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Dire Maul (Lead Your Tribe to Victory)
Hail Ironsong!

It is my intention to lead a weekly expedition into the Dire Maul dungeon. While I have never been there, it is my understanding that this is a very good place for a small tactical unit to move in, lay waste to the residents, and move out after gathering much bounty.

I would like to gauge interest in this before I set something in stone, but my intention is to carry out this raid each Sunday, at 5:00pm Orgrimmar time.

I am told that this is a 5-man instance, so I will be forming up groups on a first-come, first-served basis once the call goes out that we are ready. For the first couple runs (until I get a feel for the dungeon) I would prefer to take in groups that include a Warrior (tank), Priest (healer), and most likely someone experienced at some sort of crowd control.

I am not looking for the perfect group, just a group that will survive.

Also, if anyone wants to offer me a couple tips on what to expect please feel free to share them with me.

Thanks for your time, and hopefully these expeditions will help "gear up" the tribe. We are getting close to attempting the big bosses in Zul Gu'rub, and I'm certain Molten Core is not to far in the future.

Orc Hunter, 60th Season
Ironsong Tribe
I am interested, but unfortunetly my work week starts on sunday. So saturdays would work much better for me.
Umm DM is tasty, I'd like to go. That time usually works for me too.
Vote Akora for MA!
I run DM quite often myself. Not at planned times, but you'll often see me nagging you all in guild chat to join. I'd love to run with you some times! This is also a really really good place to gear up, as you mentioned.
Unfortunately, most Sundays I'm not off work until 7 Orgrimmar time. So if you need me for the last part of the dungeon I can assist.

OK, so it seems Sunday may be a difficult day for most to commit to a weekly raid. It's understandable, as RL does seem to enter into the equation.

So, I will put out a call in Guildchat this afternoon/evening to gauge interest, and then most likely try to set this up for Saturdays from here on out.

Thanks everyone.

Orc Hunter

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