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Dirtnapp & Aggro
1. My name bee Dirtnapp the dumb one next to me id Agrro. I only Scout things so does me brudder.
2. I be da smart one so I am a shaman, me brudder keeps hitting himself and he is a warrior.
3. Me and my brudder were left by a stream when we was little. Some stupid elves came and killed our clan and parents. We couldn't do nuttin, but a bolt of lightning came down and hit a tree. Da tree fell across da stream and we crawled into a cave. Dere was an old orcz named Onetongue, cuz he only had one tongue. He was smartest orcz I had ever met.... He showed us our parents headz on some spears dat the elves stuck.. This made my brudder mad and he started screamin and foamin at da mouf. He would run into the do wall and beat up da orcs pig. I really was angry but he told me I had a gift and da elements would aid me. So my brudder and me went to a place called da den and started trainin in dis Thralls army. I got knocked out for a while under a tree, but I am better now. We may not be smart, but we aint tupid. We need help and we like to help. We do eat a lot doe!

4. I likes da herbs and makin some potions. I really like fishin, cuz you get to eat alot. My brudder is a bit slow, but he likes beatin stone and mining, he does use bandages too.
5. We are both part of the Dreadmaw Clan, but our clan is weak and don't want to aid each other. We are a small clan, but it really is dis me and my brudder who do killin together. Plus day call us names in da clan.
6. I had heard of some people dat won't make fun of us. We wanted to be wiff other horde who want to help each other and share fish. My brudder makes funny jokes, butt day laugh not alot. I asked diss Tauren druid who looked really wise. He said that the way you two are you should be in da Ironsong Tribe as day do it rite.

7. Me greatest trial was me brudder and me gettin stuck in da wailin caverns alone. We fought and fought to gets us out, cuz no one was around.
8. Me and me brudder want to help udders and be accepted. We bring great spirit and courage to da table. Our goals are to be accepted and not harrassed for wanting to live like orcz.
9. We enjoyed some killin of da elves da most and laughing. Since we be orphanned we dont' know anyone else, cept my brudder likes diss Blood Elf, she is pretty.

10. We read it and we ready for da funnnn. We read the code of conduct.
Thanks for applying!

You will need to attend a guild moot (meeting) in order to make your introduction to the guild.
Moots are held every Thursday at 6pm Orgrimmar (Server) time.
Please contact me or any guild member for location details as we normally don't decide on location until the last minute.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)

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