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Demonic Inquisition Nutshell Guide
This is the second encounter in Tomb of Sargeras.  This is a single-phase encounter with two bosses, named Atrigan and Belac, that engage the raid together.  The bosses share health.

This encounter revolves around the "Torment" mechanic.  Torment is a resource that players gain when they take damage from the boss' abilities.  Torment has no effect until it reaches maximum (100).  At that point, players will receive a crippling debuff (called Unbearable Torment).  To get rid of this debuff, players must "Confess" which they do by pressing their extra action button.

Confessing will cause players to be transported to a prison area, which constitutes a mini-phase of its own.  While in prison, jailed players must handle an add, called the "Tormented Soul" while avoiding Tormented Eruptions and collecting enough "Remnants of Hope" to escape the prison.  A tank must pick the add up.  When the add is damaged, it releases these "Remnants of Hope."  These look like purple orbs.  Run through them to pick them up.  Each one reduces your Torment level.  When you reach 0 Torment, you will be transported back to the raid.

We need to manage Torment levels so that about half the raid goes through each time:  one tank, some DPS, and some healers (we may divide the raid into two groups to manage this).  The Atrigan tank will gain Torment through tanking, so the DPS and healers assigned to the first Prison group must try to manage their Torment so that they go to prison when that tank does.  In emerging from the Prison, it is best if players with cleaves try to get out first to help with the bosses.  Healers should be the last to leave.  Note:  if the tank outside of prison is about to Confess, the tank inside should leave Prison earl to tank the bosses.

Gaining Torment:  Players gain Torment by being damaged by the boss' abilities, so if you need to gain Torment faster soak a little more damage.  You can also gain Torment by attacking the boss during Bone Saw and Fell Squall.


* Tank the bosses where they stand.  
* Ranged and Healers form a loose spread.  If you get Echoing Anguish, move 8 yards away from others before calling for a dispel.
* Melee should pick one boss to start on -- any melee affected by Suffocating Dark or Echoing Anguish needs to spread out and can do this by switching to the other boss.
* Tanks keep bosses split when possible as the casts of Bone Saw and Fell Squall are staggered.
* Interrupt Balac's casts of Pangs of Guilt
* Avoid Bone Saw and Fell Squall and don't attack during those abilities unless you want more Torment
* Step out of Suffocating Dark (dark zone that does damage and a slow)
* Confess when you reach maximum Torment (100) to avoid the Unbearable Torment debuff.
* In Prison, collect as many Remnants of Hope as possible, DPS the Tormented Soul, and dodge the Tormented Eruptions when you are in prison after Confessing.
* We will Bloodlust on pull.


* Coordinate your Torment levels so you don't Confess at the same time.  Atrigan's attacks apply 2 Torment via Bone Scythe, so Atrigan's tank should be the first to Confess, and alternate tanks after that.
* The tank that is higher on Torment should always tank Atrigan, to stagger Confessions.
* Face Atrigan away from the group as he has a big cleave (called Scythe Sweep)
* Kite the boss during Bone Saw (and avoid attacking to minimize damage taken and Torment gain)
* When you Confess and are sent to prison, tank the Tormented Soul in there.  If the second tank is about to Confess, you will need to leave early to pick up the bosses.  


* Delay the dispelling of Echoing Anguish to give players time to get out of the group so the least number of people are hit by Anguished Outburst.


* Don't attack Atrigan during Bone Saw, or Belac during Fell Squall, to avoid generating extra Torment...  unless you need Torment to go in Prison with your group.
* Melee stay out of Bone Saw
* Run out when you get Echoing Outburst, as it does damage when it is dispelled.
Okay, here is some of what we learned on Tuesday:

* Having a third tank that stays in Prison tanking the add makes the fight much simpler.

* Belac was untankable.

* You don't need to wait until your Torment level hits 100.  You can Confess before it reaches that point, thus avoiding the nasty debuff.

* It did help to have healers coordinate when they were going to the prison to make sure that there was healing when needed down there.  We didn't need to have a healer down there all the time.

* The prison tank did need to pop out a couple times to clear a debuff.

* We also found that it wasn't necessary to designate DPS groups to go to Prison together.  It worked better for DPS to hit Confess when their Torment level was ready.  Also, no need for DPS to deliberately gain Torment.

* Once in Prison, it was usually not necessary for people to manage who got out when -- players would just run through 3 or 4 orbs and get out.  In a few circumstances, however, we needed a healer or tank to get out quickly and that was easily coordinated in Discord.

* Interrupting Belac's Pangs of Guilt was important, but rendered more complex by DPS needing to go to Prison to clear Torment, which messed up the interrupt rotation.  Three interrupters was not enough, we needed several as backup.

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