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Delgarsida, the worst kind of evil

'This isn't over, daughter'

How many times have I run that last sentence through my mind as she departed that night, her pathetic guards dead at her feet. My mother...Delgarsida Grimtotem....how I hate that name....how I hate even more that I am connected to her by blood. The Tribe stood up for me that night, even Haida, whom I've been rather...unfond of for awhile. For that time, it was nice to be considered a part of something..something I felt I had no place in. Nowadays though...I find myself isolated and alone with my thoughts once again. The events of that night have not set well in my head.

The thing that bothers me the most is how many Tribemembers keep telling me how safe and protected I am from Delgarsida and her ilk. For the last time, to all that hear this, to all that read this, nobody here knows my mother the way I do. Delgarsida is a manipulative and cunning creature. The worst kind that could turn even the best of friends against each other. There is a darkness that clouds her from within...something I can't even begin to describe. She's the worst kind of evil.

Let's take a good look at what exactly happened that night. Of course everyone that was there at the moot when she showed up saw firsthand what they attempted to do. I felt from the beginning that it was rather foolish of her and her second-rate guards to show up with so many Tribemembers around and make such demands to turn me over under Magatha's orders, or so she says. Then she turned her guards on me. Both were highly unskilled and went down without much struggle. None of it made sense. Delgarsida then turned tail and ran. That's what everyone saw that night. But the truth of the entire incident remained hidden. I didn't think about it until later, but then it made sense.

Tribe, you all played right into Delgarsida's hands. I was never meant to be captured that night. Delgarsida wanted to test the Tribe's resolve in defending one of its own. Now that she knows how closely bonded we are, she'll find a way to use it and you won't even realize it. As for her guards, she chose second rate warriors not meaning to capture me, but rather to gauge my strength. I know she wants me dead for killing that wretch of a father of mine, so she tested me specifically. Her guards were mere pawns and now they're dead for it. Now you see how twisted she is?

Do you understand now Tribe? Delgarsida Grimtotem is NOT to be thought of lightly. She's up to something and I don't know what. The only thing I can safely conclude is that involves her wanting me killed. So don't tell me how safe we are from her, because we're not. As I said, she's the worst kind of evil and none of you had to grow up with it.
She was quite clever that one...

My magical senses detected a spell she had cast to disguise her aura and power level to the tribe. She bore only a simple weapon as well, and did not tip her hand to any magical treasures she may possess. I agree with you sister that we should not underestimate your mother.

She is too clever to confront a Warlord like Sreng when obviously outnumbered...and I am sure she was testing many things that day. That she was there to test your strength and our tribes resolve to protect you is without question. I do not think she ran from us though...she seemed sure of herself and confident as she strolled away...in fact..she was even smug about it...as though she had succeeded in something.

I must also warn you that she had several spies watching us from the surrounding brush that day, for I spied one of them lurking in the shadows. I am sure she was well covered had anyone actually been foolish enough to attack her. The Grimtotem are a tribe skilled in the ways of stealth for I have battled them before.

Delgarsida is quite crafty and we should be mindful of any future encounters with her. In the meantime...do not let your own pride force you into any foolish actions...such as confronting your mother alone. You are part of a great tribe now and we stand together in these matters.

Sing True Ironsong!

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