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Hi all. I want some advice... or maybe I want some help...

I love hanging out with you and consider it a privilege that I was invited. It is an honor to continue to participate, and I'm very proud of the progress we've made.

As you know, Harsh Winter is attempting to start to tackle Karazhan now. Two groups have gone so far. While they have learned a lot, I feel like they could really use the help from some people who have more experience with the first few big meanies in there. (only one of the groups has successfully killed Attumen)

At first I thought I had a personal decision to make... whether to continue with Smash n Grab or to help out Harshies. I realize now that this is a part of a larger issue with Karazhan in general. (cf, Kosath's post in the general raid or this HW discussion) In short, we have an abundance of people who want to go, a wide variance as to our experience with the tower, and, faced with raid lockouts, the danger of widening that variance and creating an elite group.

I applaud IST's foresight and willingness to sub newbies in when regulars have to miss a week. I think the apprenticeship model works quite well.

Here's my idea: I would like to take a week or two off from Smash n Grab to help out HW. I think this could be part of a larger move to have some of our more experienced people help out various HW and IST newbie groups for a week at a time in rotation. What do you think?

I have not yet told HW about this idea, and I think many of them are watching me under the assumption (which I shared with them for a while) that I had to choose between two groups of people I enjoy hanging out with.
Thoguht, that's very good of you. If you want to do that, that's fine with me. Just keep us posted on which weeks you'll be missing and such. It shouldn't be a problem at all.
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Thog's going away? What?! This is all Terelith's doing!

Seriously though, we'll miss you Thog and we'll be happy when you come back. I think you have a great idea though.
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It is not my doing, otherwise he would be running off with the Entourage! By all accounts, he should belong to us as he posted in our forum. The same goes for you, Ef, and Naruth I think it was. Team Smash 'n Grab is ours!
Well, an update... I am not yet going away, and when and if I do go away it would only be for a week or two. Tongue

(with the reminder that I will be in Vegas this weekend...)
First, I'm glad that you decided to give runnin with us a go, you've been great fun to have around and a great player too. I'd love to see Harsh Winter progress through the instance, and think someone with experience would be great to have with the guild's groups. As long as pictures of drinking in vegas are posted, I dont think you'll be too fired from things Wink

Have fun down there this week, and Just keep us up to speed with what you decide to do Smile

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