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Date for Onyxia is set!
September, this year past our Warlord Sreng disappeared into the Emerald Dreaming.

Upon his return, we found that he had pledged himself to the service of the Green Dragonflight. Apart from other things, this entails the defeat of the Black Dragonflight because they have turned away from their original purpose in protecting Azeroth.

Many Tribemates have been asking when we shall gather a force to do battle against Onyxia the Black. The time has come to begin just such a battle.

Whether we have a full force of fourty warriors or not, we shall venture into her lair on Saturday, January 28th, gathering at 4:30pm by the gongs of Orgrimmar!

The time of day is yet to be determined, but it was important to let all of you know as soon as the decision had been made!

We will be posting times for ventures into Upper Blackrock Spire on the Calendar so that many Tribemates who would like to complete their Drakefire Amulets will be able to plan on going.

We currently have twenty-one of Ironsong who have contacted Shillatae to let her know that their keys are complete. I am certain that there are more of you. Please send word to her or myself, so that we can know where we stand, or work to help you complete it.

Check the listing of those with completed Drakefire Amulets. If you are not listed, please post here to make it official, or let us know of any progress you have towards one.

As the Ironsong Tribe currently stands, we have about fourty to fifty warriors who have fully mastered their class training. ((Excluding alts, of course.)) Of these, not all adventure regularly, and not all would be free to aid us on Saturday the 28th of this month. Ironsong made an incredible show of courage a month ago when we fought the Barons of Ahn'Quiraj in Silithus. I am confident that all of you will do your part to aid in Onyxia's defeat.

If you are not able to attend this first attempt, please do not lose heart! She will likely prove more than a challenge, and we shall need a balanced group of fourty to defeat her in time.

Strength and honour!
~ Eveline
Here is a guide to fighting Onyxia that is worth studying, though it is Alliance-centered. It gives a good overview of the fight's three stages and her abilities in each even if we won't be using Paladin abilities. ; )

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://pacifistguild.org/onyxia/">http://pacifistguild.org/onyxia/</a><!-- m -->

Also, a note for those who have been asking about Ironsong doing a Tribe raid on the Molten Core: Consider this Onyxia raid a proving ground for a future MC raid. If there is enough interest/turnout/preparation to make Onyxia a success it will likely lead to Molten Core beyond.

Just as Zul'Gurub and the (20-man) Ruins of Ahq'Qiraj once the Gates open are intended by Blizzard for those guilds starting to raid but who do not yet have the manpower for 40-man groups, Onyxia is intended as the bridge into 40-man instance content. Let's get to work crossing it and have a great time doing so!

Ironsong has been very successful in tackling the game on our own terms and not cutting corners. I am keen to see us in action on the 28th. Expect related RP activity at our moot on the 26th!

Additionally, Shamans, healers and possibily others might find Akora's Shaman guide to Onyxia helpful.

It can be found on the Ironsong Forums here.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=479">http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/index.php ... opic&t=479</a><!-- m -->
Vote Akora for MA!
In the future, if at all possible, I would request that the continued battleing of Onyxia be changed to Sunday, or if that can not occure, to earlier in the day on Saturdays, such as 10 or 11 in the morning. Otherwise it will prove very difficult for me to attend. Thank you.
(( I too have problems with weekends. I often have Saturday off, but not often enough to ensure I attend Onyxia. This has been the main reason I don't ever join in the Hakkar fight...

I won't get this Saturday off due to my employers incompetence in hiring another part-timer. Sadly, I'm left with no one to trade shifts with as everyone is pretty much working that night anyway. It's an inventory night. So I'm SOL on that Saturday, but maybe not future ones.

If I ever have a Sunday off it will be spent fishing in the Booty Bay fishing tournament. I have wanted to do that since it was added, and can't, because Blizzard has it set on Sundays... Grrr... ))
Whatever time we set, someone will not be able to attend. It is just the way of things.

That said, this is just our first run at it, and it's not setting the time as a weekly thing in any way.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."

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