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Damoxian, Silithus and You!
So now that I am trying to make this whole baron run thing a weekly occurance, I thought I should give you folks an idea of just what goes into prep work to make these runs.

Yes, this is a selfish post to motivate others to assist in the preperation, because one person cannot hope to do this alone

The frst step of any baron run is the collection of the twilight trappings set.

The set is composed of three items
A robe
A mantle
A cowl

These three items make up the backbone of the process for summoning one of the barons. I will break down the whys later, but for each baron run you must complete this set 16! times. 16 sets of clothes for just one baron to be completed is a lot of outfit farming!.

Heres the breakdown of why: You need One medallion of station, one ring of lordship and one set of trappings to summon a Baron.

Each templar (lesser windstone) requires you to have one set of trappings. Each of these templars yeild an abyssal crest. It requires three abysal crests and 1 Large brilliant shard to make one medallion of station. That is 3 full trapping setsf for each medallion.

Each Duke (Windstone) requires one set of trappings to summon, as well as one medallion of station. Each kill of a duke yeilds one abyssal signet ring. Three signet rings and Five large brilliant shards can be turned in for one Ring of Lordship.

Each Baron (Greater Windstone) requires one set of clothing, one medallion of station and one ring of lordship.

So, to sum up what is required per baron (and we hope to be able to do three of these a week) You need these:

16 sets of clothing (trappings):

12 sets for killing Templars to yield the 12 crests required for 4 medallions
3 sets to kill the dukes to gain the three abyssal signets to forge the Ring of Lordship
1 set to summon the Baron.

9 Large brilliant shards:
4 for the crafting of Medallions of Station
5 to create a Ring of Lordship

Now for the scary part..multiply them by three to see what it takes to do all the greater windstones up. 27 Large briliant shards, 48 sets of trappings.

So obviously this is an extremely hard task to accomplish on a weekly basis, runs will be made only as often as I can get supplies from YOU and from my own forays into the deserts of silithus.

What do you gain from these runs?

A chance at epic loot. Rare BOE's gained by scepter (Baron quest drop)
Essences and resist potions that will be donated to the guild for use in enchants as well as for runs through high level instances (MC/ZG/AQ)
Reputation with the cenarion circle.
A chance to spend time with everyone's favorite warlock.

What does Damoxian get from these runs?
Damoxian furthers his reputation with the Cenarions (revered on the way to exalted)
Gold which he has been spending on the mats to summon up more of those pesky Barons. ((those large brilliants are not cheap))

So folks, in closing, I need your help gathering two things, clothing sets and large briliant shards for my endevors to bring the tribe an exciting event every week. Please help out with donations of time (farming silithus) and resources (large brilliant shards)

Damoxian's evil taskmaster.
You are in luck, Pale One. As you can see I have on fifth of your clothing requirements in my mailbox. These can and will be avaliable for use, as well as whichever other parts I collect while culling the Twilight's Hammer.

I only hope I can lend my aide to these battles in the future.

~Haida Whitecloud

(( I really would love to attend, but as I mentioned to you I will be missing out due to work schedules conflicting. A pity.

~Bob ))
It has been a while, my friends. Time to come back in time.
I would also like to point something out.

Sending Twilight trappings sets to me is great.

Sending me abyssal crests is better.

And sending me medallions of station is best!

So please, if groups of you do take it upon yourselves to go out and gather up the clothing required, take the time to butcher the templars as well, it will alleviate a lot of grunt work on my part for getting this ready.
Maybe if I had the Black Wing Lair Intellect gear, I could comprehend this.
Until then I will just mindlessly follow Damoxian on crusade.
(he probably perfers it this way)
Vote Akora for MA!
Ahh, then this is what I shall work on. Thank you for the clarification.
It has been a while, my friends. Time to come back in time.
The title of this thread reminds me of an old school training video
I'll send you whatever I come across, Damoxian.
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
For anyone who's working on cenarion rep and planning on helping out with this by killing templar- it's worth it to do the field duty quest a few times until you get the tactical quests to kill specific types of templar (two from the field duty quest, two from tactical follow-up quests).
I would also like to point out to anyone interested in attending this sundays baron run, that if you do all the pre-requisites for the quest "The calling" to defeat emmisary Rhoman'Khan, we can probably knock this out for you, its pretty short and the rewards are well worth recieving. So work on those quest lines dealing with glyph rubbings and collecting brains.


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