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Dis wun fin'dem..
(( I was directed here!))

He was hidden, watching quietly, an elf. The silence of the forest was almost absolute. Complete. Broken by only the crunch of the snow beneath the elf's feet. So silent it was. Few things could be done.. that were so foolish as wandering his snows alone.. and unarmored. His face creased as he gave a slow grin.
"Soon.. Soon.." he whispered.. barely audible.
He cast his eyes across the clearing he'd followed the elf into, eyes picking through the dead brush and snow, seeking..There! Their eyes met, his companion's eyes unblinking. He nodded, each knowing what the other intended to do. She was kneeling now.. cooing at some scraggly plant in the throes of death from the sharp cold. She stood, holding the bedraggled stalk.. and all too quickly, it began. His companion leaed out of cover, snow and dead foliage scattering. He ran straight for her, the elf, and snarled, and kept running, across the clearing. The huge whiteness startling the elf, fell as he passed by, and she simply stared in shock.. She got to her feet, staring at him still. She backed up slowly, and stopped suddenly, a gasp escaping her. The cat stared emotionlessly, in silence as she fell to her knees, an arrow proturding from her back.. joined by another. She tried to stand, and barely managed the feat.. He ran out and sauntered around her, snarling again. She batted at him weakly, still clutching the bedraggled plant. She spun around, weakly, trying to face the direction the arrows came from.. and stopped.. The last thing the elf ever saw before the final arrow took her in the throat was a tall Troll.. Grinning, his eyes alight with madness.
The Troll snorted in the deirction of the fallen elf, and eyed the huge cat, now laying almost lazily in the snow.
"Takk do gud..gud.." The cat eyed him, and twitched his tail.
He stood, and began his chatter.. always the chatter. "Norra..Norra waste.. norranorra.." Takk eyed him, and laid his ears back, watching as the Troll dragged the elf by an arm, rather unceremoniously, to the cave the two dwelled in. Soundlessly, the cat followed the Troll..
The Troll laid the elf on a stone slab just outside of the cave, and chunnered to himself as Takk glided in quietly, and took the deep nest of animal furs as refuge from the mess outside. Hacking and grunting sounds began to pierce the silce of the otherwise quaint home. Takk's eyes followed the walls, as his ears flicked to and fro. A warm fire at one end of the cave.. The walls, adorned with hides and skulls of beasts andweapons.. bows, axes and the odd staff. Takk shuddered slightly as a shockingly loud crunching wet sound, followed by a greasy gasp of pleasure met his ears. Takk watched as troll, now divested of his armor to the waist wandered in, liberally spattered with blood. He threw a sodden lump of cloth on the ground, in a corner. He stood by the fire and snorted, "Takk! Whurr.. whurra deh pot!"
Takk gave a cat scowl and answered without sound, "Fire." The Troll spun around and cackled, and wandered back out. The Troll eyed Takk briefley.. Takk was bothered again, this happened often now.. The Troll didn't understand why.. Takk had nothing to worry for.. he didn't just lose someone.. He made hsi way back to the elf, who now lay gutted and splayed open.. her innards resting in a bucket, with a name written on it. He picked up a knife, and began peeling flesh from her leg..
The dark thoughts returned. His mind wheeled and spun. The familiar ache of loss visited him again. His mind's eye summoned up pictures of -them-.. and -her-.. Her.. his Druid, his sister. Them.. the strange Forsaken, with the note on his chest.. and the Tauren, the warrior.. his eyes narrowed and he scraped the bone hard. The images wavered, and changed, and he saw her.. His druid. She was smiling, no.. she frowned now.. and his heart sank. She gazed at him, her face stony, her gaze unwavering.. That accusing hand came up.. She spoke, and he felt his heart almost break, "I will not see you, Pk'tow.. go away. I'll not see you now, nor again for a while.. you've done something terrible.. go, please." It had been four days since she cast him away.. He frowned.. and picked up another limb.. this time, an arm. Plop. Plop.. the pot filled quickly.. bits of flesh.. Plopplop. The Forsaken had spoken to him.. saying he told her..That the Tauren had mentioned the Troll's name.. Betrayed by them both. Another image came unbidden to his minfd.. The Mage. His other sister, the one he feared most.. She would be angry.. Angry that the knowledge of what he'd done had reached his Druid. He would hide.. Always hide.. he would hide..
Plop. Scrape.. plop..
He would hide, and find the Tauren, and the Forsaken..
Plop. He grunted. Plop.
He would have his own words.. and find his Druid.
His hand dropped the knife. The clattering of metal on stone broke the trance. Pk'tow shook his head, and gazed at the elf. All that remained were bones.. and a pot of flesh.

Takk eyed the Troll, who worked in almost complete silence. He was worried. he wouldn't be able to leave to make his report tonight. He hunkered down, and hoped he'd be asleep when the other arrived.. Normally, he enjoyed the other. He was amusing and quiet. One reason he liked the Druid. She was quiet. The other though.. had been wrong of late.. like Pk'tow. Takk watched quietly.. as Pk'tow placed the pot over the fire..
Pk'tow stood by the fire, eyeing the pot of soon to be simming bits of flesh and viscera. A clattering made his ears prick slightly, and he grinned.
"Yew.. yew norra late ever now.. Norra never.." He said, not bothering to turn around. A barely audible snigger met his ears.. a light touch tapped him on the back, and followed his arm.. Pk'tow looked down at the short Forsaken, who gazed up, his eyes bright, his filed teeth glinting in the firelight.
"Norra ever late.. ever.. " repeated the Troll..
The short Forsaken looked as threatening as the Elf had. Pk'tow knew otherwise. The small hands did things the Troll was envious of. Those teeth.. they weren't for show. He grunted. The Forsaken peeked in the pot and gave a gleefull gasp, more like a whisper. Pk'tow grinned..
"See.. norra late ever.. yew know wharra yew miss if yew arr..Now..yew c'mere.. dis wun got tings t'plan wi'yew..."
Takk closed his eyes slowly, hearing things that in all respects.. should never be done, mcuh less wanted or thought of.. He needed to tell the Druid.. but she would be broken by this news.. who then.. who could he tell.. No one else could speak.. he would have to seek out the quiet Forsaken.. or even better.. the Shaman..the White one, white like him..Takk watched intently.. his mind closed to the Troll, who, now, was too focused on eating..They didn't bother with bowls.. they practically dove into the pot of simmering fleshy bits and gorged themselves. The Other peered at Takk, and pointed at him. Pk'tow eyed Takk and shook his head, "Norra wan''dat. Takk wan'deer."
Takk laid his ears back, not wanting to be noticed. The Other stood, and reached in the pot, and walked towards Takk. Takk crouched in his nest, and bared his teeth silently at The Other.. Who simply bared his own teeth and gave a quiet snicker. Pk'tow snorted and said, "Yew leave Takk be.. et dis, is norra fer him anyhow.."
The Other eyed Takk, and patted him on the head, leaving bloody streaks on his pelt. Pk'tow stoof, and rubbed his stomach, which seemed large and bulging.. he hefted a basket .. filled to the brim with dried fish. he dumped it into the pot.."Dere.. Dis.. dis be 'nuff fer many weeks fer sisters an'others..'Hur norra say anytin'bout fish after we fin;him.. mmm.." He snickered.
Takk could only wait for nightfall..
"Find Druid.. Find Quiet.. Find White.." he thought wordlessly.. the images of those he sought rose in his mind's eye.. Takk watched.. and waited..

(( <3 ))
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]
(( Hooray! Pk'tow! *dances* I'm so happy you stopped by to share your story! Good, scary writing! I'm officially a Pk'tow fan, even if it takes me a while to understand what he's saying. ))
(( PAYTEPOOKINS!~ <3!!! ))
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]
"Hmm... that looks like a good size rock." Saezhur walked along the beach of Azshara inspecting the landscape. In his left hand he carried a large tan sack, a faint scent of fish wafting from the porous material.

He lifted the rock and set the bag on the ground. The straps that tied the bag were made of leather and had absorbed their share of salty moisture, making the effort of opening the sack somewhat more arduous. As he loosened the straps, Saezhur twirled suddenly and looked in all directions. The turtle denizens of the beach payed little attention to him, but they were the least of his concern. The time was well after the witching hour and it should have been preposterous to see another being who would take interest in this chore, but Saezhur counted himself to be ill-fated this night.

Warily, he scanned in all directions, seeing no one. Returning to the bag, he frowned and spoke quietly to himself, "He stews the remains and combines them with fish. He even left a few choice morsels behind, but is that out of carelessness or a desire to be stopped."

His skeletal hands dug through the bag, placing rocks in various places to add extra weight, but also to look for other remains to confirm his suspicions. Near the bottom of the bag, his hand closed around a familiar shape and Saezhur's thoughts were given form. "A foot. This is certainly not what his family would expect, and yet, he feeds this to them; wIthout their knowledge."

Saezhur shook his head as he closed the bag and tightened the straps until they were taut. Hoisting the heavy sack over his shoulder, Saezhur swam out into the water. He pushed against the current and worked his way to an area that was known to be very deep and inhospitable. He then dove into the water and started his descent.

As he dropped further into darkness, he thought of the forsaken that had brought him the bag. The 'boy' was nearly mute and conversed mainly in hand gestures. Saezhur knew that he was a charge of Pk'tow's family, but it seemed apparent that Pk'tow had chosen to give the 'child' new direction. A more suitable candidate Saezhur could not imagine.

As Saezhur found the muddy ocean floor, he found his thoughts wandering. "I can only hope that one of the sister's will find Pk'tow soon and bring this to light. It must come from them, as they learn it from him." He then dropped the sack in the mud and heaped piles upon it, concealing it from visual inspection.

As he swam away, returning to the dark of the late evening sky he merely wondered whether there was a metaphor to be found in the situation. "I return from darkness and can only ever journey back to gray."
If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?
Pk’tow sat, brooding, the fire he gazed casting strange shadows on his face. He sat, brooding., trying to make the dark ache go away. To make the images go away. Saezhur was in his head again, telling him, without saying it, that he should stop what he was doing. He snorted, the heavy sound cutting through the silence.. His eyes opened, and looked pointedly at the wall farthest from the fire, near the bed Takk used. Looking down, and sighed.
Pk’tow was not overly fond of this silence. He wished quietly she’d forget and visit. She was usually rolling on the floor with Takk by now, giggling and thrashing about, while he stewed fish. His sister the Mage would have been sitting by the fire grinning at them all..But, as it were.. she would not, and he was told to leave her alone by the Mage.
A scrabbling noise interrupted his thoughts, he glanced up, and saw the Other standing by the wall. He was leaning against it, the grinning. Pk’tow snorted, and looked him over. The short Forsaken gave a weird giggle and waggled his long bony fingers at Pk’tow and pointed at the wall, where a thick fur hung. Pk’tow gave a weak grin, his lean wiry frame seemed tired. Again with the snicker, and just barely he heard the little Forsaken speak.
“One left..”
Pk’tow looked up and nodded. He was growing weary of this practice, recalling why he’d stopped in the past. You didn’t live long living like this.. eating people. It ruined your mind.. It wasn’t something he was proud of, but felt it was better then wasting those he’d been after. He stood, and began gathering his tools, almost automatically. Laying his knives out, and his buckets.. and pulled out his giant cauldron, the word ‘Pot’ scrawled across in white lettering, large and crude. The Other scampered about, waving his fingers and snickering quietly, helping Pk’tow where the large Troll needed it. Pk’tow spoke after staring at the stone slab that was to be used shortly.
”Yew giv ‘hur deh bag?”
The short Forsaken giggled inaudibly, and gave a happy nod, his filed teeth showing throw his dark lips.
Pk’tow gave a grunt, and turned around to face the wall, and stretched, preparing himself. The Other was growing excited clapping his hands absurdly, hopping from foot to foot.
”Last wun..yew’ear me? Dis wun gerra’sick of dis.. Dis wun wan’sisters 'gain.” Pk’tow said this with a strain in his rough voice, and shook his head, his long fleshy ears wobbling. The Forsaken blinked at him and giggled. This was almost a necessary action.. if he’d done no more then run this one away, he would have returned to bother the Tauren that Saezhur and the Mage were so worried about, it left little to guilt, and Pk’tow felt the grinning pleasure return. Pk’tow walked to the wall, where the fur hung.. he pulled it aside, and revealed an alcove.. at which rested, cringing at the bottom.. a male Troll. Pk’tow gave a snorting snarl and grinned at him, leering.
”Now wharra do.. wharra yew do? Norra chase Towren norra moar.. mm?” Pk’tow gave a snort and hauled the Troll out by his hair. Tied as he was, the Troll struggled and growled through the gag in his mouth. Pk’tow gave a snort and hauled him roughly to the center of the cave, the anger coming back. The short Forsaken lurked behind the Troll, and seemed agitated, waving his fingers about. Pk’tow sat in front of the captive and stared at him. The Troll averted his eyes, at which the Forsaken giggled at. Pk’tow drew a long knife, the sort he used for skinning, and grabbed the Troll’s hair and cut loose the gag at his mouth. The Troll spat at him, “Wha’yeh do dat fer! Yeh let me go!”
Pk’tow glared at him and backhanded him roughly, “Yew ansa question! Wharra d’follow Towren?”
“I don’ansa none but deh Priestess!” He spat at Pk’tow, the sticky goo sliding down Pk’tow’s face.
Pk’tow grew irritated, they all said the same thing. All refusing to say just why they followed the Tauren.. He’d have to resort to the drastic methods.. he slapped him again, hoping to elict an answer from him..
”Wharra fer! Wharra follow Towren! Norra gud t’yew!”
Turning his head, the Troll refused to answer.
”Den norra nee’yew aroun’den do we?”
Pk’tow sighed and rolled his eyes in annoyance. The Troll was a fool, a fanatic to that bitch of a Priestess in the Hinterlands. They lorded over their own captives, even eating them. It brought much shock to be treated the same way their own captives were treated.. This was the reason he felt little to no shame in killing them, no shame in eating them, either..
Pk’tow replaced the gag roughly, and picked the Troll up, and threw him on the large stone slab. The Forsaken peeked up over the edge and watched the struggling Troll, who really had no idea what was going to happen. Pk’tow stood in front of the fire, and looked at runes etched into the stone around it and inhaled deeply, turned and took the knife that the Forsaken held up. Removing his shirt, he stood over the Troll, and waved the knife at him, causing the Troll to freeze and almost whimper.. it was a stone knife, the sort his own people used when.. his eyes widened and he began struggling in earnest. Pk’tow gave a wide grin and nodded to the Forsaken, who leapt onto the Troll’s struggling chest, and grabbed his throat while Pk’tow dealt with his struggling legs and arms, tying them down. Just as the Troll would have blacked out, the little Forsaken let go and slapped him back into waking.. struggling to breath, he looked up at the filed teeth and grinning eyes of the little fellow and groaned.
Pk’tow’s long visage popped into view,”Yew sey now, mm? Wharra d’follow Towren? Dis wun giv yew last chance t’tell.”
The Troll sighed, and nodded.. Pk’tow grunted and cut away the gag, and eyed the Troll warily. “Well? Yew sey..”
”I.. I ..follow Tauren..Was told to.”
”Dat be nothing I should be –URK!”
Pk’tow grabbed him by the throat and bellowed, “Norra care who sey norra tell! Norra care yew sey norra sey, YEW. TELL. DIS. WUN. WHY!” He squeezed a little more with each word.
The Troll fought for breath but resisted the hunter’s tactics. He gasped when his throat was let go, and was shocked to see the little Forsaken sitting on his midsection again, straddling rather. He was given a peculiar wink and giggle, he saw the knife in it’s hands, the stone one. Pk’tow stood over the Troll, his face creased with anger. The Troll’s eyes widened again as the little Forsaken clambered down and went to the Troll’s ear, waving the stone knife in his face slowly, “Nighty nighty..Nighty..” The eerie singsong voice was a whisper, and for an instant, the Troll thought nothing was going to happen, when it felt like his chest was exploding..
Pk’tow scowled, the blood dripping down off his face, down his chest. He dropped his axe to the ground, and listened as the Forsaken finished what the axe had started, Grunting, snarling and squishing sounds. Groans and muffled yelps as.. Pk’tow looked over. As the little fellow pulled the Troll’s own heart out and waved it at him. Shaking his head, Pk’tow picked up another knife, this one made for skinning, and pulled the Troll’s face to his, he growled, “Dis be last chance.. “
The Troll’s eyes went wide, his eyes dimming as his life gushed out of the cavernous hole in his chest, he gasped, and coughed, “Will not...”
”PAH!” Pk’tow gave a disgusted grunt and threw the Troll’s head back, and did him a favor, slicing his throat open. The Forsaken giggled and Pk’tow noted he already had the Troll halfway gutted, and shook his head again. He went to sit by the fire, crouching as he traced a rune in the floor. He looked at the Forsaken as he brought the heart of the Troll to Pk’tow, who snorted, and looked away from it.
”Norra wan’. Yew take, or bury et.”
The Forsaken looked at Pk’tow with a wary eye, and shrugged and wandered off chewing on the heart as if it were some juicy fruit. Pk’tow stood and stared at the lifeless, splayed corpse. He picked up a knife and looked at it, and then the corpse, he sighed and dropped the knife. He walked outside.. it was cold, but warmer then the cave. He looked down and snorted. A hissing sound reached his ears, and looking up, he smiled weakly. The huge raptor that was his mount shook its long muzzle at him, and snapped its jaws.
”Straz..Last ting.. norra’gin. Dis wun promise..”
The raptor turned one eye to him, and then other, and hissed. Pk’tow looked mildly ashamed, he nodded and went inside. He was greeted with a rather morbid sight. The Forsaken was sitting in the corpse, covered in gore and gnawing on an arm. Pk’tow glared at him, “J’nsi yew gerrowt of dat! Norra moar of dis..”
The Forsaken’s face fell slightly and he clambered out of the body with a sideways glance at Pk’tow, who watched him carefully.
Pk’tow made the short Forsaken stand outside with Strazke as he wrapped the corpse in a blanket and hefted it out, and lumped it across the beast’s back, and started walking quietly through the snowy night. The only sound was that of snorting breaths, and the crunching snow beneath feet. It had been an hour when the wind began. It started as brief gusts, and escalated quickly into more, making it hard to see, but still, Pk’tow led the raptor on, the Forsaken clinging to Pk’tow’s legs. He knew the snows well.
He knew it would not be far. The place with all the sabers.. They would tend to this one, and he would be, with luck, free of this foolishness. As enjoyable as it had been.. it was ruining him, as it had before. His sister was right, the Mage. She usually was. He could hear her in his head, “Yeh always let tings consume yeh ‘tow. Yeh work, yeh play. Calm down.. yeh scare dose near yeh.” She had said that, the last time she spoke to him. She had asked him many things.. and he could do nothing but answer. His answers had bothered her intensly.. and she had almost cast him out as his Druyd had, but instead spoke harshly, “No more of dat.. an’if yeh sister asks yeh.. Yeh tell her. Infact, yeh tell her no matter what ya fool. I mean it.. No more. Yeh do et again an’I’ll no’be so .. so forgiving. Ye’ve created much havoc in yeh doin’s an’yeh be lucky.. damnably lucky no one else be eatin’dose fish. Get rid of dem, I mean it.” He’d slunk away from her that night, chastened and subdued and so it was.. that he began the process.

His mind was consumed with the Mage’s words, and walking in a straight line, that he failed to notice the large lump in the road they were trying to cross. Straz hissed and pulled at Pk’tow’s hold on the leather reins, causing Pk’tow to look up. The lump came closer, and he grew frantic, he gave the reins to the short Forsaken, and pointed at the raptor, pointed north, and raised two fingers. The raptor set off at once, tiny Forsaken bouncing on it’s back. The large lump came closer, and Pk’tow crouched down, along the side of the road, watching.

Kaliah nudged Lheeg forward with a knee, and leaned back, squinting through the snow as she had been taught. She’d been riding a while, pondering her brother of late. Recent events had been difficult, and had made her avoid him, though her sister and Saezhur had spoken that mending the estrangement would be for the better.. she was still angry that such meddling had taken place. She gave a snort and let Lheeg slow down slightly as her eyes picked out an aberrant form on the road.. It appeared to be a Troll.. She bade the Kodo to stop, and she dismounted, her desire to heal taking control. She approached cautiously, unsure if the stooped form was alive, dead or injured. She stepped closer with her hands held out and forward, and head bowed against the biting wind.
“You there! Be you ill? Can you hear me?” The Troll did not move. She sighed, and inched closer, warily.

Pk’tow lay in the snow as still as possible, he heart and mind raced, it was his Druid, it was too soon! Too soon! What could he do? He gritted his teeth as she poked him gently, and tried to see if he was infact, alive. He couldn’t really tolerate it for long, and was shocked when the Tauren whistled her Kodo forward. The Kodo snorted and grunted, it’s huge nose snuffled and thumped the hunter and gave a coughing sound. Pk’tow groaned inwardly, he forgot the Kodo knew him.

The Kodo blew warm air at the prone Troll, and lowed at Kaliah.
”What?” She knelt, unsure. She lifted the Troll, and grunted. –Must be a male, in armor! Augh! What a lump!- She thought to herself. She carried the Troll down the road, while Lheeg followed behind, his huge bulk swaying. Walking with the Troll in her arms, and walked into Everlook, and straight in to the inn, and laid the Troll on a bed and sat down, and eyed him. On-lookers gawked as she stared at the Troll. She glanced backwards, and snorted at them, her ears laid back, “Last I recalled, privacy was something even goblins honored..” Kaliah stood and looked at the tattered cloak of the Troll and made as if to move it from the Troll’s face..
Pk’tow couldn’t see what was going on. He could only hear, and nearly started when she touched near his head. The cloak peeled away, and her opened his eyes, and looked into a pair of warm brown eyes.
Kalish registered shock, , disgust and relief all at once.
”Pk- PK’tow!? What?? What ARE you doing!”
Pk’tow cringed and sat up, wrapping his cloak around him. He lowered his head nodding, scratching the back of his head nervously, “Err..h-hello. Hello dere K’li..”
Kaliah stood there, her hands clenched and for an instant, her eyes narrowed. She calmed as quickly as the anger arose. She sat on the bed, which then broke, and hugged her brother. “You silly, silly ass! Where HAVE! You been?!”
Pk’tow sat there, petrified. He was both excited and scared speechless. What to say? How to say? He knew the questions would start, and soon.
”K’li.. er..Dis wun..er..”
”Oh pssh! Rest, rest! You were lost!”
”Norra.. Dis wun norra lost. Dis wun.. er..”
”You were lost.. Pk’tow..I found you, before you went too far.” Her tone said that she knew more then he thought. He looked up, and back down.
“Walk with me, Pk..” She walked out, and waited outside.
Pk’tow sat there a moment, and stood. He walked out, and looked at Kaliah, who nodded.
She looked at the sky, the wind had died down, the snows were calmer. She started to walk out of Everlook.
“Dis wun, dis wun nee’sey ting t’yew, K’li..Many tings.”
”I can imagine..”
Pk’tow cringed slightly, but continued walking.
“I will listen to you, Pk’tow.. I cannot say I might enjoy some of what I hear, but. It is that is..” Kaliah walked forward, leaving a rather perplexed Hunter behind her. She looked behind her.
”I had a visitor, Pk’tow.. I think you may know who it was..”
”Norra know, who?”
”WHurr?? Whurra Takk?” His voice grew excited.
”Chasing down Straz and Jonsi..”
He gasped. She knew then, she knew all. He raised his eyes, looking fearful.
”You may explain yourself..You can either start with the Trolls, or the fish..”
Pk’tow fidgeted uneasily. “Dis wun..er.. Dus. Fish.. Norra.. norra ‘ave anytin’t’explain.. norra good, norra again, dis wun ..”
She cut him off. “You cannot explain just why you.. you cooked fish in the remains of.. of trolls?”
Pk’tow could only shrug, “Dis wun.. dis wun norra know.. dis wun though.. dis wun sorry..”
Kaliah stopped and eyed him, “And the Trolls you’ve been.. er. Killing?”
He stopped, and snorted. “I want the truth. In the years I have known you, you’ve killed only alliance that just had to be a nuisance..Why now?” He looked up at her, her brow was furrowed.
”Dis wun, er. ‘hur.”
”Saezy?” she echoed.
Nodding, “Yew know.. his towren, Ph’k’um..”
”Phakhaum!? What happened?”
”Norra..norra.. L’rya sey, tings may ‘appen.. send dis wun t’go look..”
Licking his lips uneasily, “Dis wun, er.. fin’Trolls.. dey wan’Towren..Dey norra leave, so dis wun kill dem.” He averted his eyes.
”And this ties in with the fish, yes?”
Nodding, “Dis wun.. norra.. norra wan’waste wharra ..wharra hunt..so.. – “
Kaliah stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.
”Were I not under a personal promise to myself.. I would smack you utterly senseless for daring to feed us.. that.”
Pk’tow grimaced slightly, and stiffened when she hugged him from behind and lifted him up suddenly.
”Won’t stop me from this though, Brother-mine!”
She tossed him in a snow drift and snorted as he tried extricate himself.
Pk’tow goggled, and bowed, dusting the snow off,”Dis wun sorry fer tricky, K’li..Dis wun..”
”The matter is closed. Now go find Jonsi and Straz, and I’m certain Takk will want to have words with you too” She smiled as he ran off, and she trudged back to Everlook, feeling for once, better. She’d had words with Saezhur, Larya, Pk’tow and even Warry. Now, if she could only figure out why rogues like to swim with rocks, and Bulls seem to call themselves oranges.
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]
Kaliah sat in the cave where she'd grown up - again, when her second life had started with her Trollish family. She smiled at the runes in the floor, around the fire. Doodles really. She looked at huge cauldron and traced the crudely written words with her hands and smiled again.
"The same as it ever was." She muttered. Very little had changed since she'd been here last. It had been months, yet Pk'tow stayed here. She shook her head, and continued looking..quietly recalling..

Pk’tow snorted and grunted as he buried the Troll in the rock hard earth, hacking with his axes and scooping with his hands. How it ached! But he was almost done.. come the warmer months, the cats in the area would find this..He’d finally found Straz and Takk, scampering in the snow, and had taken the carcass to hide it while the two played. He stopped, and leaned on his axe.. watching the huge white cat and equally huge raptor romp. He sighed and shook his head, and reached forward, pulling the carcass in the hole.
He covered it with the loam, soil and snow he’d dug out and stood. He turned to look back at the sad mound, and gave a forceful snort. “Gone.. fin’lly.” He muttered.
Giving a sharp whistle, he called to both Takk and Straz, who were at present wrestling in the snow. Straz crouched down and he mounted, looking back at the sad mound. Straz gave a chuffing hiss and waved his long fore limbs, eager to be off and out of the cold. Digging his heels in, Pk’tow urged Straz into a run.

Watching.. ever so quietly.. giggling just so.. so very, very quietly.. a slight, short figure watched through the snows.

“Toys.. Took my .. Heeee.. took my.. toys..”
The agile hands wrung together, and he giggled again..”I.. I get .. new.. new toy.. Heeee….”
Gathering him self, and the damp squishy sack he carried, the Forsaken scampered off, giggling and snarling under his breath.
”Toys.. I.. I find.. she.. new.. toy..new.. Heeeee….. “


Pk’tow returned to the cave, and gave a shocked grunt to see the Tauren sleeping in the nest of furs and hides that his cat usually slept in. She was curled up in her former ‘spot’.. wrapped in an old kodo hide.. beaten with clubs to soften it.. His face softened, watching her. He stood in the center of the cave, and for an instant.. he smiled.

Takk himself entered the cave, and showing the usual reservation and silence the cat was known for. He noticed the Tauren in his bed immediately and laid his ears back.
Such arrogance. His own bed! He stalked over, carefully, sniffing, tail twitching. Pk’tow watched, amused. Takk feigned indifference and yawned, displaying his teeth, and let out a loud “URK!” as Kaliah shot up and tackled the huge cat. The cat and Tauren stood their briefly, and rolled to the floor, Kaliah squealing as the cat batted at her playfully.
Pk’tow smiled quietly as the wrestling moved itself outside. He turned though.. and looked at the small alcove where the captive had been kept.. He pulled back the hide, and looked down.. his eyes not finding the bucket of offal he knew had put there before.. He rubbed his chin.. and wandered out of the cave, and watched absently the Tauren and Cat rolling in the snow… Like children.

One child was missing though.. as was a bucket of innards..


”Do.. NOTHING.. you would regret.. Forsaken!” Jonsi fell to the ground with a clatter. He glared up at the Tauren who’d just dropped him to the floor, and threw his sack back at him.
”You’ll.. seee.. you .. know.. Heeee.. Such.. such a nice.. t-toy.. “
The Tauren glared at him again, and moved towards him, growling.
”I warn you.. Jonsi.. “
Jonsi giggled again and grabbed the wet sack and scampered off.. leaving the Tauren to boggle over his words.
He took shelter in the shadows, of which there were an abundance in the Undercity.. and gleefully pulled what remained of a coil of intestine out of the sack. Chewing on it, his mind tormented him.
He saw her again, and his hands twitched, itching to grab the throat… He giggled again. The one after the Troll had been .. been fun. But.. he had a feeling she’d be better fun. Besides, ..what good were innards.. if you couldn’t have fun when obtaining them. The last one has lasted so long.. He’d waited this time.. And would again wait..
He had to get close.. but.. the cat.. Always there.. he couldn’t take him down.. she’d have to be alone sometime.. and he knew…

She would be…
“Heeee….. t..t-toys…”
The short Forsaken sat in the shadows..
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
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Jonsi giggled insanely in his corner, watching Saezhur and the Lady talking.
He watched Saezhur glanced back slightly and return to his conversation, “Yes.. Jonsi. I hear you.. “
Giggling, and making grasping gestures with his hands, Jonsi walked slowly, around Saezhur.
”W-Whhhere. Where is.. shee… “
”Gone, Jonsi.. Not even I know.”
He wrung his hands together, and snarled. “Wh-want, my… .. my.. toyyyysss..”
”She is not your toy, Jonsi.. none of your family.. are toys”
Jonsi sniggered, and sputtered at his words, “Allll. Of them.. t-toooys.,… Mine.”
He stalked off to the corner again, and digged in his pack, fished around till he found what it was he wanted.. He grinned. Withdrawing it, he tossed it at the Lady. It landed with a sick squishy thud, and he giggled.

Saezhur and the Lady looked at it. When Saezhur looked back up, Jonsi was gone.

Jonsi is at best, or worst, for that matter, a loose cannon. His mind was a turmoil of twisted visions and demented voices. Something had come loose in Winterspring. The gleeful ripping and rending of flesh.. It broke a focus he’d been trying to keep a grip on. The cities forced this focus, but now, running loose, he had little holding his mind.
Jonsi dug into his sack. He was running low. He gave a whimper, and pulled out a hunk of dried flesh. Scowling as he gnawed on it, he plotted.
His quiet voice whispered every so often, and his hands flexed. He looked up, muttering darkly,”Th-the w-..w-warrior.. he’ll kn-know…W-want m-my t-toys…”
He stood and looked around with a dazed expression, his eyes dimming briefly. He cringed and looked again at the sack.
”O-out-t.. out-t of t-t-oys…”
Jonsi wandered away, his eyes vague.


Warringtaun was bothered. The clash with Jonsi, he felt, was a test at best.. The short Forsaken had goaded him into losing his control. His huge hands clenched as he stood there, mane disheveled, eyes reddened.
He looked at the boot.. the boot that lay on the floor with a foot still in it, blackened tendons trailing away from it like some morbid kind of noodle.
He heaved a heavy sigh as he bent down to retrieve it. He felt foolish.
He smirked though, holding the boot, “This ..could be usefull..”
He sighed again and felt his eyes water again. He tossed his head, wanting to deny the forsaken's words.
"Soon.." he muttered.


Jonsi stumbled about, gripping his leg, the inane giggling resounding in his skull. The Tauren moved his bulk a lot faster then one might think.. he would not be fooled again. His leg was splintered where the leg joined at the ankle. He growled in obvious disgust.
He fell over, his balance gone.
His lips curled back, and his hands arched, wanting badly to rip, to tear.
“S-soon.. ..”
Those he sought danced by his eyes, trolls, tauren and even a forsaken. A woman.
He lay on the floor in the Undercity.. and his eyes dimmed again.

..”..T-t.. toys.”
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
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Sitting in the wilds of Feralas, surrounded by the mists, Kaliah sat, staring out at the ocean. Her shoulders drooped, as did her ears. Her eyes watered, for reasons she didn’t exactly understand.
She stared at her right hand, and for a second, was able to recall what it felt like to have her hand pushed away. It seemed to burn.
“He would not speak, and I can only wonder at his reasons..” She stood, and walked through the mists. She kept on a steady silence, as she made her way to the quiet, where no one had been with her. Not even Takk. Not even him.
The fur on her face was damp when she arrived. The sea stretched out before her, the expansive sands melting from the wilds.
The quiet songs rose in her mind, almost unwelcome.
*Step down –
Down is-
Sand- is.*

He’d taught her these, the only male of her small tribe. His low rusty voice echoed in her skull as she stepped into the sea. “She sings, and you listen. You find peace. You sing, she listens, peace.”
Her mind relaxed, feeling expanded. She felt the forest, and the sea. The trees, quiet to most, gave an almost inaudible greeting. “Four Foot, Two Foot”.. She smiled, recognizing her own name. The forest knew of the Druids, and welcomed those that would take the time.
The cool water splashed around her ankles and hooves as she stood, inhaling the cool air. The moment was almost perfect, but for the small feeling of futility.
Her brother had said it perfectly. “Yew can go dere, an’stey down long as yew wan. But, yew ‘ave t’come back up soon, an’fin W’tan, an’see wharra wrong.. yew’ll see. Yew go an’fin’yeh quiet, K’li.. Dis wun be ‘ere when yew com’back.”

She entered the water, and the rush took her. Her sea shape took her. The wide flippers drove her down into the quiet place, near an under sea cliff. She could hear things down hear, from the sea, the earth itself. She looked up, her bright black eyes took in the cascading lights, beams of light from the sun. Allowing her self to drift, she heard the most basic of songs she’d been taught.
*It is- that is – is..*
”How do you not know!” The bellow was very loud in her ears.
That is. Is-
She rolled, her flippers working, she angled herself so her head was facing downward, so whatever sounds she heard were heard properly.. the sound traveling through her jaw.. to her ears.

Water is-
noise is-

She was almost to the Dream when the strange weight landed from above..
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]
The moon shone down on the sand, a prone form laying half in and half out of the waters edge, the gentle waves lapping at its feet.

Her body screamed in defiance as she came too. Sand filled her mouth and eyes, her nose was clogged with it. She managed to roll over, blowing and coughing what she could of the sand from her mouth. A shockingly harsh pain coursed through her body, and she gave vent to a loud bellow, losing her customary control. She gasped, her breath coming in ragged pants as she pulled her self into a sitting position. Her eyes rolled as she reeled in pain, the pain coming in dizzying waves.
She held her head, “Wh-.. What happened..is- is..is..” Her body trembled with the pain that racked her body.
Flexing a leg, she tossed her head, finding the pain came from beneath her, near her legs.
Kaliah looked up at the sky, and shuddered, “Where- is.. is. “

The moonlight continued to shine down on the beach.. It’s lone occupant trying desperately to stand. Hooves shaking, body screaming , Kaliah crawled, her thoughts echoing in her skull.
”Where.. where am I.. this is no longer.. Feralas..” Indeed, the comforting green was gone, replaced by.. garay. It was still night though.. daybreak would show more..
”I was in the water.. and now.. I am on a beach..” She crawled to what appeared to be a dead tree, long ago washed to shore, it’s smooth trunk a testament to years of waves stroking it’s length. She couldn’t call on the change, as if the spirits themselves had left, her pain driving them away. She managed to drag herself to the tree, and leaned against it, her head raised to the sky. She gritted her teeth against the pain in her legs,” I’ll need to .. to find out where I am.. and find water.. shelter. Soon.” Her hand clenched as she focused on the pain, the familiar green aura came, but faltered. Her eyes widened, “A-apparently I am to do this in the traditional manner.. foolish me to neglect my bandaging classes” She grunted in pain, and reached around her back, trying to feel where the pain was, and why it was so persistant.
She was not accumstomed to this.. this lingering of pain. She who healed wounds with but a thought and focus of her mind. Her arms reached down her back, the leather armor she wore didn’t feel damaged.. She swallowed, and noticed her throat was sore. Infact, most of her face hurt, but the pain there was the lesser of the evils she felt. She explored her face, and felt, with a startled gasp, that cuts had been made into the fur, in the flesh. One ear was notched, something acutely bothered her.
”They.. they found me .. somehow. No.. No, I’d be.. be with them if it were true..”
Kaliah shuddered, and and hunkered close to the tree, feeling for the world, a vulnerable calf in the night. Digging into the sand, she slept, hoping that whatever happened came back to her.

The moon shone down on the lonely little beach and it’s as yet solitary occupant..


Jonsi giggled, the Apothecary Keever just stared at him, and shrugged.
”Keever finds you.. intruiging..” He turned and began harassing the beleaguered humans and dwarves in the other cages, now wisely kept away from Jonsi.
More giggling. Jonsi fingered the holes that Saezhur has made, and giggled again. His head echoed with various ways to return the favors Saezhur had bestowed upon him.. him and the Troll.. And the woman.. She took his toy.. They all did.
“Wh-what good.. Heeee.. S-sentience.. J-just a clever c-corpse..”
Looking askance at the jumbled pile of bones that remained in the cage he was in, Jonsi sighed. He fiddled with the bones on the floor, flipping them around as he thought. He eyed the remains of a foot he’d been gnawing on, and looked at the stump where his other foot had been. He grinned, and imagined it as his own, placing it where it would be, had it been his own. The grin vanished when he realized it was stuck to him. Scowling he waved the foot around, angry. “N-not mine!” As abruptly as the anger surfaced, it died, and a sinister grin spread across Jonsi’s face, his slight form hunched over and quivering, marveling at the foot.
Jonsi giggled, as ever..
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]
It was raining. The deluge soaked him through his mail, his leathers, and his clothing. Stiff hair now hung about him in thick tails, his face for once, clean after the past few days. Laying across his kness was his bow, now rendered useless due to the rain. He wouldn't need to use it though.. not for now.
Sitting on the beach, not far from where Kaliah lay, Pk'tow held the tusk Larya had given him, inspecting it. “I don’know how dis happened, but keep it for her.” She’d said. Takk sat, annoyed and disgruntled, but as vigilant as Pk’tow, and just as soaked. Pk’tow eyed him, “We nee’t’goo fin’Loorie.. an’W’tan.. K’li nee’ealing.. Like’deh femmel druid sey.. “ Takk blinked, “They won’t be long without news..”
”Yah… but norra wan’dem t’get news frum deh wrawng source..”
Takk nodded.
”What of the other, the laughing quiet. Knife.”
Pk’tow closed his eyes, worry creasing his face, “ Norra know ‘bowt ‘hur.. be vurry worry fer dat wun.. Yeh leave’hur be..
”Knife is not happy.”
Pk’tow and Takk looked each other in the eye, and parted ways.


The healing had hurt. Of that she could be certain. She didn’t recall much, flashing pain and bellowing, darkness, waking once to find Lurie standing over her, concern etched in his face.
”Kaliah?” he’d said, and for all that she could recall, she’d fallen asleep.

When she woke again, the room was quiet. Another’s presence shattered the silence, her cheery babble drawing Kaliah out of her blankets. The other druid was young, as yet inexperienced, not fully trained in the Druid way. She listened respectfully, through her wrappings of blankets and cloak, her head covered, nose peeking out. She was recalling another evening.. She’d done something unusual, and couldn’t name it. She knew she’d spoken to Saezhur. And then Lurie.. she’d grown hideously cold.. and he gave her a bottle. <she eyed the red glowing… glow in her blankets and she smiled briefly.

Eyeing the door, Kaliah tried to stand, her legs feeling weak. The other druid, Kirsalia, stood, nervously. “Yawl need any help thar shugah?”
Shaking her head, Kaliah gritted her teeth, “N-no.. I will manage.. “ She grasped at the wall, still covered in her blankets, and hauled her self up, and stood, legs wobbly, shaking. Testing her hooves carefully, she placed her weight on them. Still strong, her hooves.. her legs though.. felt strange. Running a hand down , through her blankets, she felt fur.. she felt behind her.. and felt the strange naked patches where her wounds had been. She stopped before she grew angry. She took some small steps to the door..”I need to walk…” She walked, slowly.. the very small red light following her.


Jonsi sat in darkness. In his twisted mind, he could see it. The druid..the water… He’d had her.. if he had hands still, he was sure his hands would be wringing. He wanted to finish what he started..
His head lolled, lips curling back, baring his teeth. “A-all.. m-most…”
He’d sat for a very long time, in Orgrimmar. She’d go there now and then, and meet with one, the large fellow. Jonsi’s lips curled again, into a grin. They’d shared words, as they usually did. He walked away from her, looking angry, and she’d left, looking upset. It was then.. that Jonsi started to follow her in earnest.
“Heee… Heee….”
Trailing her was fairly easy, he found. She traveled a well worn path.. he was barely able to control himself, quivering and giggling inaudibly. They reached the beach.. This was harder. How did you follow a tauren across sand without being seen? Jonsi grinned again in the dark. You just followed.. because she didn’t look behind her… She’d stood at the edge of the water, wearing her skirts and leather chest piece.. Jonsi stared.. “S-so… e-easy…”
That which he’d been wanting the most.. so easily in his grasp. He’d made a mistake though.. Attacking in the water was harder then it looked.. He’d swam as carefully as he could, and let himself sink.. she was facing down, so technically.. shouldn’t have been able to see him.. but.. Jonsi did not know water. He was right on top of her almost, when she turned around, slowly. She seemed dazed, as she turned. Her eyes weren’t focused. Her bright black eyes cleared, she peered at him. Her stiff whiskers brushed across him, and as much surprise that could register on a sea lion’s face, did register, and Jonsi attacked. His hands flashed forward, grabbing her snout, twisting the sensitive nose viciously. Kaliah instinctively pulled in on herself, and rolled, baring her neck and underbelly. Jonsi grabbed a handful of skin, and dug his sharp nails in.. he pulled himself in, and sank his teeth in, up to his rotting gums, next. Kaliah rolled and undulated wildly, trying to be free of him. He merely held on tighter, digging his teeth in as far as possible. She broke the surface of the water, crashing on the surface, her sea shape left her, and Jonsi grabbed at her throat, her face. Her eyes, anything to get her back under the water.
”D-d.. DROWN!!! T-toys! Hee! Y-Yes! T-toys!!”
She bellowed in response, to be answered only by a gleeful cackle. “N-What!? J-JOnsi??!”
”T-toys!! DROWN!!!”
She went under again, for a few minutes, thrashing with Jonsi on her back, to burst back up, water streaming from her mouth and nose, looking pale. He grabbed an ear, and savagely twisted it. “Heee!! M-Mine!!”
Kaliah blacked out as her sensitive ear was assaulted, already weak from being forced under so long.. and drifted to the beach.. Propelled, by an eager Jonsi..
He wiggled.. he badly wanted his arms. His legs. Badly. But.. the white one refused, he merely glared at him when he loudly demanded his limbs. He’d done his part.. But no. He was stuck here.. leg-less, arm-less.. toy-less.. but.. he still had his thoughts. He grinned again.. eyes dimming.

Dragging her ashore was no easy task. After ll.. how do you shift six hundred pounds of inert Tauren up sand? Very slowly.. He gave up quickly, ‘specially when she began moving. He clawed at her, stabbing and biting at random. She lay on her belly in the sand, and he grabbed at first thing he could grab.. his giggling, stuttering babbling growing loud.
He drew his knife, a tiny thing really, its metal blackened, pitted with age.. but the edges glittered.. razor sharp. He gasped, giggling. Jumping up and rushing over to her face, he gabbled, and grabbed her face.
”Y-yess! Y-YES! MINE!” He slashed at her face with dagger and hands, slicing at will. “N-no more hiding! N-no! M-mine! M-my toys!” His insane rampage reached it’s height when she curled into a ball, he stabbed at her hind quarters.. and her hand lashed out, nearly catching him. “N-NO!!” he screeched, and he grabbed her tail, and tugged it once, cruely. Kaliah glared at him, ears laid flat.
”Jonsi! What is wrong with you!”
”M-mine! Mine!! T-toys!”
Faster then could have been imagined, Jonsi cut into her tail, and ripped at it, chewing at the base. It came loose with a sick ripping pop, blood gushing out. Kaliah bellowed, enraged,
”You dare!?”
He grabbed at her skirts, and tore at them, snarling and gibbering, struggling to reach the fur. Kaliah herself, rolling around trying depretly to shake him off. “Off! JONSI! GET OFF!”`
Words ceased then, after she rolled, swinging her head into a rock that neither of them knew was there. The was a loud grunt and a shudder as the Tauren slipped into obvilion as her skull met the rock with shocking force. Rubbing his hands together at this apparent good fortune, Jonsi wiggled his knife in his hands, and stood, chewing on the end of the tail. He walked in a circle around her, giggling as he chewed with one hand.. the knife flashing in the other..Straddling her back, he brought the knife down, and began the very laborious process of trying to skin the Tauren..
Jonsi sat in the dark.. giggling.. “to-toysss.... h-had.. t-toys.. need.. m-more....M-Mmmiinne..."

"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
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Jonsi had come to taunt us. To gloat. To giggle. It had to end. But who would put an end to the menace.

You could.

He is sick. Demented. He needs help of some sort.

He is an animal. A traitor. He must end. You know how to end him.

No, I will not end him. No matter...

against his only family. He is a monster.

I cannot do this. Not again.

Then let me.

From the vantage of the bystander, I watched myself do what must be done. Others tried to stop me and succeeded, partially. One animal let loose upon another and I merely watched. They escaped the wrath. My wrath. But followed them to where they searched. On the beach, they found her, Kaliah. Beaten, bloody, disfigured.

The animal and waited. Biding its time, knowing that guards would be dropped. She was much too maligned for them not to go to her. The animal waited.
If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?
Kaliah moved, barely. Concern etched on the brows of everyone gathered.

I stood aside and watched my 'other' as he waited for an opening to strike. It came, as expected. Eyes moved away for the briefest of moments. They focused on Kaliah, as rightly they should. But my eyes, our eyes, stayed focused on Jonsi.

He had been reduced to a torso. Partly do to my first attack and partly due to necessity by those gathered. Jonsi would be less of a threat -- more of a target.

I watched myself lunge at his prostrate body. Hands dug deep within Jonsi's chest and my sight changed. I could see the emanation of his being. The remaining flow of essence that I had failed to snatch before. It pulsed. It screamed. Jonsi screamed.

The hands found focus and the essence gathered as it was called. My arms were frozen and threats were exchanged. Protestations and oaths volleyed back and forth, but the essence coalesced. The calling nearly complete. Kaliah screamed, "Stop".

My mind reeled. The other froze by the word, or was it me. I saw myself reach in his chest, our chest, and squeeze my essence. He fled. Returned to the dark corners and hissed at me. Swearing vengeance. I stepped into myself and released my grip.

The essence, so close to my fingers, disseminated, and I was turned into a pig.

I suppose it was necessary.
If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?
Pk’tow was perturbed. His sisters were preoccupied.. Kaliah with something amusing, his other sister.. he was unsure. She stayed away, which wasn’t normal.. He’d have to do this himself, he thought. Lurie, the Tauren shaman whom Takk referred to as, “White Quiet” had asked him if he would attend a gathering of the Tribe. Takk himself was worried. He had seen no sign of the little Forsaken that now ran loose and rampant.

”Wrong Quiet is nowhere to be found.”
”Dis wun know dat .. an’Mage gawn too. Norra like dis.”
”Laughing Cold is still alive ..”
”Yah .. she been in deh bluffs recently .. Roog dis wun talk t’sey ‘is sista be waitin’fer deh portal t’open .. maybe Mage dere..”
Takk flipped his ears back and twitched his shoulder fur, his equivilant of a shrug. Pk’tow merely stood, on the edge of a beach near Orgrimmar, feeling the curious stares of the gathered Tribe wonder at him. He didn’t present a very intimidating presence.. He'd left his armor and sturdy bow with Strazke..He stood in his black pants and nothing else, stiff blue hair standing proudly. He more or less ignored the stares. Lurie gazed him strangely when he spoke up.. when the female Troll speaker asked is anyone had anything to say.

“Yah ... dis wun gorra tings t’sey ..” His rough voice cut through the crowd, the crouched figure looking as harmless as possible. The lean, lanky, almost wiry form looking ready to spring though, if necessary, into battle. He stepped forward, ears tingling.. Takk lurked nearby, sitting in a typically arrogant feline manner.. Tail tip twitching.
”Yah .. Dis wun .. dis wun gorra tings t’sey t’deh Tribe..” He paused, and gazed at the Tribe, those that were gathered. A few faces he recognized, most he did not. He preferred it this way.

“Dis wun be Pk’tow .. fren t’sum of yeh number ..” He looked at Lurie, and nodded when the Lady Troll mentioned Lady Eveline.
“Dis wun com’t’speak t’deh Tribe of a trouble .. dat dis wun tink deh Tribe shoo’know .. Since sum of yeh numba know wun dat dis trouble ‘as ‘urt ..” He looked down briefly, fighting his anger. Looking up, gritting his teeth, “Trouble be loose .. ‘urt dis wun’s sister. Trouble were cawt .. an’now .. loose.. An’norra wan’dis trouble t’seek any of deh Tribe .. “
”Well,w hat is this troubles name?” Came the inquiry, boldly. Looking down again, Pk’tow’s usually gruff visage softened, and looking back, before he could answer, Lurie spoke to the Lady Troll, “Jonsi..:
Nodding, Pk’tow spoke , “Yah .. J’nsi .. Yah .. dos trouble be known as J’nsi .. took deh tail.. an’more of deh wun dis is brother too ... Wun name K’li. Sum of yew know oo she be.” He looked at Lurie again.

“Lik’dis wun sey .. Tribe shoo’know wharra trouble be .. “ He stood, gesturing with his lanky hands.
”Trouble be a F’saken .. short.. but quick .. vurry .. vurry quiet. Name J’nsi .. ‘e cleva, an’norra lik’t’speak.. Norra wan’dat wun t’com lookin’fer wun’s dis wun know en dis Tribe ..” He trailed off, muttering, “Nee’keep Ev’lin an’Q’za sef ..” He looked back, watching Lurie walk off.
“J’nsi a threat .. an’will fight ef ‘es cornered .. yew fin’im .. yew be careful...” He bobbed his head once, and walked towards Lurie, the gathered Tribe looking at him strangely. Talk began of ways to end the threat.
A muttered oath of a fun challenge reached his ears, and Lurie’s, “He took the tail of someone, and ate of her.. this is not a “fun” challenge Skrap.” Lurie spoke to a female orc who hardly looked chastened.
He felt compelled to speak again, “Dis wun know.. wharra J’nsi be able t’do .. norra fer nothin’d’dat wun ‘ave teeth lik’points.. he d’wun ting .. wun tings.. dat’ll always giv’im’way.. always ..” He held up a hand for silence. The tribe fell silent, waiting.
”J’nsi ‘ead norra right .. ‘e laugh.. giggle .. a lot..et take loss fer’im t’focus .. fer ‘im to keep hisself quiet.. An’... furder more .. “ He paused, his scowling visage darkening. “Wun K’li .. ask dat .. dis wun be brought t’er .. leas’is chest an’head.”
”Stil breathing?” Came the slightly arrogant remark.
”Yah .. breathin’. Dis wun norra sure wharra’xactly K’li wan’wi’im livin’ .. but dis ‘er askin’...” he crouched back down with a slight glare at the younger orc. He shook his head and bowed to the Lady Troll speaker, recalling her name. Merrina. M’rna. Whistling sharply, he watched the swift form of Strazke bobbing up the beach, hissing, flashing his formidable hands.
”Diswun t’ank yew .. “ He mounted, and set Strazke into a run, his mind working feverishly.
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]

It was cold. It was nightfall, and cold. The breath coming from the Troll came out in white plumes as he struggled to maintain control of the agitated raptor he rode.
”Wharra wrong wi’yew! Ah! Yah! Yew!”
Hissing, and a snapping of long narrow jaws met his ears. Strazke wiggled, arched his back, pulling at Pk’tow’s grip.
”Norra! Et cold, an’yew’ave warm when we get dere! Yew move yeh self!” More wiggling, and a chance collision with a tree knocked the Troll off his bipedal companion. Standing, Pk’tow shook an angry fist at the raptor, swearing. “Yah! Gerrowtofit! Yah! Wharra matta wi’yew!”
The huge beast snapped it’s jaws and lowered it’s head in a threat posture, jaw’s held apart slightly. It’s clawed hands we’re extended to their full length, the talons on it’s feet flexed spastically.
Pk’tow ducked, “Whr!”, narrowly missing being landed on. He watched as Straz ran off in the oppostite direction, hissing still.
Shaking his head and gathering what had been knocked off the mount’s back, he brushed the snow off his shoulder and started in the direction he’d been headed.

To his cave.

His snows were quiet tonight, and allowed for thought. The crunch of the snow beneath is feet, wrapped in cloth, the creaking of his leathers and his breathing were the only sounds. Faintly, just faintly, if he strained, he could hear Straz stamping about to his left, doing who only knew what. Damn thing. The beast was intractable as an angry woman, and as dangerous too. But a respectable companion, nonetheless. Provided you stayed on the good side of it’s teeth and claws.

The Troll was lost in his thoughts, wondering about his sisters, and their preoccupations. He wondered, also, of his own preoccupation. What might she say, if he told her fully what he knew of exactly what Jonsi could do. She should know, he thought. Pk’tow stopped and stared up through the trees, and gave a snort. The view was obscured, by heavy clouds.
“Stoarm soon ..” He muttered, and started off again, breathing harshly in the cold. He thought it may have been Takk, or Straz tailing him when he noticed the faint sound of footfalls in the snow, to his right. The step’s were wrong, though. When he focused, they seemed erratic. Pk’tow tensed, holding his breath, trying to strain the sound of his own heart beat, to focus on the foot steps. They stopped.. instead.. he heard tree branches, rattling slightly. His eyes glanced up.

“Hee .. H-heee...”

Pk’tow snarled and rolled, drawing his bow and an arrow. He crouched, tense, eyes darting, looking for the source of the giggle. Jonsi dropped infront of him, and giggled again.
Pk’tow felt his hair stand on end, finger tips holding taunt his bowstring, an arrow aimed for the Forsaken’s head. He gazed upon a disturbing sight...

Jonsi stood, slightly taller then before, on limbs recognizable as a trolls, and hands too. Pk’tow squinted and cocked his head, puzzled. Instead of standing firmly, as one might expect, the Forsaken wobbled in place. He seemed to wobble, almost in a daze, his hands wringing, flexing.
”Heeee.... N-not m-minnnee! N-not mine!”
Pk’tow boggled, and as he opened his mouth to speak, keeping the bow aimed on the strange Forsaken, Jonsi jerked, and scampered off, the huge Troll feet on his small frame granting him easy travel across the snow. Straz stood before a dazed Pk’tow and whapped him with it’s snout, bowling him over.
”Whr! Straz! Yew go, follow dat wun, pease!” He pointed at the tracks, and Straz hissed and set off at a breakneck pace, determined. Pk’tow followed, slowly, looking at the tracks Jonsi left, spattered with a dark ooze.

It was half an hour in the wrong direction when Pk’tow found Straz crouched at the base of a tree, peering intently at Jonsi, who for the moment was without escape. Straz eyed the Troll, and hissed.
”Yah, gla’t’see yew tew’.”
The snow here was heavily trampled, dark goo everywhere. The earth and snow seemed disturbed, and with a startled snort, realized this was the where he’d buried the Troll..

The last Troll.

Pk’tow gazed up at the Forsaken, who clung to the braches, giggling.


Pk’tow stared, and Straz hissed, and continued hissing. It was apparent that the raptor had been jumping at the tree for a while, the bark was scored deeply, bits of it lay scattered on the ground. Again, with the hissing, and Pk’tow noted it was the same hiss the beast had been giving when it crashed him into a tree, he looked up and watched Jonsi, wondering what to do. He looked down briefly, distracted by the disturbed soil, when Straz set off running, hissing. Jonsi had leaped, taking advantage of the distraction. Straz ran off, and stopped, a whistle piercing the still cold air. Straz tensed and took a stop forward, and again the whistled stopped it. The raptor walked with high steps towards Pk’tow, it’s hands flexing. Pk’tow whapped it on the snout.
”Yew com’wen yew called fer..”
Angry hissing and a curled lip. Another whap.
“Dat wun weak .. yew see.. e’mek same mistake ‘gain .. an’norra wi’dis wun .. wi’wun dat won’be so .. kin’.”
The troll mounted the irritated Raptor, and set off to his cave, leaving the remains of the Troll behind.


Jonsi’s hands wrung together again. His sack was perpetually empty, and it had been some weeks since he’d last had a toy. At the mere thought of a toy, Jonsi’s face brightened, mouth twisting into a terrible grin. He scampered along the walls, the gathering place. He could hear them, his tormentors.

They who kept the toys away ..

His feet were still clumsy, too large. He wobbled on them uneasily. It made skulking about impossible. He clambered, loudly, up to the roof and tried to listen, giggling to himself. He knew he was heard, and found much to be amused in when he heard the confused voice of the male Tauren. Not the one he feared. The other one. He heard Saezhur, the one he feared, and the voice of the Troll. He knew better then to try anything with both of them there .. Pk’tow had come dangerously close to incapacitating him, he’d been dripping black goo for hours. Indeed, small drips and puddles littered the snowy ground below him, and oozings spattered the roof. But .. the Troll himself learned a valuable lesson, and bore the marks of such on his chest. He giggled again, and watched as Pk’tow left, muttering something about finding his sister.


Jonsi waited, hands wringing.. dripping his oozy goo everywhere...
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
[Image: PktowS3beta2Base1.jpg]
Saezhur stood outside with Pk'tow, staring at what remained of Jonsi.

"K'li left 'im", Pk'tow spoke with a bitter tang in his voice. He had sent Takk after Kaliah and Jonsi and ended up only finding the bound body of the forsaken miscreant. Pk'tow handed Saezhur a jawbone and noticed the hoofprints on the body just as Pk'tow pointed them out. "Stomp'd 'im gud. Broke 'is jaw, too."

Saezhur regarded the jaw and thought back to the previous night. "No, Pk'tow. This is the jaw I found for Kaliah. When we captured Jonsi, I was left with few choices but to render him harmless... I merely gave this to Kaliah because she wanted to speak to him. Looks like she heard something..."

Jonsi wriggled lightly and oozed from several wounds. Kaliah had beaten Jonsi, to be sure, but it was unclear why she left him in the middle of the plains -- perhaps for fodder, Saezhur surmised. It did not matter, Jonsi would end tonight.

"Are you ready, Jonsi. You end, tonight" Saezhur leaned over Jonsi's body and fixed the jaw into position.

"T-t.... toys... where are my t-toys. Give me back my toys." Jonsi muttered slowly as his new jaw became slightly unhinged.

Saezhur stared with empty sockets that began to emit a green light. "No more Jonsi, it's over."

The process took much time and culminated with protestations, threats and oaths, but in the end, Jonsi died. His essence destroyed for all time and the spirit world of Azeroth was diminished by yet another soul. Whatever good or evil that may have come, or could have been salvaged in the nether, was extinguished, never to return.

Some felt it in their own way, others nary noticing the passing, but three saw it through to the end.

Saezhur turned to Qaza and watched her shiver, "Sometimes even demons can seem like angels..." and then the green light in his eyes dissipated.

"Are you okay", Qaza replied.

"Not likely. There are always repercussions. ...did you know that I heard the tears of an innocent child as I finally crushed Jonsi's spirit." Saezhur spoke dryly and went back to disposing of Jonsi's remains.

(( This is a quick and dirty retelling. The RP'ing in chat was amazing and I give complete kudos to Pk'tow/Jonsi for throwing this story at us. I was also happy to be there for the end, but also didn't want to spend a ton of time trying to retell the event on this board. Instead, I am painting a small picture of the moment and letting others take the time to figure it out from those who were there. Let the repercussions fall from there.

Suffice it to say, Jonsi died. His spirit was destroyed and it was a truly terrible way to go -- even for someone as evil as Jonsi.

As a sidenote, I will be posting in 'Story within a story' one of the repercussions, hopefully tonight, but apparently not. Sheesh, when did I get busy all of a sudden.!))
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