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Damoxian's Recipie
Kicken Chimerok chops. The best cooking recipie in the game. And I need to find the right person to hand it over to.

But basically I want this recipie to go to someone who is going to make the best use of it, and since I don't have 300 cooking, its just not for me.

So i've decided to put forth this little letter to people seeing who they think would be a great person to have the recipie.

Qualifications shall include:

(1) 300 cooking skill.

(2) Someone who plays the game often.

(3)Someone who can motivate groups of people to go hunt those chimeroks so that the recipie can be put to good use.

(4) Someone in good standing who has been with the tribe for a fair amount of time.

Once I have a good idea of who can make the best use of this i'll hand it over for the use of the tribe.

I believe Kosath has cooking up to 300, as does Kretol. Not sure who else. Either would be a good choice in my opinion.
Seconded. People turn out to fight when Kosath has a plan, and those plans are regularly successful. He's also likely to be the primary consumer of said foodstuffs as primary tank for our raids and even when not MTing usually is giving advice and support to those who are.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
I for one, nominate Krell. I would be honored to cook up those chops for all Tribe members who would benefit most from them.

If not me, then I "suppose" Kosath would be a good choice....

Orc Hunter

I do believe the Srenger has always been our best cook, and if the Warlord can't get the tribe to kill Chimeroks who can?
(in well-practiced scrawl, with some Taurahe symbols in place of Orcrish marks)

I think I would be a good person to know the recipe. Since I heard about Mister Damoxian having such food, I've tried to duplicate it by experimentation. If I had the recipe, then Kernhoof and Krell wouldn't get sick from sampling my attempts anymore. Thank you.

<signed> Wingspirit

((I don't think Wing should actually have it, but she would try! Don't give it to her! Smile ))
I also believe Krell would be could for this. He is online pretty much everyday and I know he can get a few folks to help him kill the chimeroks.

My second vote would be for Kosath (although he already leads raids so lets not throw too much on this guy!).
*Umu has drawn here a picture of a group of small stick figures surrounding something resembling a large chimaerok. There is a noticably larger big horned stick figure that appears to be biting the neck of the beast while the others poke it with tiny swords. Beside this is a doodle of the large horned stick figure stirring a cauldron with an oversized chimaerok head. The last small part of the "art" is of a large horned stick figure serving up what appear to be slabs of meat, using a stormwind guards shield for a plate.*

((Umu has 300 cooking, and I would be willing to get groups together to hunt these things. They will come in very handy for tanking higher end stuff, so I would try to keep the tanks supplied.))
Allright, Its going to Kosath, since he got the most votes (real or secondary) I still encourage people to lead groups for the meat and to gather the salt/ Goblin rocket fuel to make them. Thanks for your participation.
Salt and rocket fuel?! What kind of food is this?

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