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Demon Rose
Demon Rose
Ranking in the horde: Grunt
Warrior of the 59th seasion ((of this post))

Personal Info: At one point commander of a small troop of men back before the invasion of the Scorge on Lordaeron. Betrayed and executed for my beliefs, I later awoke as one of the Forsaken to discover my home ruined. I now seek revenge on those responsible, I have been named Demon Rose for I fight as savagely as as demon but considered to be as beautiful as a rose...rather this is true or not depends on whos looking.

Professions: Goblin Engineer and miner, skilled with First Aid but not a master, Fishing and Cooking mearly a hobby when bored.

Former clans, guilds and tribes: Cute Little Undead Girls, Darkspear Voodoo and Siege of Darkness

I was first drawn to ironsong when a dear friend of mine told me a little about the tribe. after getting in touch with Eveline and hearing about more i found out how friendly and close everyone could be.

My greatest trial was a few months ago, after gaining valueble intelligence on a large allience raid approtching to attack not only Orgrimmar as well as Crossroads. With what i knew and when it would happen i gathered togeather as much of a defence force as i could. after a long wait the allience came and we charged into battle to meet them, knowing they would not expect it. In the end both sides had heavy casualties but we managed to drive them off back to rachet and over seas.

My current goal is to be the best i can be, and offer the best i can offer to help friends and those i concider family. As well as slaughter those that stand in my way rather is the burning leagion, Scourge or Allience

What i enjoy most from my adventures is learning about new places and people, gaining new allies and friends long with rivals

I have indeed studies your code of conduct and agree to abide by the rules that was stated

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