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Who's Online
There are currently no members online.

Current SSC Line-Up
The raid is now full. Here are our permanent members and alternates. Some of the tanks will more than likely switch out to healing and DPS alts as needed.

Kosath (Warrior)
Sbin (Druid)
Amato (Druid)
Cloudjumper (Druid)
Daichallar (Warrior)
Nahr (Warrior)

Eruadan (Priest)
Minimike (Priest)
Oryx (Resto Shaman)
Anoximon (Paladin)
Tamubar (Druid)
Mahiah (Druid)
Fleethoof (Druid)
Coranda (Shaman)

Jivundus (Warrior)
Bloodbound (Warlock)
Grazak (Warrior)
Zlinka (Rogue)
Khrale (Pew-Pew Shaman)
Thanuist (Shadow Priest)
Shantow/Krell (Druid/Hunter)
Vorlaith (Rogue)
Dispaya (Mage)
Sreng (Hunter)
Fritzie (Hunter)

Alternates: Logros/Denul, Eatmore/Azzazel, Ekama/Fanae, Waka/Insel, Liazie/Leotie, Eflu/Grom/Ponchoez, Sound, Serbear or Boomser, Coranthir/Filiminjaru, Nicorah, Eveline, Serous, Cleeyo

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Jaba, I think you can add Krell/Shantow, and the hopefully soon to be 70 Grushnak to the list, though he may be a bit undergeared. Got some work to do with him.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
I'll give it a shot, depending on the timing. I have a very unforgiving schedule.
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The first raid will be on Friday, May 23 at 700p Server.

In the meantime, if you are unfamiliar with the instance, you might read up on the encounters with The Lurker Below and Morogrim Tidewalker (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowwiki.com/Serpentshrine_Cavern">http://www.wowwiki.com/Serpentshrine_Cavern</a><!-- m -->).

If you think you might need that last piece of Kara gear, I'll be running a raid this Sunday May 18 at 600p Server.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
7 pm server.. Given conditions are good how long will the raid be?

I will be in Ukraine until June 10th. Once I return, I would like to take part in these raids as well.

Thanks, Jabadue, and great work!

Sreng (Survival) and Fleethoof (Restoration) will be available, starting May 30th!
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You've already got a freakin' crapton of healers, so I *highly* doubt you'll need me full time too.. But just in case or if you ever need someone to fill in, add me to the alternate list. I'd love to help out.
Er, Cora's a healer, not DPS. I respecced a while ago.
I can go ahead and pop on in if you need moar DPS for the Friday Runs!

Fritzie - Hoontar. Big Grin
Fritzie Wrote:I can go ahead and pop on in if you need moar DPS for the Friday Runs!

Fritzie - Hoontar. Big Grin

Lies, you are bar fuzziness tankly!
Don't mess with the trees!

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~Bill Cosby
Mahiah Wrote:Lies, you are bar fuzziness tankly!

How does she KNOW?!
I feel bad that Anox, Fritzie, and Tam won't be there for the first night of this, but I thought I'd give a few pointers from my experience running through SSC. Maybe they'll serve you guys well on your first night! (These are more notes for leading the raid than participating in it, though I'm sure everyone could benefit from more knowledge)

Enrage Timers
SSC is one of the first instances where you'll really start hating enrage timers. Some bosses have them and others don't. Most of the bosses that don't have them have other mechanics that generally "act" as enrage timers, anyway. (Lurker submerges and only allows a short amount of time to kill all the adds that spawn before re-emerging, for example)

Basically, what this means is that the DPS classes have just as much responsibility as the healers and tanks for making the raid succeed, and raid composition needs to be balanced to make that happen.

Composition Guidelines
Three on-spec tanks is recommended. Four is a maximum. Tanks are required, but unless they are feral druids, they are generally "vestigial" when they aren't tanking. Because raid DPS is so important in these fights, taking too many tanks can quickly make a fight a lot harder than it needs to be.
Seven healers is recommended. Eight can help stabilize a fight, but again, sacrifices a lot of DPS which makes the fights even harder. Six healers is very doable, if your healers are familiar with the encounters and organized properly. Any less than six or more than eight is not a great idea.
Five melee DPS is recommended maximum. In general, melee DPS need to be very skilled to stay alive in SSC. It is not friendly for them. However, a skilled melee DPS is an amazing benefit when it comes to pumping out the damage, so they're still really great to have.
That leaves 10 ranged DPS, remember to bring mages for trash CC! Two is great if you can find 'em.

Lurker Notes
Whirls happen after every spout, so make sure melee are aware of them and stand back.
During the submerge, the "hunter" spawns on the outer platforms do not need to be tanked, but it is useful to have a higher armor class around in that group to help out with them.
During the submerge, the elites that spawn have a very dangerous cleave, so anyone on the inner platform should be warned to watch out for them. They also teleport away from the inner platform if they aren't engaged immediately as they come up out of the water, which will usually cause a wipe.
"Sheeping" the elites is possible, but very dangerous, because if sheep is broken even for a second the will teleport away and start killing people. The advantage to sheeping is that, if you keep them sheeped through the next emerge/submerge cycle, the sheeped elites won't respawn. This helps low DPS groups kill all the adds in time. But again...very dangerous.

Morogrim Notes
No enrage timer, no enrage mechanic!
The single trash pull at the "split" between Morogrim and Leo is tied to Leo, not Morogrim, so it will respawn between attempts on the fat giant.
The paladin tanking the murlocs does not have to be protection spec, but should have stamina gear. If not protection, assign to healers to keep him alive. Since there is no enrage timer, keeping the lifetapping warlock and paladin both out of range of water tombs is advisable, even if you sacrifice the warlock's DPS on Morogrim.
Druid tanks excel at this fight because of their ridiculously high stamina, but a well-geared warrior will work. Even with a good druid tank, sometimes Morogrim just doesn't cooperate and will thrash the tank to death. Don't get frustrated when this happens, just make sure you've got at least 5 healers on the main tank. Stack an extra healer for this fight if someone is willing to swap out, while learning it.
Ironsongers...Wear your guild tabbard for the first few raids to help promote team spirit!

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