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Death Knights, Northrend, and a History Lesson

Hey, Tribe.

Wanna take a minute to speak to ya all. Right now, when our eyes be so firmly fixed on de future, I like to ask de tribe to tink for minute on our collective past.

As I sure ya know by now, a small faction of Death Knights has gone renegade. Dey turn dey backs on de Scourge an de Lich King, an' return to homes among de Horde an' Alliance. When de firs' Knights return to Orgrimmar, dey face threats, outrage, an' persecution. Dey got a history of dark deeds; a terrible past dey gonna be tryin' to live down for de rest o' dey lives.

It be real easy for us to pass judgment on 'em. We all lost friends fightin' de Scourge. But before ya start castin' about for another enemy to hate, remember: wasn't so long we all of us was in dem shoes.

De orcs came to Azeroth wit' demonfire in deir veins an' murder in deir eyes. We trolls were cannibals an' murderers. De blood elves were once members of de Alliance. Many of de Forsaken marched in Arthas' own armies, until Sylvanas cut 'em free. De only ones among us dat be innocent is de Tauren, an' dey was de ones dat took us in when we came to Kalimdor, an' reminded us of de spirits dat guide our paths.

De point of all dis is dat once upon a time, de Horde was an engine mindless hatred.

It'd be a shame to see dem days return.
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
*a note is tacked next to this one*

Ja words be strong ones, wah'lord. Ah don' know what ta make a' ou'ah new allies, but dere be some in da tribe dat be havin' none a' it! Ah pray dat we find a way t'rough dis.

Da Death Knights be owin' us respect as much as dey want it. Ja can't forget dat.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Who's sayin' to forget that? They better respect our Code and their pledges, true. That's true for any new member and them more than most!

Funny how many want to push the line on the very first rule of Ironsong themselves, though, which is respect. Not just for Grunts and higher who you like and a few other random folks of your choosin'! For our Warchief, for our Warlord, for our Blademasters, Farseers and Advisors, for your fellow Tribemates what don't agree with you, and for trial members until they prove false to their words.

We've been ver' lenient for a while because we know how this all is. War makes strange bedfellows of us an' let me tell you that Loa Samedi is watchin' all this with a hairy eye. Still, the first time I met a Forsaken an' got to know the walkin' dead it was quite an experience.

Her name was Eveline an' she came to Durotar in her linens hopin' to serve the Horde.

Anyone doubtin' that? Maybe you will meet someone who changes things in your world for a long time to come. I took the word of the Warchief above my own snarlin' and made a best friend who will prob'ly be here long after I'm gone, tellin' silly stories about me. Ain't sayin' you're gonna be a Death Knight's best friend but even a little bit o'that - an ally - would be worth somethin'.

Keeping the hearth fires going!
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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