Outand, prior to the beginning of the War against in Lich King, I was on an assignment with my cousin, Hyndonos, a fellow Paladin. We were to accompany a caravan from Undercity to Silvermoon. About midway through the Eastern Plaguelands, we were ambushed by the scourge. We fought as long and hard as we could, but we were getting tired. Just before I passed out from sheer exhaustion, the last things I saw were, Hyndonos being slain, and then set fire to, and the sound of trumpets as horses charged in. I awoke later in Light's Hope Chapel, the Argent Dawn had saved me, sadly they could not save Hyndonos, who was later raised as a death Knight and called Slyzer, but that's a story for another day. I was so injured by the ambush that I spent the first 6 months or so of the war against the Lich King bed stricken in the chapel. I eventually joined the fight when I recovered, and fought in the war, representing the Horde. I was in the strike team that slew the Lich King, however, I was injured early on, and this injury would prevent me from doing too much in the recent war. However, I am now better. My hopes and goals are to serve Azeroth however way I can as long as it's a righteous and just cause. I am also a wielder of Quel'thelar.

I accept the code of Conduct and agree to follow the rules set aside and will abide by them on my honor as a Paladin.

I've been in many guilds before this one, but I can't remember exact ones. I've left them or been kicked out due to inactivity or them not being what I was looking for. In Ironsong I am looking for a good guild that is friendly and brotherly, and at least respects the lore. I love that it's RP though. I have played Warcraft for a little over 4 years now. I tend to play at night on weekdays and in the afternoons and evenings on weekends.
Welcome to the Tribe, Dordis!


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