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Deathwing is dead!
We parachuted onto Deathwing's back and blew up plate after plate until we revealed a fatal weakness. Thrall shot Deathwing from the sky. We fell, clinging to the back of the wounded dragon, into the Maelstrom. The great beast hung, clinging, to outcroppings of rock above the swirling vortex. We stabbed and burned his feet until one by one he let go and his head came crashing to the ground. We fell upon him, upon the great Destroyer who had shattered our world, we fell upon him in a savage frenzy, until the great monster shuddered for one last time and fell back into the twisting maelstrom, dead.


((We will be running the first half of 10-man Dragon Soul next Tuesday, May 1. There will be no raid on Thursday, May 3. We will extend the raid timer and do the second half of Dragon Soul the following Tuesday, May 8.

Oryx and Zlinka are online many evenings after 7:30 p.m. We're currently playing our alts, Ibex (Zlinka's tank/DPS) and Hargrim (Oryx's priest). We're currently finishing up the Twilight Highlands to get Hargrim to 85, then we will be doing 5-mans and will be jumping into the twilight heroics in short order! Join us on your alts and be a newbie again, or come farm valor with your main!))

That was awesome. I forgot about this, but did the stake his head up in Orgrimmar?

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Hooray for Ironsong completing end game content before the next expansion is out!!!!

I am currently on a bus home but haven't decided if I am going to renew subscription as I only have a couple weeks before I head back fishing again. If I do, I hope to see everyone in good spirits and a few new faces.

Congrats Oryx and Zlinka on a very successful raid!
Jaba -- I don't know how the head thing works for Deathwing. Did he drop a head we could turn in? I don't remember.

Eru -- Thank you very much! And welcome back to solid ground!


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