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Damoxian hacked.
Got hacked. sometime late last night for new years as I played in the afternoon and was fine and woke up in the morning feeling a little breezy in the pants area. Working on restoration for the time being. Darn Kretol! apparently i'm just a little to late getting that authenticator from you..but I obviously need it.
Hmmm, so seeing you online sometime late, like 2-3, even 4 am was actually as unusual as I thought it was....Blizzard should fix you up right.
I did pop on shortly after midnight ish too. I was fairly tired and had a few drinks, but i'm pretty sure they didn't lead to me selling my gear. Silly game. I'm fine to wait it out and once I get the authenticator going I should be fine.
Until I can ship this authenticator to you, log in to your account at battle.net, then click on the Security options header. You should have a link for the Dial-In authenticator. I'd highly suggest to enable this until you receive a physical token one.
Just don't.... misplace the physical one like I have...
What happens if you lose, break, or in my case with a Android Authenticator, have the phone get wiped? How do you replace an authenticator?
[Image: 2295174RBdsr.png]
You probably have to call in to verify or use one of their mail in with identification forms. The latter I know you can do, but you'll need to physically sign and send in some proof of ID like a drivers license through fax mail or if you scan it e-mail.

I have since added the phone call authenticator for the time being. Thanks for the tip Kretol. Glad that in all the years I played this game I never got hacked..come back and within 2 weeks. Darn hackers are crafty buggers.
"If you lose your Battle.net Authenticator, you will need to contact Billing and Account Services team for assistance. Our representatives will be able to assist you with regaining account access by verifying certain secure information with you."

I got hacked 6 months into a 9 month break. Six months without an active account and someone used a stolen credit card number to reactivate and strip my account. I feel your pain.
Welcome to the club. I got hacked a little before Christmas. I like to think I'm pretty safe in my practices but those tricky tricky hackers got me somehow. Honestly think they somehow got into my google mail.

Anyway, I trust by now everything is back in order. They had my stuff restored that evening.

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