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Do Something...
((This story is a reaction to the events that occurred in Dispaya's "My first encounter with Onyxia."

**Disclaimer** I did not have time to take screenshots of actual 'spoken' words, and WoW is lacking a ;log function...so, if you are quoted here and I got it slightly wrong, I appologize.))


[i] [color=indigo]“Do something, Zema.â€Â
Anger that she hadn’t felt in ages threatened to overwhelm the undead child and swirled with inky fingers through her golden eyes. The very shadows, themselves, called to her and pulled at her spirit as she raced out of the ruined city, after her father.


The Lich who resided in and presided over Andorhal had been picking at Dispaya’s spirit and will, taking advantage of her mental state.

[i] [color=indigo]“Do something, Zema.â€Â
You promised, she chided herself, you swore that your shadows were only supposed to be used to help. You swore it in your own blood. Never again would you hurt someone you loved.

Tears rolled from dull, golden eyes over her smooth cheeks as Nugget carried her out of the ruined city. She’d tried to make it right…candy…candy always makes things right.

[i] [color=indigo]“You are de Champion, Zema. I expect you to do something about dis.â€Â
(( *smiles* Very nice story!

WoW does actually have a chat logging function. Typing /chatlog will record everythng that happens in your chat window (so not the things in your combat tab, though /combatlog (I think) will record those things.). If you're on a PC, it will save them sequentially to the same text file (World of Warcraft/Logs/chatlog.txt, I think), which will turn into a giant file very quickly. It's an especially huge pain, since it also records all of the hidden channels you're in (so every single bit of information flagRSP sends is included, meaning that your timestamps will go out to four or five digits after seconds to distinguish between them), which can make cleaning up a big problem. If you spend a significant time logging, it will quickly become a crashes-your-computer-big file, so periodically renaming and/or cleaning it up is a very good idea.

The other problem, of course, is that it doesn't happen automatically. You have to remember to type /chatlog *before* anything interesting happens. There's an addon called UniChatlogger that will do that every time you log in.

A note for Mac users (I realize that I'm probably one of the only people who are both interested in complete logs and using a Mac most of the time): the log saving function works completely differently for some reason. When you type /chatlog, it will overwrite the file that was there before. This means windowing the program, going to your log file, and renaming it every time you log out, type /chatlog again, crash, or otherwise stop chatlogging.

Heh, a bit of a digression, I realize... but Blizzard's announcement that a chatlogging function was added was very very small, and I remember being quite excited by the prospect. Smile

-SWC Cora ))
(Delivered by a large bat...this note is dropped into your lap as you sit on a high hill thinking over the weeks events.)

My dearest Zema,

I know what happened confused you.

Do not let it.

You saved me...in every way that you could have...you saved me.

We must never hurt the ones we love in anger...but sometimes we must fight when there is no other choice. Sometimes we must fight FOR the ones we love.

The creature you battled was not me...though she wore my form...and she used my memories to attack you...

she was not me.

You did not hurt me...you fought FOR me...and that is a very great thing that you did.

We must remember that anger is only an emotion. It does not make us who we are. Sometimes anger can make you stronger. It was your anger at the Scourge which gave you the strength to save me.

Do not be angry with yourself.

You have made your Warlord proud...you have earned the love of your tribe...and you have proved yourself worthy of the title of Champion...indeed...you are more than a Champion...you are a hero.

My hero.

My little Zema

I shall love you always for bringing me back.


P.S. You are right, candy does fix everything.

(...With a loud >POP< the note explodes into a rain of candy...)


I had that little story festering in my brain for some time...but had planned to do it later in the week...yet when the small group showed up to visit at the hospital, and when Zema took it upon herself to destroy Araj...I knew I had the ingredients for the perfect story. I also realized that it was a great story for Zema and that it could become her story instead of Dispaya's. Valtrinity was also present, and in some RP we had talked of what might happen were Dispaya ever to become Scourge again. Sreng once said, sometimes you have to be the villian for someone else's story. The circumstances were too good to pass up.

I really love writing and I love making stories like this. Everyone needs a chance to be a hero...and in this story everyone was. I was glad to be able to offer that to everyone who played along.

Zema...I am so honored that I have inspired you to write this. Well met.

PS: These events will conclude that the Moot this week. One last piece is still to come.
Sing True Ironsong!
((ooc: ...actually, it was Zin who went after Araj. Zema just followed and things flowed as they did from there Smile ))
The sardonic smile so typically in place was nowhere to be seen. He let Cinder walk easily following his sister. He always knew where his family was, how they were feeling, especially when they were in distress. He didn't like to feel the distress filling the soul of his sister.

He passed by the scourge that still inhabited the old domain of their masters. Two brothers and a sister, time and again rose to cause trouble along their old lands. The pathetic creatures here wanted nothing to do with him, they could sense the power radiating from him. He continued along, eventually reaching the pumpkin farm and turned from the road. Heading down the hill, he passed the murlocs there which skittered and dashed out of his path.

Letting Cinder return to the Nether, he stood on the shore staring out at a small island. The moonlight streamed down from the sky, giving the creatures around a surreal appearance. The waters lapped at what passed for feet as he remained still as death, watching. Finally, without hesitation he surged into the waters and swam with an eerie grace out to the island.

Reaching the shore of the small piece of land before the opening to the great seas, he climbed up the bank as his robes dripped along his passage. Without any noise save the quiet fall of his feet, he slid up behind his sister and looked down on her. As a dull red glow infused the normally yellow glow from his eyes, he reached out with a hand and gently placed it on Zarraema's shoulder giving it a squeeze.

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