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De Witch Doctor speaks 'bout Blackwing Lair
Taz'dingo, Tribelings!

De Tribe, we done some wonderful tings in our day. Many, many Ironsong been involved in great battles in de world up to dis time an' more joinin' us all de time in de struggle t'carve out room f'r de Horde t'live free an' happy as we may. We done battle wit de Shadow Council, we woke Naralex from de Nightmare, done battle wit de Archmage Arugal in de name o'de Banshee Queen an' fought so deep intah de Razorfens dat we found de Scourge movin' in on our Kalimdor! We've faced down de Scarlet Crusade an' found de hypocracy an' demonic corruption in dere midst, but even den we've fought 'longside 'em 'gainst de Scourge - along wit de Argent Dawn, whose agent we first came ontah 'mong de filth o'de Blackfathoms.

All dis be true, same as it be true dat we have plumbed de secret history o'de Titans, Earthen, Troggs an' dwarfes. Same as it be true dat we brung down de disgustin' leper what killed 'is own kin in Gnomeregan an' after fightin' spirits o'all de greatest Centaur Khans learned de sordid history o'dat nasty folk. Ah don' even need t'be tellin' yah all we done with de trolls. Followin' de trail o'de Mosh'aru tablets an' tweakin' mystery after mystery, de Tribe saw de Atal'ai summon Hakkar's avatar an' learned dat was jus' one piece o'de Blood God's foul scheme o'rebirthin' hisself intah Azeroth. Wit de return o'de Zandalar from dere own lands t'ours, we learned much o'de ancient ways o'de Trolls an' we carry dem teachin' wit pride! 'Gainst de Blood God an' 'is minions we been fightin' long an' brave, an' defeated him in honor o'our pact wit de Loas we done even when he was reborn stronger an' meaner den afore!

All dese be wonderful tings, de layin' o'souls t'rest, de strikin' down o'Deathknights an' de Abyssal council an' ill-turned bug-types o'all kind from de Barrens t'Silithus. Victories f'r de Horde! Blood spilled wit strength an' honor!

...but ah'm sayin' all dis t'yah all now 'cause ah'm wantin' t'talk about someting elsewise.

Ah'm wantin' t'talk 'bout a mountain, a mountain what wasn't always dere where it bein' now. A mountain where one o'three dwarfish folk got sucked intah servin' anothah o'de dark powahs o'de world when dere Emperor called out f'r someting he couldn't control. Ragnaros answered, an' seven dwarfish kings stood 'gainst him but failed, dere ghosts doomed t'haunt de Depths. Ragnaros 'slaved dem Dwarfs an' de 'rupted mountain he broke out of became dere new home.

Ironsong been down dem Depths, an' we fought dat Firelord. We battled intah de Molten Core f'r weeks, defeatin' de lieutenants o'Ragnaros until his own Majordomo had nothin' left but t'wake 'is master. Not a smart one, nor too brave, dat 'Zecutus. How mighty be de Ironsong dat we woke up de Firelord an' defeated him jus' de same?

Hail Ironsong! F'r de Horde! ::roars::

We all knowin', though, dat dis ain't de end o'it. After de wars wit de humans, some o'de ol' Horde fought wit de Dark Iron Dwarfs an' took over part o'dis mountain. We've fought dem an' dere false Horde - Orcs, Trolls, Ogres - in de lower reaches o'de Spire. We found dat de forces o'de lower Spire reported t'de kin o'de Black Dragonflight, de corrupted children o'de Earth Warder Neltharion...Deathwing. We met a strange fella masqueradin' as an orc but what was really one o'de Red Dragons, an' he helped us open de gates o'de Upper Spire. Followin' dis trail brought de Tribe intah conflict wit de traitor Rend Blackhand an' taught us who his true mastah now was.

Nefarion, son o'Deathwing, now Lord o'Blackrock Spire. We mustered de might o'de Tribe an' tracked his sistah, Onyxia, t'her lair. We penetrated de wards an' Warders o'dat place an' slew de Brood Mother o'de Black Flight an' her spawn. We been branded wit de mark o'Drakkisath on de Spire Throne, an' we ready.

We ready t'storm de Blackwing Lair, where Nefarion broods 'is Chromatic Flight an' 'speriments on captured dragons an' dragonkin, where mad goblins loyal t'Deathwing build weird machines t'change de natural order o'tings, where many afore us've bled an' died. De Tribe be ready. Make sure you ready yerself. Y'got two weeks, mon. Don' be wastin' it.

((Wednesday, September 27th, after Magmadar is killed in our normal MC run we will hearth out as usual but instead of returning to Molten Core to fight Gehennas and Garr we will regroup at the portal to Blackrock Spire and enter Blackwing Lair together as a Tribe. Our first foe inside will be Razorgore the Untamed and a strategy guide for his encounter will be posted shortly. Blackwing Lair requires a simple attunement - down the hallway from the BRS portal there is an orc Quartermaster who drops a note that begins a quest. Get that note and complete an Upper Spire run, touching the orb behind Drakkisath once he is dead to be attuned to BWL.

For our initial runs the raid group will be the same formed for MC and loot will be considered part of our MC raid using the same weighted rolls and rules. Friday the 29th we will have Molten Core as usual, running Gehennas through Ragnaros. Further details will be announced as they become neccesary.

For now: Get Onyxia keyed if you are not already, come to Onyxia raids whenever you are able if you don't have a Cloak (up to 4 Scales can drop per run and be crafted into Cloaks), and get Blackwing Lair attuned. Once we begin to progress in BWL everyone attending will need to have Onyxia Scale Cloaks but for now don't worry if you don't have one. If you have done all these things then help your Tribemates do them! On the 27th show up ready to learn a intense, complex encounter and have some fun in a brand new place to most of us.

Good luck!))

Witch Doctor of the Ironsong Tribe
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.crabpeople.se/~al/">http://www.crabpeople.se/~al/</a><!-- m -->

Here is a Razorgore the Untamed strategy guide and overview. He is the first boss in BWL and is encountered right away inside. No trash mobs before him or any of that, it cuts right to the action.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be exactly following this strat, expect changes on Wednesday night when we get down to it. This is provided purely for informational purposes.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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