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Dark Dreams
She was falling, seemingly endlessly. Mula found herself lying in the grass, her fur was wet and she could taste the salt from the ocean on her lips. There was a constant roar of the ocean below her. The ocean far below, surrounded her on all sides. She saw the maelstrom and shivered. She felt weak, and she heard someone say, "Didn'€™t know if you were going to make it. You were on the brink of death."€ Mula looked over and saw an orc in white robes and long braids. He was focused in concentration, maintaining a spell that was directed at the maelstrom. She sat up, trying to get her bearings. He looked over at her, and she immediately recognized him, his blue eyes revealing his identity.

"€œThrall! You'€™re...alive!"€ She knelt before her warchief. "€œMany had feared the worse when you didn't come back."

Thrall looked down at her, placing his free hand on her shoulder. "€œI am needed here. The world has suffered a grievous injury, and it is my duty to help mend the--"€

His words were cut off by a roar, and a blast of fire. His free hand went up and a blast of air dispersed the flames. Deathwing roared again and circled around.

Mula tried to get to her feet, but was still weak from her injuries. Thrall deflected another attack, straining from the effort, "€œDon'€™t just stand there, Mula! Do something!"

Mula drew her weapon, the axe feeling strange in her hand. Hard as she tried, she could not reach the dragon flying around.

"€œWorthless Tauren, you disgrace the honor of the Horde!"€ The words cut into her like knives.


She awoke, a cold sweat chilling her body. She wrapped the furs around her tighter. It had been a week since she had fallen into the pit of nightmares in the Twilight Highlands. The scars on her back ached from the chill, and she realized that she was crying.

She sat on the side of the bed, trying to sort the dream from the reality. She felt a comforting arm around her, and she was grateful for Flinttooth'€™s presence. He said some comforting words and they went back to bed.

A familiar feeling crept up within her. One that she recognized and hadn'€™t felt in 15 years. She wanted to be sure before she told him. She smiled and thought of how nice it would be that this time he would be there to help raise their child. She kissed him, and they fell asleep holding each other.

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