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DIaling 911 over getting the wrong burger
I'm currently browsing one of my favorite sites ( <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.customerssuck.com">http://www.customerssuck.com</a><!-- m --> ), and came across yet another thing that caused me to lose yet more faith in humanity.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/bk_911_tape.html">http://www.ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/bk_911_tape.html</a><!-- m -->

Just... wow. O.o
I love that in the foodservice biz, we call them "guests." Well, that lady was definitely not a welcome guest anymore... what a loon.
I have no words...
That was awsome, I deal with crazys like that all the time, I'm just lucky I do it all over the phone.

I remember one call a guy was claiming that Godaddy was "Slashing Resellers Throats" by not giving resellers of our products, the full discounts and prices for their customers that we offer. So I had to put him on hold for some reason, and when I came back he told me to "Shut Up! The President of the United States is on TV" so i asked him if he would like to call back later then, but he then yelled at me again to wait, and then yelled to his wife to Tivo the president. So we are talking again... wait no, he was just yelling at me some more and then threatened to get his gun. He acctualy yelled at his wife to bring him his gun. I'm on the other end puzzled and chuckling thinking, "Is he going to shoot his phone?" He yelled at me some more then hung up shortly after.
I frequently get to deal with angry customers. For a little background, I'm a collection supervisor for a large direct mail company, so it is not a strech to say that those people we call do not want to hear from us. I had one person, an elderly gentleman from Georgia, who insisted that my company was hiring hit men to go and threaten him and his wife. I told him, in as calm a voice as I could muster, that it was not the policy of the company to hire hit men to collect outstanding recievables. He continued to insist that men were constantly visiting his house, threating physical harm and even death if they did not pay.

So yeah, that guy was crazy, but not nearly as crazy as the lady who once told me that she was the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian cat god...But that's a story for another time.
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When I worked for an inbound call center for a British Columbia tourism line, our office got the occasional person that was really, really.. uh.. "special"

The worst I ever got asked was where a woman could rent a horse when they arrived in 'downtown Canada'. No joke. I also had a guy from Toronto calling me while he was on the highway, making hotel reservations, and he wanted me to wait a moment while we were talking - he was driving between two semi's on the 401, using his cell phone.. And there was the woman that was flying up (from Texas iirc), and wanted to see Vancouver, the rockies (Banff or Jasper), and Toronto.. in 5 days total spent in Canada, driving from Vancouver (and flying out from Vancouver).

A few other favorites from the office of mine were someone asking if we had salt or fresh water "up there" (uh.. yeah, we've only got fresh water, sorry, the oceans change), which side of the road we drove on (that one from someone in Washington State!), and if stores took pesos up here.

And man, I'd have taken angry and crazy any day over friendly and astoundingly ignorant.
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I think I realized how messed up some people were when I worked at Barnes and Noble.

One woman's book came in. I called her to tell her that this was so. She asked me who the hell I was and how I got this number. I informed her that she ordered the book and gave us her number. She said if that was so, then how come she knew I was watching her. I informed her I was currently in the store and thus could in no way be doing any such thing. I restated again I was just calling to tell her that her book came in. She said she knew all about the cameras and surveilance. Finally I just said "Well the book you ordered is here. Pick it up any time, thank you" and hung up.

She never did pick up her book. Oddly enough it was Harry Potter...
Well I can one up on you on that one. As I lived with a person who had that same sort of bi-polar schitzophrenia that I am assuming your barnes and noble customer did. Remind me to one day regail you all with the tail of a 14 hour work day..where I came home locked out of my residence because my room mate in a fit of the crazies swallowed a dime...assumed the government was out to get him..but had called the police because when he swallowed the dime he didn't want to die........good times.
"What are we protecting you from, the wrong cheese burger?" ROFLMAO!!!

Just found this post and it makes me very glad that I'm not working with the general public anymore... not that people are much nicer in prisons, but atleast you expect loons there! Wink
Well, in tales of dumb customers, I used to work for my dad's company growing up, and we repaired heating and A/C. So one winter we go to this ladies house and we're fixing her gas heater. She and her husband had moved in recently and she wanted it checked out and had questions. She was concerned about gas blowing up her house.

So I politely explained that in order for that to happen, 6 different safety switches had to fail, and unless the house filled to the point of passing out, the worst that would happen was a flash across the basement floor. Then we had the following exchange:

Her: "Well what about the exhaust up the chimney? Can't that come back into the house?"
Me: "Well, that isnt very likely, and besides, when you burn gas, you just get CO2 and water vapor"
Her: "Yeah but it's flammable water vapor isn't it?"
Me: "... No... would you excuse me a minute? I need to make a call."

I managed not to even crack a smile, and I count that among the strongest acts of willpower in my life.
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Flammable... water... vapor...

Pardon me while I find something long and sharp to stick up my nose, I have this sudden and overwhelming desire to skewer my brain.
Heh... I worked in customer service for a while, and ranting/stupid customers abounded.

Then I started working in mental health.

Oh, the stories I could tell, were I not bound by HIPAA.
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Once, long, long ago, I worked as a "graphic arts intern" for a local internet provider. Apparently "graphic arts" starnds for "cheap (free) labor to put together office furniture and answer phones with barely any training", so I got some fun ones in the short time I was there.

My favorite was the man who called up, apparently extremely angry at me, personally, because he couldn't connect to the internet. "I bought your stupid little program and installed it and everything, I followed all the friggin' instructions, and I still can't surf the web!"

I couldn't figure out out anything else, and at the time I had a dial-up modem myself that the cord would occasionally get disconnected from and cause problems, so I suggested he check his modem for a loose connection.

There was a very long pause.


"Yessir, you need a modem to connect to the internet."

At which point he hung up.

Then there was the guy who wanted to know if certain types of porn were legal (I directed him to the local police department, because I hadn't a clue, and he was starting to get creepily specific), and apparently we also had a guy who called in on a regular basis who claimed he was Jesus.

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