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Death Knight Alt Info
Hello All !

I am helping get things organized for the upcoming RP integration of the Death Knights into the guild.
Could you please post here your Death Knights information if you are intending to guild them.
We want to know who will be attending the events and a bit about your Knight in general.

Name: Hebren
Race: Orc
Class: Death Knight (yes not a surprise there)
Level as of posting: 65

Brief Description: Hebren was converted to a Death Knight after coming to Azeroth during the war. He is not one of the original Death Knights created by Gul'dan, but is one of the new Death Knights created by the Lich King. He feels betrayed and wants to destroy the Lich King, he is very willing to go along with any group who shares a similar goal. He has a pet cockroach.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
My name is Azkadelia. My life is one of constant betrayal.

I am starting to have too many lives to count. Human, Scourge, Forsaken, Death Knight, and now, a member of the Horde. First, I was a human Mage in the Kingdom of Lordaeron. I had a crush on Arthas for the longest time, when he was growing up, and I was one of the many awaiting his return from Northrend. When I saw his majestic, powerful figure strolling up the streets to return to his father, I was so happy.

Two days later, hiding in my home, he slew me personally. It was not a happy day, but I don't remember much during the time afterwards. I was one of his slaves, and I simply woke up one day when Sylvanas freed many of us from his grip. I was in the Scholomance, and I had to use all of my magic to avoid those who were still Scourge. I was Forsaken.

When I finally got out, though, I had to deal with many of the people I once knew waging war upon me. The Scarlet Crusade did not seem to understand that I had free will, and worked to destroy me. I used my skills from life to keep myself hidden from them, and to freeze them in their tracks. I decided I needed more power to eliminate them, and I gave myself up, willingly this time, to Arthas, in exchange for that power.

It was a mistake. I spent a year or so honing my skills, becoming Death incarnate. And what happened? He gave me to Rivendere to use as... as a bookkeeper. To keep track of those who came into and out of the city of Stratholme. I sat in dusty houses keeping track of supplies. Finally, he threw me at Mograine and the Crusade, giving me my sweet revenge... only to betray me.

I come before the Horde, reborn. Again. I promise not to use my powers for vengeance, as I have learned that only brings repeated destruction. I humbly seek to serve the Horde in whatever capacity I can.

I have decided to come to Ironsong because of the experiences I had in Stratholme, of all places. In life, I never saw one of these bull-men of the West, and yet, I remember one in particular, coming through. I even fought him once, though I doubt he remembers me. He had white horns... I came through the land to seek him, and discovered that this "Kosath" was part of the Ironsong Tribe. I remember that he and his fought with fervor, and with honor, and I seeks to regain that same providential grace. May he allow me to fight by his side.

(Level as of posting: 59)
Name: Armande
Race: Orc
Class: Death Knight
Spec: Unholy
Level as of Posting: 68

My original name is unknown to me, and I have assumed the name Armande as it was the name of the first Human I slaughtered during my initiation as a Death Knight. It now stands as a reminder of my past, as well as a ray of hope for my future.

While under the Lich Kings control, I had 3 recurring visions/images that would appear in my mind. The first, and most drilled into my brain is a banner with a Hammer on it, the second is the word Ironsong, and the final memory is that of the phrase "Sing True." These images were from my previous existence, and it was these things that pushed me to break away from the Lich King's grasp.

OOC- Armande doesnt know what they all mean, but he is searching for answers. The fact is, he was once a member of the Ironsong Tribe a few years back. He intends to fully serve the Tribe if he gains acceptance as it was the Tribe's memory that saved him. OOC
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Name: Kraala
Race: Orc
Class: Death Knight
Spec: Unholy
Level as of Posting: 61

Originally a warlock, she felt called to the frozen north, with promises of power and elevation over her sisters, whom she'd always felt inferior to - not that she ever admitted that to herself, let alone anyone else. She easily fell sway to the Lich King's influence and clung to the increased power and capabilities being a Death Knight afforded her. As a former Warlock, calling and controlling a minion was second nature to her, especially something as simple as a ghoul.
Since her release, she has made no real effort to contact her sisters or the Tribe. She doesn't recall all of her former connections, but there are enough vestiges for ehr to go on. She is currently working on strengthening herself for the coming struggle in the Outlands. It's a lot easier to deal with the inhabitants there than back in Azeroth.
Name: Anastarian
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Death Knight
Level as of posting: 60

~ The once "Sir" Anastarian Gil'Light ~

Raised from his grave by the scourge army, Anastarian has no memory of his previous life. Before he died, he was a great priest with a wife and two children. He does not know who they are or who his wife was, but he is determined to find them. The name "Kardwel" has struck him as familiar, therefor he has begun to search for this Sin'Dorei. Knowing nothing else but the name, he has returned to his old home of Silvermoon, hoping to hear something. Though he was once a believer of the light, he now walks a dark path. Since his time with Arthas, he has become a merciless killer. He does not question his kills, simply does them with little emotion. Before his death, he was rather high thinking of himself and somewhat bitter towards others. His opinion of himself may not be as conceited anymore, but he's just as resentful as always. His body was restored by dark magics, leaving a rather horrendous physical scar upon him. Anastarian is now ready to take on Outlands and eventually Arthas himself, having finally remembered what the light once did for him.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Name: Zaevian Dorini'Diel/ Zaevian Aman'Ni'Alah
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Death Knight (Why are we listing class if this is a DK alt info post?)
Level as of posting:58

First thing to note is his two names Dorini'Diel is his real last name and means "Reborn Fire" in Thalassian. Where as Aman'Ni'Alah is what the spirit that lives in his runeblade came to call itself which means Death's Hand in Thalassian.

In life Zaevian was the older brother to Velandra (known to most of the tribe as Tutelary), and was a powerful mage-knight that was part of the sunwell guard. When the scourge attacked he was without a doubt a Hero protecting other elves and wipeing out large amounts of ghouls with his magics but nothing could stop the swarms of undead and he was eventually captured. He was brought onto a Necropolis and placed before the newly risen litch Kel'Thuzad who offered him a chance to live to see his sister again and all he would have to do is take up the blade offered to him. He could hear the wispers of the blade calling out to him and so he took the runeblade in his hand. But alas it was a trap and for many years he was chained in his own mind not able to do anything but watch as he commited horible acts in the name of a "King" that was not his own. And he grew into a powerfull Death Knight and one of the Kings top generals.

It remained like this for many years until he felt something different he could feel his sisters mind and so he began to call out to her. But when he finally managed to contact her the Lich King interviened and atempted to kill her. Fortunately for her he wasn't able to kill her because of her protection by the light and wasn't about to leave himself to go hunt down one gnat of an elf.

As the months passed the other Zaevian decided he grew tired of haveing to deal with Velandra constantly entering his mind and being able to pick up information that could be used against him so first he used some of the scourge Necromancers to block her mind whenever he felt her but that wasn't enough, He wanted her dead before she could cause any real trouble. He had her hunted down and brought to his Necropolis. But he was not aware that the good Zaevian had warned her and she was prepared for this she knocked him unconscious and used a potion to keep him incapacitated and also managed to bring down his entier Necropolis with a few bombs that killed a Litch and many cultists on his ship who were there.

After she managed to capture him after several days she gave him a potion that was supposed to free him from the Litch Kings grasp but it didn't work.....At least not how she thought it would. Instead the potion freed the good Zaevian's mind and allowed them to resist the Litch King's voice if they wished to. Now after the Lich King's betrayal both Zaevians have agreed to join the horde as a member of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and destroy the "King".

The orginal Zaevian now wishs to join the Ironsong tribe to be with his sister, but Aman'Ni'Alah's intentions are unknown why he agreed to this.
Name: (In-Game: "Dreadsinger") Veldemyr Sunsong
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Death Knight
Level as of Posting: 58

In life, I was Veldemyr Sunsong, High Chior Marshall of the Dawnsingers, pride of the Sunsong Family. Now, I am the Dreadsinger. The betrayal of one of our own, and Arthas' taint, leaves my songs now fit only for the dead and dying. The war destroyed many; I am not special. I have one horrible things. Things that I can never atone for. I can only hope to make a new life with the second chance I have been offered. No longer will I sing for the Scourge. I pledge my soul and song to Horde.

((Yes, it's crappy. I'm still working on the whole Sunsong story, which encompasses both Maurnan and Dreadsinger's histories. It should be up sometime after the holiday.))
Name: Gulka
Race: Orc
Level as of posting: 58

Gulka is one of the newer Death Knight's in Arthas's service. When he and his minions recently began raiding Azeroth, her quiet home was one of the targets. Although they were after her husband, she was taken instead when she stood in defiance of them and offered her life in exchange for his.

Her time under the Lich King's service is fuzzy at best. She considers it a time where she only obeyed out of fear for her husband's life. Although she considers herself a monster, she hopes that redemtion for at least her soul can be found because she is a death knight out of love.

Now that she is free her search for him begins. Gulka seeks out the Ironsong Tribe after eharing of their wisdom and strength. Perhaps they can help her find her family and help her find redemption in exchange for her loyalty and strength

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