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Cutback on time
Wakaraina looked at the dwarf with apprehension as he approached her. These smaller folks didn't have a lot of fear, but still, she always assumed something half her size should be a little more timid.By his belt was an axe, but strapped to his back was a shovel. He spoke in a stuttered Taurahe. Wakaraina was impressed that he'd bothered learning her language.

"Miss Wakaraina," he said. "We understand you have extensive knowledge of the history of these parts, and of the Winterhood Clan."

"I do, somewhat.My family has passed on it's history for ages, since the Tauren came to the Earth. As a Shaman, I know the ways of the Earth Mother," she replied.

"We have need of you. We came to you because we know you're willing to work with anyone from the Horde, or the Alliance, and you've got a strong set of arms. We're interested, you see, in the past. You have the knowledge we need of the ancient ways. Only by understanding the past, can we understand who we all are now."

The discussed details, and Wakaraina reluctantly accepted. It'd mean seeing her Tribe much less for the next two moons, but the dwarf was right, this was important.

((Got a job for the next six or so weeks in Vermont. The hotel has internet, but I'll be working 48 hours a week with mandatory socialization at the local bar afterwards. So there'll be a cutback in hours spent on WoW, which is a good thing I suppose.

Also, there's apparently a plant out there around the site called Wild Parsnip. You get it on you and don't notice anything until you get into the sun and get 2nd degree burns. Oh, if only I had 315 Herbalism in real life!))
Ulfric happened upon the meeting between the two, and at first response, prepared himself for a fight. But upon noting that the discussion was a peacefull one. He instead waited to see the outcome, remaining close by should his friend need his help. Afterwards, when Raina explained what was to happen, he simply noded and wished her well.

"You will be missed, but we each do what we must. Be well in your journey and return safely to us when you're able"

ooc: We'll miss you being here, but RL has to come first. I hope you enjoy your work and will be looking forward to seeing you back with us soon. *Hugs* Take care Raina.

[Image: 18177.jpg]
((Where in Vermont will you be?))
((You probably don't have to worry about the wild parsnip, there is only about a week in the whole year that you need to worry about it. The only time it can affect you is when it is blooming. So just don't touch the pretty flowers.))
((...mandatory socialization....how wrong is that? come back soon!))
So the job from the Frozen North has finally ended. The dwarves are retreating to Ironforge for the winter, leaving this cow to fend for herself. Of course, this means I'll actually be showing up to Tribal Events again... oh my goodness!

So (once I finish FFXII), here's to see a lot more of you all!
Wakaraina Wrote:So (once I finish FFXII), here's to see a lot more of you all!

You too, huh? Where you at? I just did the Mt. Bur-Omisace stuff.
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"

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