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*attached to the Tribal totem with a broken skinning knife is the following message carved on a bright piece of Knothide leather*


The Dark Portal has opened again and many of us have passed through to explore the lands beyond. Many wonderous things are there and many of us have grown stronger under the trials those lands have placed upon us. However, let us not forget our homes we've ventured from!

Orgrimmar has not been the same in many a week now. She looks soft, even if her people dress in new armorments. There has been no call of glory, no show of our great power - no dragon head lifted high on a large stake to proclaim our victory over those of the black dragonflight that would see us crushed in their mighty claws.

Now is the time to change that! NOW is the time to reclaim our pride! NOW is the time to reprove your worth and show off your new strength and power! NOW IS THE TIME to bring the mighty Onyxia low, to feel the warriors blood burning in our veins, to show Orgrimmar, the Horde, and more importantly, our enemies that we are not to be trifled with!

I, Dokcha, along with my faithful Marchuk, am calling a DRAGON HUNT! All those who have done the rights of passage to enter the great wyrm's lair, I call upon the warrior spirit in you all to join me this Wednesday, at 8 in the evening as the Orgrimmar drums sound. We shall gather at the mouth of her lair, and we shall strike her down!


(( OOC: I'm hosting an Onyxia raid on Wednesday, February 28th, at 8pm game time. If you have been keyed for her lair, I urge you to attend if you can. I know the material rewards Onyxia offers is below what some of us are use to by now in the Outlands, but she still has some decent items, and I like to think that it's not the loot that matters, but the time spent working together as a Tribe. Besides, it should be a fun way for some of us to show off/play with/try out on a grand scale some of those new talents, spells, and skills we've been gaining. The battle with Onyxia is a milestone in the game that I have not yet forgotten, and Orgrimmar really hasn't looked the same without a head posted high above it. Let us remind ourselves, and the rest of the Horde, that there are still these deeds of honor out there. Let us not allow the Onyxia buff go down in the pages of history as something of a dead past. Hope to see you all on Wednesday! - Dokcha ))
OOC: Dokcha, I would absolutely attend if it started 2 hours earlier. 8pm server time is 11pm for me. I am sorry, I can't go that late on a week night. <grumbles>
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Woe, for 8 server is before the time at which I am released from the salt mines (AKA the time I get off work).
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
If 8pm is going to be too late for a bunch of people, I would be happy to move the time a bit earlier. Would people prefer if we did this at 6pm server time? I don't think it will take us long to take Onyxia down. If everyone comes ready, I'm sure we could have this run wrapped up in about 30 minutes. I could really use some input from our tanks who would like to attend.

Also, Fannae, I was thinking about doing this again over the weekend for those not able to come on a weeknight. Do you, or anyone else, have suggestions for which day and time?
[Image: Dokcha.png]
You can count me in....Hunter Powa!!!!
As stated at our last moot, I'm hosting the DRAGON HUNT to kill Onyxia this Saturday (March 10th). Please, I really could use input from any of our tanks (warrior and/or druid) as to what time would work best on Satuday (as well as from others too.. but the MT is really the lynchpin to this deal)

Stay Strong,
[Image: Dokcha.png]
While I've never MT'd Onyxia, Jiv would certainly be willing to try it if no other experienced tanks are available. I may or may not be busy earlier Sat, but would certainly be free evening. If an earlier time is needed, I can look into it.
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
I could tank Ony if absolutely necessary.

But I would rather bring Aarloouoou.

From what Kosath says, the main thing with Ony is stance dancing to avoid the fears in round three. So I don't think Jiv would have any problems. I also don't really know if FR is still a big deal for Ony. I would assume it is, since she is a BOSS and counts as a level 73 as far as hitting and resists go. Luckily her hp and damage output has stayed the same.

Apparently bosses do not really have a level. They are effectively 3 levels above whoever is attacking them. NOT the highest level player attacking them. So the level 60s won't have any more difficulty hitting her than the level 70s.
Alright, after looking into it, Jivundus can make any morning/afternoon time Saturday, but evening is up in the air, depending on if Team Smash and Grab will be going to Karazhan or not.
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
My apologies for not checking this thread sooner. Did this end up happening? I would be glad to offer any advice needed, but it would be redundant to do it after-the-fact.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
It'll be this Saturday, Kosath.
In that case, Things to know for tanking Onyxia:

1) A large part of the success or failure of this fight depends on you. Staying alive will obviously be a lot easier now, but controlling her can still be a challenge.

2) Before you engage her, make sure you have your hotkeys set up for stance dancing. I recommend against relying on mouse-clicking the stance switch, because you only have a 2-3 second warning before she fears and you might be flying through the air at that time. Also, if you have the blacksmithing trinket, have it equipped.

3) Wear the right gear. Her fire attack is binary, meaning it lands for all or nothing. For this reason, I would largely ignore fire resistance. When I tanked her, I focused on physical mitigation and only put on my Onyxia cloak and Draconian Deflector for fire resist. With as many hit points as you should have now, I wouldn't even do that. Her fire was always a moderate spike in damage that was easily healed through, and now it's may not even be 30% of your health.

4) Learn the positoning for knockbacks. When you run in, you want to hit her with something (I did a shield slam and sunder) as you run through her and straight to the wall. Place yourself a little off it and keep her centered. Your only challenge in phase one is making sure she doesnt turn when you get knocked back and putting out as much threat as possible. Your companions are more dangerous in phase 1 than she is.

5) In phase two, the main tank should ignore whelps other than to build rage. Hit bloodrage whenever you can, and keep firing at her. Avoid deep breaths and call positions if that's your job. Her fireball goes for the person at the top of her aggro list, which will be you at the start of phase 2. It clears aggro, so once you're hit, fire at her and keep moving. If you have the rage, sunder her 5 more times around 50%.

6) Phase 3: The instant she begins to land, head right for her and activate fear immunity, either from a trinket or stance dancing. Your virtual spacial awareness will be tested a lot here, because she may be switching targets when the fear wears off and you need to have a feel for where you are in that room. You may get knocked back and summoned as well, which can be very disorienting. Just focus on getting her centered and getting your back to that north wall. Both you and your shaman are responsible for avoiding fears or breaking them asap, so let your shaman know if you're not getting tremor totems. Watch for the ground shaking... and I recommend keeping a berserker rage icon on a side bar so you can see if it's still on cooldown.

Phase 3 is a lot to keep track of. If anyone besides you has aggro at any time, they need to move to the north wall until you have it back. Keep target-of-target on so you can see who it is.

If she gets too far in one direction, it is possible to move her but the people by her tail are going to get swiped. If you do need to turn her, do it immediately after she breathes, as there is a cooldown.

7) Considering how much DPS has increased, some of this may be moot and you could kill her insanely fast depending on how many people are there. And considering that priests and mages have as many hit points as the tank used to, deep breath, regular breath, and the lava likely wont even be lethal. Don't let that be an excuse not to do it right though. It will be good practice for some fear heavy fights to come.

8) And whatever you do, never, under any circumstances, should you...
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
Ok, we'll be trying for a 2pm (server time) attack on Onyxia tomorrow. Start gathering at her lair around 1:30-1:45
[Image: Dokcha.png]

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