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Dis wun fin'dem..
(( I demand to see this painting when it's finished, Saezhur! Hooray! ))
Takk nosed the Troll’s hand, a request for a rub. The lanky hand reached out gently, stroking a wide ear. The huge cat purred loudly, leaning his head into the Troll’s hand.
”Whr .. “ Came a quiet, almost subdued reply, causing Takk to look up.
Your thoughts are not happy ..
Pk’tow nodded, staring out, at waves crashing.
”Norra ‘appy wi’wharra we di’..”
Takk gave a headshake, and exhaled loudly.
Laughing-Dark was not safe to keep.. He would have hurt again..
Nodding, the troll started rubbing the cat’s ears again, speaking softly.
’’pose et were ne’sary .. Jus’fee’wrawng .. Et were liddle wun dat cry when et were dun.. Dis wun c’an still’ear ‘hur ..”
The Troll shuddered, recalling.
”I’m going to do more then touch you ..” The words alone haunted him.. The green fire in Saezhur’s eyes troubled the Troll.
” ‘hur norra ‘hur..” The Troll muttered, angling his head to watch the night sky. A relatively clear sky, stars sparkling in the darkened mantle. Takk followed his gaze, twitching his shoulder fur.
“ ‘least dere be quiet now..” He sighed.. “F’now..”
Takk yawned, and rolled, presenting his belly.
”Quiet yes .. so enjoy it.. You should rub my belly.”
The troll nodded, giving a low chuckle.
”Yew’d sey dis much, norra matter wharraevar ‘appen.. rub belly, ‘scritch ear..” He made good on the words, and rubbed the demanding belly, and sighed again.
“I worry for the now.. and what worries me, is that you don’t rub hard enough. “
Grinning, the troll rubbed harder, and tried .. for the moment, to do as the cat said.. to worry for the moment.. Though a part of him was still deeply disturbed. Questions went unanswered, and soon, he would need answers.

(( Oh gawd this was fun ;x .. Thank you Saezhur, Qaza, Lurie, Eveline for your parts in this madness!))
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]
Kaliah had returned to Feralas. Standing on the shores, shivering against her will, she stood, head cocked, arms to her side. Her legs quivered, the muscle there still weakened. Sitting on the sand, she recalled the moment her brother brought her the skull of Jonsi. She recalled with clarity ..
"Loo’at wharra dis wun gorra ..K’li..”
She’d gazed at her brother warily. The last time he’d said this, a gnome exploded. She cocked her head.
“What is it? Nothing err.. gnomish I hope.”
”Norra lik’dat ..” Pk’tow eyed her, and nodded. He dug in his packs and with drew the rounded object, and held it out. The scraggly hair and vacant stare caught Kaliah off guard.
“What! Waves! What is that! Have you been ea- Oh! Oh ..oh Waves..” Shock and realization followed each other.
Pk merely sat, holding the head, “Yah .. dis wun knew .. knew yew norra gerra t’d’wharra yew wan’so. So save dis fer yew. “
Licking her lips nervously, she glanced at the head. ”N-no .. I don’t think so. Keep it.. it can serve as a reminder..”
”K’li norra nee’b’scurred of et.. dis wun norra goin’an’whurr.” Pk’tow’s rough voice had a strange tone to it.
“Norra.. norra never late.”
Shuddering, she watched him stow the head away.

Kaliah shook her head and sighed. The vision ended, thankfully. She stood, and walked into the water, up to her knees. Her legs twitched in protest. Her brother has prodded her into going here again, into doing this. She’d been against it, but understood his words. His concern was evident.
“K’li norra g’t’deh Sea norra moar. Norra goo’da yew’fear et. Et norra Sea da’d’wharra J’nsi di’t’yew.”
“He is right,” she thought. “I do fear her, but for the wrong reasons. “ Boldly, she inhaled deeply, and walked stiffly through the waves, letting the sea wash over her, feeling the change take her. Her form twisted briefly, and she broke free of her clumsy form, her flippers propelling her, sleek form cutting through the water. Her awareness was heightened, her whiskers and ears sensitive to subtle changes in pressure. She spun, reveling in this freedom of movement now lost to her on land.
As her sleek her broke the surface, she gazed at the sky, the moonlight caressing the waves. Kaliah arched her back, and let herself dive, drifting down as the familiar songs crept into her mind. She let her consciousness stretch, warily.
”The only way .. is- is. To stop it.. is to face it .. is-“
Images arose in her mind, things Takk had shown her, where his words could not speak. Faces and parts, sounds. The image of Jonsi himself floated by, his giggling visage sneering at her, hand outstretched. Reaching, grasping.

No .. You are not- is.

The image vanished, fading away into the dark of her mind, her eyes closed.

She dove farther..

An image of a Tauren Bull came out of the gloom, one hand outstretched, wisened face welcoming. Smiling.
Kaliah felt a strong surge of joy well up inside her, and her voice strained to speak.

“Gu!” She said soundlessly. His image too, faded away, his gentle presence leaving her calmed.

Down is-

Farther .. into a silent depth. Not even the fishes here bothered her. Deeper she meditated, the silence broken only by her heartbeat, and the roaring pressure in her ears from the water. More faces, images came, unbidden.

Larya’s quiet indifference filled her thoughts. So distant..
Saezhur’s quiet presence arose, and she saw not one, but two of him. The image puzzled her.

Two is-
One is-

She struggled to retain the image, but it left as quickly as it came, replaced by the image of her brother, his scampering antics running through her mind.

The Druid’s final Dream vision, was that of a Tauren.. His low, rough voice and warmth brought a different feeling to the silence.
Takk’s words came to her, “Grunt-So-Large. Wavesong, he is good, friend.” The Sea Lion’s body arched, lazily steered with wide flippers.

Takk was hard to understand.. He had many meaning for the word friend, which he meat when he’d said that was hard to discern. Kaliah continued drifting, her meditation allowing her to drift farther then even the sea would allow.
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]

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