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Dispaya's Return (Original Story) Parts 1&2
A Tale of Dispaya

Born in the grande city of Gilneas was I and daughter to one of the city's great high Generals. I was taught to be a most proper lady and was schooled in the arts of philosophy and magic and of the old language of my ancestors.

At the dawn of my 18th year I chanced to fall in love with a soldier who served under my father's command. Most in love were we and he vowed to marry me with my father's blessing, which was given in earnest as my love was a great Paladin of the realm and a dear friend of my family. For many moons we shared the greatest happiness two souls could ever know, but sadly it was a happiness that was not to be...

Father's advisor was a most wretched and wicked man though none seemed able to see it, for he disguised his true nature with foul magics. Of his “true name” I will never tell but the people of my city knew him as "Walter." I knew him to be a snake in the grass but Father dismissed my warnings as folly and deemed instead to trust him fully. That Walter had some kind of dark hold on him I am not uncertain.

This dark man took a liking to me and desired me for his own, but I shunned his love and offerings of gifts in favor of my true loves. When I rejected Walter’s advances he flew into a rage and swore at once that if he could not have me then no one else would. A dreadful scheme he then hatched and under guise of night he came to the kitchens disguised as a lowly cook and then infected my food with some sort of unholy plague.

Much sorrow followed as I soon fell into sickness. Knowing my death was near I looked into the eyes of my love and swore to him that I would never leave, but I could not keep my word when death finally took me from him. From the spirit world I watched as he sat at the edge of my bed and wept.

Yet, even in death I could not find peace. Once wrenched back into my now dead body I awoke alone in my stone coffer. Now fully un-dead, I spent what seemed an eternity screaming for my release in fits of terror that soon drove me to madness. I remember this time now only as a nightmare from which I could not awaken.

When the crypt was finally opened it was Walter who was there to release me. He took me as his own and I had no memory of the life I had lost and no will of my own. For what I can only guess were many moons, I lived as his servant in his dark tower, hidden away from my father and my love who now thought me lost to them. Forced to serve him in ways most wicked was I…

My memories of this time are dim but I know that one day I became curious to see the world outside the tower and so wandered into the light for the first time in many seasons. I reached out a hand in friendship to the beautiful people I saw but they only screamed. Town guards surrounded me with swords drawn as children ran from me in terror. Walter was soon there to take me back into the shadows, but not before one of my father's guards recognized me and reported his findings.

My father, the General, and my love were so enraged that they grabbed their weapons and stormed into Walter’s tower with a few loyal guardsmen. Upon seeing me, they confronted him and there was a battle most fierce. Though both were soldiers strong, Walter was a wielder of great magic and in the end, my father lay dead and Walter fled the city never to be seen or heard from again.

When the guards turned on me, my love stopped them and bade them take pity on me, though my form was now most wretched to him. When Walter was defeated, my will was released, and enough memory for me to know who I once was. In that instant I looked into my love's eyes but no longer saw the love he once felt for me...only pity for the miserable creature I had become. I knew that he could no longer love me and my heart sank most deep into despair.

He could no longer love me, but he could not find it in his heart to slay me either, so in secret, he took me to a tunnel beneath the city, and from there sent me away. I was to be banished forever from the city I once loved so dear…never to return again.

As I left I looked back at him only once, hoping to see the love he once showed me, but instead seeing only pity in his eyes. I vowed to never look back again and my anger became fierce.

I wandered the forests of Silverpine for a time, feasting on the vermin I found there. I crawled into dark places during the days and roamed the woods freely at night. The people of Pyrewood village came to know me as "The White Lady" and they told their children stories about me and fled from my horrible visage on sight. So horrible had I become and so angry that I despised all that was human. I was now fully undead and I hunted and feasted on human flesh as my hate for them grew.

Then came the time of the Lich King and I was swept up into his great army as they came to invade the lands of men. Now under control of the Lich Araj the Summoner, I learned to increase my powers of magic and I brought much death and destruction to the lands of men and trolls alike. I was their nemesis...their judge and their executioner....and each day I brought more and more soldiers into my master's army.

My time with the Scourge lasted only until one of their own finally took back her own free will. That one was called Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, and she freed us and took from us the evil taint of the Scourge. My free will was finally restored and with it the full memories of my fore-life. My hate was now gone and my heart true once again. Under care of the Forsaken I once again took up my study of magic, drawing on the vague memories of my past.

One day I chanced see myself in a mirror for the first time, and the very sight of my hideous visage threw into rage and despair. I grabbed a dagger from my crypt and tore off into the wilderness. Once there I turned the knife on myself...wishing to end my horrible un-life...but the dagger found nothing in my breast to piece....and life continued on for me still. A rain came and I lay in the dark forest in the mud and wept.

It was in the woods of Deathknell that I happened upon a Great Troll called Sreng who took me under his wing and bade me join his tribal family...the great tribe: Ironsong. As my memories of my fore-life were still fresh, I thought he was the "General" of my past, and in my confusion I called him this, much to his amusement. Though I know well his title of “Warlord,” I still call him "General" to this day, in tribute to my own father who died defending me. As Sreng is now more father to me than any other in the realms, it is a name I call him with much reverence. Twas the troll Shillatae who sent him to me after seeing me in a vision...and he found me and finally offered me a place to call "home."

Since that time I have had many adventures with Sreng and his tribe...finally earning the title Champion...and the Farseer when he adopted me as his own daughter.

Someday I will find that Dark Man and he will pay for the suffering he brought upon me and those I once loved. Until that day comes I will forge my own destiny alongside my newfound tribal brothers and sisters.

Of my love...I know he is still there. Hidden behind those great city walls now closed off from the world...walls I can never pass through again. I can feel him sometimes when I am near and I know that he still thinks of the girl he once loved, though she is now dead. I will forever miss him and so my heart holds much despair, thus my name given me by the Forsaken…Dispaya, which means... “forever in despair.”

Of this undead “life” I have many questions. Am I still the girl I once was only trapped in this form? Or am I merely stricken with old memories that are not truly my own? Have I a soul, or did the soul that once inhabited this body move on when death claimed her? Am I she or is she I…or am I something entirely new? Someday perhaps my answers will come to me, but for now I must accept and know who I am.

I am now "Dispaya of Ironsong" and my heart is true.

Sing True Ironsong!
Excellent stories, Dispaya!

Thank you for sharing them with us all!
Very good story!

I look forward to reading the remainder.
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(( This is an excellent story, Dispaya! Thank you for sharing, and I cannot WAIT for the next part! ))
((Most wonderful, Dispaya. Your talent truly is evident in this great storytelling. Sing true!))
Dispaya's Return


Dispaya turned to the members of the Ironsong tribe and tried to find words, for once finding none. The new Champion now elected, she embraced him with love and confidence.

"The mantle is now yours to carry my friend. My time is over. My parting advice to you is simple. Look after your tribe-mates, no matter their level. Help them when you can. Remember that a Champion must be more than a title...it must be reflected in one's actions, for no Horde Warrior will follow a title. They only follow courage and honor."

With that she turned to leave, casting a wayward glance to the Warlord, who looked on her with pride. Dispaya walked toward him gracefully, made a slight bow and then took his hand and kissed it.

"I must depart now Lord Sreng. There are things I must attend to...things that have waited a bit too long. I cannot say any more, except that I have tried to place the tribe first for these many moons, and to aid thee in time of need. It was the only way to repay your kindness for taking me in. But now there is something I must do...somewhere I must go...or at least try."

"I'll not see ya again will I lass?"

The girl merely nodded. the truth was too painful to say, but in fact she wasn't really sure.

The wise Troll only nodded back in understanding as he watched Dispaya chant an incantation and vanish in a blast of magical energy. Members of the tribe looked on for a moment of silence, and then turned to once again face their new Champion. The night ended with a great celebration and dancing...but not for Dispaya.

Pt 1

The mage appeared in her cold tomb deep in the heart of Undercity. Though the walls were musty and damp she took little notice for she was Forsaken, an undead girl animated and sustained by the forces of dark magic.

She packed her few possessions into a trunk, snapped the heavy padlock closed and whispered an enchantment to seal the lock from thieves. She then drew a simple gown about her and laced it up. The dress was simple and not one made by forsaken hands, but human ones. She next turned to her alchemy table.

"I must see you again." She whispered to herself in the dim chamber. "You haunt my dreams of late. I know that you need me...somehow I know. After all these many years I still miss thee my love. Now perhaps with this potion I have crafted, we may hold each other once more."

She held the elixer up before the candle light to examine it's clarity. The solution was pure and correct. All of her studies had proven that it would work...but perhaps only once.

In haste she departed the city through its sewers, hoping not to be seen by any of her former friends. It would make the leaving that much more difficult.

Once outside she summoned Musty, her faithful undead horse. The horse nuzzled her hand and gave a snort of greeting. He had been a faithful steed to some other rider in his past life, and now on the other side of death he continued to serve just as faithfully.

"I was lucky to find thee Musty...in truth I think perhaps I will miss thee the most."

"Now just where do you think you're going Miss?

The voice came from behind and startled her, though it was familier.

"Ox...you wretch..." She smiled. Her glowing undead eyes lit a little brighter when she saw the huge Tauren standing under a nearby tree.

"You aren't going anywhere without us now are you?" The undead rogue called Drakyth next stepped out of the Tauren's great shadow. "You know that anywhere you go we will follow you sister."

Dispaya smiled and for an instant looked like the young girl she may once have been. "There's no fooling you two I can see...but alas...there are places where even you may not follow me my dear friends."

The words struck a chord in the bright intellect of the Rogue.

"You are going home." He said.

"Aye...I must try..."

"The pink skins will kill you where you stand when they see you. There is no way you will be safe there." The Tauren replied. "I will go too..to protect you..."

"No" she replied. "Ox...ye can't go...but you can perhaps journey there with me. Both of you may come. Your company would be most welcome."

She took both of their hands and led them from the mouth of the undercity. Once at the great road through Silverpine they turned their mounts and headed south.


"What was his name? This one you held so dear?"

Dispaya looked into the blazing campfire Ox had set. The fire did little to warm her cold flesh, but she always found the bright colors of the flame mesmerizing.

"Daeren. I once called him Daeren."

It was Drak who next spoke. "And was he so dear that you would risk everything to return to him? Is anyone really so dear, especially a human?"

"I have lost much of my humanity but not all friend Drak," she replied ernestly. "I think we must cling to what little we have lest we sink down and once again become scourge. It is our spirit that makes us different."

"You have always been more optimistic than I. Humans never brought me much more than misery or death. I died in one of their prisons and my life taken for nothing more than a petty crime...only to prove the strength of their laws."

"Aye...and the pink skins took my family from me, slaughtered them and imprisoned them like common cattle. I can never forgive their transgressions..."

"Ye both have much to be angry about...it's true. I am sorry that I have never been able to fully let go of my past life. I am sure that my constant quoting of my human father's words does become triffling at times...I don't mean it to offend thee...but sometimes wisdom is wisdom no matter the source."

"You have taught us much Dispaya...so keep on quoting your quotes, just do not expect us to feel the same love for humans that you have."


The following morning found the small group on an isolated beach not far from the Great Wall of Gilneas. The massive structure towered over them casting it's shadow on the forest below. In the darkened woods great beasts watched them with hungry eyes, not certain whether or not to dare an attack. For the time, at least, they remained hidden.

Dispaya stood staring up at the massive walls.

"I once felt safe here. Once these walls kept me from harm...now they are an obstacle I cannot penetrate."

"He is there? This one you seek?" Ox asked.

"Aye...I can still feel him...though I feel he is in some danger. I must go to him."

"Aye Lass...now ya wouldn't be goin' wid out at least sayin' goodbye?"

The booming voice resonated from the surrounding forest, and though hidden it was a voice Dispaya and her companions knew well. She smiled with delight as the great troll Sreng stepped out of a nearby cover.

Drak and Ox immediatly bowed in respect. "Greetings Warlord."

The Warlord of the great Ironsong tribe strode forward and placed a hand on the small undead girl's cheek.

Dispaya took his hand and kissed it softly as a tear escaped her softly glowing eye.

"Why have you come General?" she asked. Though not a true General the nickname had stuck over the years. She had first called him that by mistake and later as a tribute to her human Father, now long since dead.

"Come lass...ya know I be worried about ya dear. The magics ya cast to hide yerself from de tribe are still workin', but not enough ta fool ol' Sreng now eh? I figured ya was comin' here."

"You mean to stop me?"

"If only I could. Na...I will not stop ya lass...but wanted ta wish ya well. You be goin' into da lion's den I think."

"Aye General...but only because I must."

"How will ya keep hidden from dem humans in dere? They may sense your presence and even if dey don't, your appearance will still prove ghastly to 'em."

Dispaya reached into her robe and withdrew a small potion bottle filled with a clear elixer. "I plan to use this."

The three looked at the potion with wonder. It looked like nothing they had ever seen before.

"It has been a long project of mine. I have worked hard at the Apothecarum in Undercity. The secrets of this potion I have kept to myself so that the formula may not be abused by my superiors there. Some of them I do not fully trust."

"What is dat ting?" The Warlord asked.

"A potion that will allow me to appear human, at least on the outside. My inside will remain dead, but to the naked eye I will look like one of them."

"Like your former self?" Drak asked but he already knew the answer.

Dispaya nodded a sheepish "yes."

She knew there was no turning back now and so popped the cork on the bottle and swallowed the potion in a single gulp. The scream that followed sent birds and forest animals scurrying for cover.

Dispaya arose and looked at her hands, hands that now reflected the pink of healthy human flesh. Her own grey skin was now complety gone. She slowly looked up into the eyes of her friends who stared at her in wonder.

"Did it work? How do I look?" she asked them...but her question seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Drak spoke first, but his words were now strange to her. The potion had done it's work plus a little extra. Not only did she no longer appear to be undead, but their language had been stripped from her as well. She felt like a person living in a dream...a person she had once known long ago yet had only forgotten.

Her friends looked at her in sadness. The one called Sreng said a final goodbye. Though she could not undstand his words she knew what they must be based only on her intuition.

"Be strong Champion. Strength and honor."


She swam past the beach and found the ancient sewer grate now almost completely hidden by kelp at the side of the overlooking hills. She had once made her escape from Gilneas by this route at Daeren's request. He had sent her away and bid that she never again return. She defied his wishes now by sliding past the ancient rusted bars, yet it was a thing she always knew she would do some day.

The water was cold and the trip underwater long yet her undead lungs required little air and so she was finally able to pull herself to the safety of the underground tunnel.

She stood for a moment remembering well the place where he had turned her away. She looked back on his handsome face and had seen only pity and despair. Never the love he had once shown her. The memory brought her more resolution than ever. She would see him again. She would somehow make him understand. She was sure that he had waited for her. No other could ever fill her place in his heart. He would see her as she once was and everything would be the same again. She had only to keep the secret now that her heart could no longer beat. But the heart was a physical thing...an organ not truly needed for love or emotion. those things are kept in the spirit of one's being, and in Dispaya's the emotions were still strong. If she needed to re-create the potion from time to time, the ingredients were easy enough to find.

He was calling out to her. She had felt it and had seen him in her dreams. She knew that no matter the cost she must go back to him. She would risk everything to do that, and return to him she must.


Once in the basement of the castle she waited a bit for her robes to dry. In the dark she found a torch and with a magical whisper caused it to light. The basement was full of refuse and old things broken and in disrepair. In one corner stood an old mirror covered over by dust and cobwebs. Dispaya pulled it free and swept the dust aside.

The reflection that greeted her was of a girl not yet 19 years of age. Long dark hair surrounded a face comprised of simple beauty with two full blue eyes instead of the glowing orbs she had grown accustomed to seeing. It was the reflection of her former self.

Elated that her plan would now work she made her way up the stairs and stepped from the dusty cellar into the hallways of her youth. She dropped the torch and snuffed it out with a magical wisp of her hand. The hall was dark and the hour late by human time.

It was then that a servant woman turned the corner of the hall and spied her. The tray of tea she help dropped from her hand when she startled.

"What are thee doing here?" she asked in a commanding tone. As she stooped to clean the mess, Dispaya ran to her side to help.

"My apologies matron. I did not wish to alarm thee."

"What are you doing here? What's your business?"

Dispaya was shocked that she was not recognized but she knew so few of the castle staff personally when she had visited here. Perhaps the woman's reaction was not uncommon.

"Do ye not recognize me?" she asked.

"Ah yes...I do. You must we one of the young Master's wenches. Oh I barely see a night that one of you are not wandering about. Get yourself back upstairs to the chambers dear before one of the guards sees you. We have strict curfews around here now git moving...away with ye."

Dispaya shuffled away quickly following a pat from the woman. What did she mean by wenches? Was Daeren so lonely that he had succumbed to the pleasures of other women to find comfort after she left? If he had could she ever forgive him? She thought perhaps yes. It may be understandable, after all to him she was "dead."

Dispaya crept slowly through the castle, now more careful to avoid the guards. It was easy for her, after all, she had spent much time here with her love and knew all of the castle's many twists and turns. There had been many a night when the two of them had wanted to avoid being seen.

A short time later she found herself in the upstairs hall just outside his room. Now only a few more moments and all of her planning would be tested. All that she had worked for would rest on his reaction to her. Perhaps he would not believe...or perhaps he would think her a creation of foul sorcery and have her banished again. Perhaps worse.

She turned the handle and swung the door open. Then carefully made her way to the bed where the young man slept. The first thing she realized was that he was not alone. A pit formed in the place where her stomach had once been. Once again a spiritual reaction to the jealousy, but not a physical one.

She reached out and tapped him on the shoulder to rouse him from sleep. With a start the man rose and shouted with a cry of distress. He fumbled for the lantern beside his bed and quickly lit it.

"Wha! Who?"

As the light illuminated her the younger man's eyes finally came to rest.

"My you are a comely lass aren't you? Where did you come from? In all the kingdom I'm sure I would have remembered you!"

"It was not him. The man in the bed was not her Daeren, and yet looked like him in some ways. Perhaps he was a relative who had come to visit. She stumbled to find words.

"I am very sorry my lord, I have found the wrong room!"

"Aye..found the right room I should think eh?"

"Who are thee?" she asked not knowing what else to say.

"Wha? Are thee serious? I am Marcus...the master of this house."

"I have come to find Daeren...pray tell...where is he?

"Daeren? Ha? Ye've got to be teasing me? What would you want with him at this late hour? He is in no condition to be taking visitors lass. Now git back to where you belong. I'd invite ye to stay but as ye can see, I already have company for the night."

The young knight nodded at the sleeping girl next to him who only returned the gesture with a loud snore. Looking annoyed he returned his attention to her.

"If yer good, perhaps I can find a place for you here tomorrow night!"

She turned and burst from the room in despair. How Rude! The arrogance! The ignorance! How dare he speak to a daughter of nobility in such a way! How dare he!

She stood for a moment at the top of the stairs crying. A kind guard on patrol next came up behind her. He lay a hand on her shoulder and bid she tell him what troubled her so.

She turned and when she did, the grey haired guardsman's eyes turned to a look of horror.

Dispaya was sure the gamour potion had failed. Her illusion had dropped and she was now at mercy of the guards. They would persue her now and run her thrtough, and most likely burn her at the stake for what she was. Yet his sword was not drawn. Instead his words were kind.

"Mistress? Can it truly be you or am I seeing a ghost?"

"Nay...not a ghost...ye remember me?"

Dispaya could not say she honestly remembered the man, but both her and her love's family had employed many guards and knights over the years. It would have been impossible for her to know all of them.

"By the god's..."

"Daeren...ye must take me to him. Where is he?"

The guard composed himself at the sound of the name. He looked at her strangely and when he finally spoke it was but a whisper.

"Aye...indeed I am seeing a ghost. Come."

He turned and she quickly followed. The halls were long and the short journey seemed to last an eternity.

Pt V

As they reached the door at the end of a long hall, an elderly woman appeared carrying a bowl of heated water. She looked up as the two approached.

"How does he fare this night Martha?"

"He is not well Dugan. He still calls out for her, but his fever is growing worse."

"I think I may have found her...the girl he seeks."

The old nurse glanced over his shoulder at Dispaya. "Indeed."

"Will ye permit her to see him? I think it best that the young master not be told."

"Aye." The woman agreed but the decision seemed to distress her some. "I'm takin this to the kitchen's. what happens after that I am not aware." She then scuttled off down the hallway.

Dugan waited until the hall fell silent before turning the door handle. "He waits for you lass. In all the past weeks all he has done is call your name."

Dispaya entered the darkened room. She had smelled impending death before. Her home city was always ripe with the scent, but it was out of place here.

The man on the bed was old. Much older than the man she had left. For an instant she was alarmed. Once again she had been brought to the wrong room! But then she looked again. His eyes were the same and his mouth, though now surrounded by the wrinkles of time. A scar she had never seen now etched deeply into one cheek.

As she stood gazing at him his eyes opened slightly. As his vision cleared he called out to her in a whisper.


"Yes my lord"

"Is that you? My Caroline?"

Dispaya rushed to the bed and sat next to him.

"It is I my Lord. Your Caroline."

"Are you the angel of death finally come for me?"

"No my Lord. I am just the girl who once loved you...who still loves you."

Her demeanor turned to one of comfort for the old man who now lay dying in the darkness.

Had it truly been so long she wondered? How many years were lost? How long was I Scourge?" The time seemed short...but it was longer...much longer than she knew.

"Caroline...why did you leave me? Why?

"You sent me away my Lord...but thee had no choice. They would have killed me. You saved me."

"The man...the man in black..."

"Yes..twas he who took me from you."

"I never loved another."

"Nor I"

"I married...Caroline...to a good woman. She was...of a fine house. We had a son...and he a son after..."

"I have met him my Lord. A Fine Grandson is he." Dispaya smiled through the lie.

"Oh I loved her...I suppose...in a way..."

"I know you did my Lord. She was your wife."

"She died...years ago. Took a bad fall in the kitchen's."

"I know ye will see her again."

"Why? Why did you come back?"

"I sensed that you needed me. I heard your calls even though I was so very far away."

"Caroline. I love thee. I always have."

"And I you my Lord Daeren. Though I have travelled far the ends of this world...never have I forgotten thee. Thee are always the most true place in my heart."

"I am old. I do not want you to see me this way."

"I see only the man I loved and still love."

She leaned forward and gently kissed his lips. There was no moisture on them, nor none from her, yet it was an honest kiss and one made only by love.

He breathed a deep sigh and looked at her, their faces now close again.

"I prayed to see you one last time my Caroline. I prayed..."

The old man sighed again.

Dispaya rose and turned away. She thought she might save him. It would not take much, just a bit of blood from her own corrupted veins. The blood that still contained the curse of the scourge's plague. His death would be painful and swift and in it would lie the seeds to return him to her. If she could no longer be a part of his world, then she would make him a part of hers.

She hesitated and stared down at her hands. Was this what she had become? Still a demon who infects others? No. She would not subject him to her own fate. She could not. Her love of him was too great.

She took his hand and knelt once again at his side. The old man's breath had grown shallow.

"Go in peace my love. Know that wherever thee may go..the love of Caroline...of Dispaya goes with thee."

With that he was gone. Dispaya collapsed over the old man's still form, and wept.


She watched from the shadows as the servants found him the following morning. They would never know from where the single Lotus blossom clutched in his hand had come. Perhaps it was given by the angel of death. Perhaps they were right.

Her trip back to Silverpine was long. Every step took her permanently away from the life she had once lost. In times past she had known she would one day return, and now the future seemed uncertain.

She emerged from the ocean, the glamour surrounding her now dispelled. When Ox spied her from his camp on the beach he thought she looked like a sea angel, the kind sailors often pray to.

"You are still here Ox?"

"The thought of leaving was unbearable. I thought to stay just a bit longer. I hoped the Earth Mother would favor my actions and keep you safe.

"Indeed she has"

"How was your journey?"

"It was short. Only one night, but one I will treasure for all the rest of the nights of my life."

Ox knew instinctively not to ask any more.

"Where are we off to now my young Ox? What trouble shall we find this day?"

"Actually, there are some trolls up in the Hinterlands that warrant my Axe. Will you join me? Together we will reign much death upon them!"

Caroline, daughter of Gilneas looked over her shoulder one final time. The great wall still looming over her. She then looked forward to the future for perhaps the first time since death had claimed her. When next she spoke, the words were no longer of Caroline, but of Dispaya, Champion of Ironsong.

"Aye...to Hinterlands then...but first we must make a quick stop at Undercity. There are a few things I must pick up there."

The End
Sing True Ironsong!

It made me kind of weepy, but I loved it.

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(( I have goosebumps! What a wonderful story, Dispaya! Thank you very much for sharing. ))
Simply amazing! You have a way with words, Dispaya.

Wow. Still thinking about it makes me sad, but in a good way. A poet you are and more. I look forward to more stories from you.

((A suberb story, Dispaya! Very well done. I had been curious of your past for a while now. The Stephen King quotes were also a nice touch!))
Sis you have so much talent! <bows with the utmost respect to his good friend>
err..double post. Sorry
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Ok, stop making me cry! :cry:

What a wonderful story, Dispaya. You write very well.
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
*Re-edited...updated...and missing text has been replaced.*

Sing True Ironsong!
I just read this...extremely well done Dispaya. Its always a pleasure to read/hear your tales.

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