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Defending our lands from the Alliance (PvP team)
Throughout my short life our lands have labored beneath the heavy hand of war, famine and plague. My people have been pushed to the very edge of extinction, and it was only the coming of Thrall and the Horde that saved us from that fate.

The whole of my people have a blood debt to Thrall, and that is a debt I take very seriously. As Thrall has declared the Forsaken our allies they must be defended. Recently the alliance has encroached on their lands near the Arathi highlands, and the Forsaken there have asked for our help in defending their borders.

I've spend much of my time lately doing just that, but no matter how many Alliance I strike down more come forth to replace them. So I come to you for aid. I seek those willing to help meet the alliance and to drive them back.

I do not seek war and given my choice I'd like nothing better than to lay down my weapons and live in peace. But if we do not show the alliance that we are strong it will only encourage them to launch more such attacks. They must be stopped and stopped here if our children are to have any hope of growing up in a peaceful world.

((Waaay back in the 20s bracket the Dreamspeakers formed a channel called pvp29. Since then we've had one for each level bracket, and have managed to cobble together a rough PvP team that has survived into our 50s. A few nights a week we gather between 8-12 people into a raid and do Arathi Basin together.

Amato and Lhuurssa have both been a part of those raids, and I see other familiar faces here as well. Now that we have a new home we'd like to extend an invitation to anyone in the 50s to join us =)

Our 'team' is nothing official or overly organized. Just a group of friends who go into AB to have fun. We work together and use various strategies, but we are not demanding of those who join us. Many have only recently tried PvP for the first time while others are very experienced.

We haven't used teamspeak to date, but when we reach 60 are considering making things more organized and doing so. So, if anyone is interested in checking us out feel free to join pvp59 or just look me up in guild chat))
Since Ebberk is level 60 I can not join you, but I know a number of us 60's who do alot of pvp, myself included. Once you get all maxxed out, Ill be happy to join you all for many a battle, or maybe a close-knit group in Alterac Valley.
(Men'ka): My blades and my duties are bound to Orgrimmar and the Crossroads. Perhaps, one day, when the alarms at home are quiet, I can assist in the Highlands...but until then, when they sound, I belong there.

(( I'm not much for PvP, actually... Zema (the character) has made it absolutely clear that she won't defend the Apothecaries and Men'ka tends to defend only. I have a great deal of respect for those of you who RP in the battlegrounds (VERY few even think of it as part of RP). Luck!...and regailing us with tales after, around a campfire and over a bowl of turtle stew, would be great! ))
((What makes Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley far more fun for me than Warsong Gulch is that because the scope of the games are larger you have more time to get in bits of RP during the match. One of the things that I love about the people in the current 50-59 bracket is that most of us also like to RP.

We'll spend time after tense battles speaking in hushed whispers about how the spectre of death passed us by, and there are quite a few "For the Horde!" or other rallying cries in each match.

When we were a part of Vigilance on the Alliance side we did several RP/PvP events outside of the battlegrounds which were also very fun. The largest was called the Battle of Silverpine. A score of alliance took the field against half that many horde when they heard that the horde were planning an attack on Tyrande herself.

The fight itself was fun, but what made the event fun was definitely the RP as the alliance rode through a dark corrupted forest without any clear idea of what they'd be facing when they finally found their horde adversaries.))
I would be happy to PvP group with you, but I am level 60. Once you all obtain that level, please think of me in grouping with you.
Krorg's willin' to aid in whatever way 'e sees 'e can. He's workin' his way through the 50's, but where he's at right now, he's still able to solo the other Alliance rogues like Morcain and Midnyte. Rather pathetic. But Krorg's still workin' along and would love to join in on the fun.
If I had not already left that bracket, I'd still be fighting by your side. I'd advise you to make the most of your time there, as apparently the accumulation of wisdom and years have very, very little to do with one another.

And Krorg... Give Morcain a swift kick for me. He'll know who it's from.

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