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Dark Inquisitor Xanesh
Xanesh is a SINGLE phase encounter with a mechanics that forces three players to bounce a Void Orb around into a goal.  If the orb hits the sides, or any other obstacle, the raid takes massive damage.  While we're going this, players need to run from your flayed soul and dodge void zones.

The Orb Mechanic

Over the course of the fight, the boss will slowly gain mana.  At 100%, he'll cast Void Ritual.  This will summon three zones around the boss.  They look like orange circles.  These void zones must be soaked before the cast finishes (or the raid will take massive damage).

The soakers will get a 40 second buff called Voidwoken.  This buff lets them interact with two portals (Void Orbs) which spawn immediately afterwards.  One portal has an orb, and the other portal acts as a goal.   Shortly after the portals spawn, the orb will fire out.  If it hits ANYTHING, it will explode, dealing massive raid-wide damage, buffing the boss, and increasing the damage of subsequent orbs, probably wiping the raid.

Players with the Voidwoken buff, however, can interact with the orb by standing in its way.  This causes the orb to travel in the direction that the character is facing.

Once the orb has been delivered to the goal, the portals and the orb despawn.  The Voidwoken players gain the Void Touched debuff, which prevents them from doing the orb again for 3 minutes.  We will need a different set of players each time.

It is safest to have all three players interact with the orb to get it into the goal:  one starts the initial direction, the second passes to the striker, who then does the final shot into the goal.

(Note:  Players who do not have the Voidwoken buff can also be hit by the orb, but this doesn't re-direct it, instead it causes a lot of raid-wide damage)

Torment Patches

The boss will spawn Torment patches around the room as well.  These are wedge-shaped dark blue void zones that emanate from the boss and explode shortly after they spawn.

--> Avoid the torment patches.
--> If you need to stand in one to redirect an orb, use a personal cooldown to survive.

Soul Flay

This affects about the half the raid at a time.  It makes a copy of you that explodes after 10 seconds, dealing large falloff damage to the player it spawned from.

--> Move 20-30 yards from the copy.  May want to move entire raid away from these.

Anti-Tank ability:  Abyssal Strike

Knockback, damage + debuff:  Taunt when your debuff drops off.


The raid takes ticking shadow damage every 2 seconds for the duration of the fight.


Heroic only:

Imminent Doom

A Voidwoken player who bounces the orb gets a stack of Imminent Doom, a 6-second debuff that, if it reaches 5 stacks, will instantly kill you.

Ritual Obelisks

The boss will also spawn Ritual Obelisks around the room.  They will have a little blue circle around them.  They deal damage and slow players within the circle.

--> Avoid the obelisks

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