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Dinfung's Application
1) State your name and any titles that you have earned, through service to the Horde in battle or otherwise

I go by the name Dinfung. THe roots of my name are unknown, however it is speculated to be from a far east land. My brothers my tell you other nicknames they have created for me, but pay them no mind, they have never got past how much smarter I am than them since I got back from my last training session. Wretched fools...

2) List your vocation, be it Mage, Hunter, or any other.

Ahhh yesssss, well since the first time I stepped out of that tomb in the glades, I had this.. calling to the darker arts, I spoke with the local Warlock trainer, and he accepted me under his wing after many trials... since that day, I have never been more satisfied watching beings I raise from beyond beat my foes senseless while I stand aside and curse them as they scream in horror while thier insides are burned.......

3) Please introduce yourself to us, as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time.

My personal history is that of my own. Trusting anyone at this point would be foolish and go against what I have been told from the very start... "Trust No One..."

4) Tell us about any professions you have taken up, such as Tailoring or First Aid.

My skills are that of Engineering and Mining. As you can see, I have litterally worked my hands to the bone fine tuning this skills to server my own personal desires. Watching those poor farmhands in the fields of Hillsbrad burn alive after mistaking my exploding sheep as one of thier own is only the beginning of my deepest darkest motivations to learn my trades to thier potential maximum... yesss.....
5) What are the Clans, Tribes, or Guilds that you have been a part of in the past, if any?

I have travelled with no Guild in my days on Azeroth... I trust no one. However, the time has come for me to DEAL with other life forms on this wreched world to advance my own needs and desires... I suppose all I can do in exchange for this kind service, would be to in turn help you as well advance in your own..... needs if you will.

6) Please describe what drew your interest in joining the Ironsong Tribe, and any memorable interactions you have had with members of Ironsong.

Ahhh yessss... my desires to join with your Guild stemmed from a recent visit to the.. ehhhh .... Undercity local public internet access, and hance found you listed on a list of guilds in this world... What.. don't look at me that way, I will turn your soul into a stone for my own taking!!

7) What is the greatest trial you have faced, either long ago, or in the recent past?

My trials are that of my own! However, if you must intrude on them, I will share one in particular... I was in Stanglethorn Vale... minding my own spells, when I came across a large... I suppose... arena. I ventured inside to see nothing of interest... upon further penetration I found myself on the floor of this great arena, it was then I saw one of the horrid dwarf women comming at me, ohhh she was wicked ugly... as she came closer, I realize that she is comming for me, but not to be friends, I quickly tried to run, she then ran into the other wall, and kept running against it.. I was unsure what to make of this, I was CERTAIN it was a dwarf mind trick to get me killed for good, I kept a safe distance and concentrated on her, she did nothing but run against that wall, just TRYING to lure me back in there, I concentrated harder, looking for any sign of weakness... then... it happend. I was concentrating so hard, she vanished. Yessssss..... she vanished, into thin air. How I channeld these powers I do not know, but... I will discover how once more...

8) What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them?

My current motivations are to build a base of allies to trade skills and knowlege with, in exchange for the same. My years of isolation have served thier purpose, it is time to aid the Horde.
9) What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth?

I enjoy most watching wreched alliance burn at my feet, but.. hehh, who does not enjoy such pleasures. Peronally, I most enjoy study in the dark arts, and self advancement. I enjoy learing how to be the best I can be.
Ja sound pretty...twisted. But ja be makin' dis troll laugh!

Come to one o' dee moots we be havin'. Mattah o' fact, dere be one tomorrah night when dee Orgrimmar bells strike six (6 PM server time). Ja can ask anyone in dee guild where it be at befo'ah hand.

*nods and bows*
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]

Your kindness worries me, normally such kindness in my direction results in trickery and a short demise. This moot you speak of does however sound like a fair offering. I will try to attend this moot, however I was not expecting a meeting this soon, and have prior... arragements... that may conflict. Yessss, well enough dabble already! I will awake as soon as I can and try to attend, if I miss it, I will try to awake with a little more notice to your next... party.

**Inner thoughts** "Oh how I loath such gatherings with those who I do not know, and cannot trust... this Melikar sounds legit, but how can I tell.... ah well, nevermind that, if this is a double cross, he will surely burn at the hands of my Immolate..."

((But really, I have a RL meeting with my wedding DJ half an hour before the moot, so I doubt I can make it. This was planned weeks out and it can't be changed, nor do I think the misses would like me changing wedding appaintments to play WoW, HA! I will try and log in asap, but I may just have to log in later and see if anyone is still hanging around and say hi. Just need a little more notice next time. My fault., cheers))

Thanks for your hospitality, Melikar. Let's try and have officers be the ones to hand out Moot invites for applicants, please.

That being said, Dinfung, we look forward to seeing you at the first one you can attend.
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