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Crys from the north....
((This is supposed to be things as she is experianceing them in her own mind.))

I was sitting near skysong lake waiting for the Windroc I was hunting to come close enough to spear, how I got caught working with this coward of a dwarf Nesingwary I'll never know, the windroc landed on a nearby tree so I took aim and threw my spear and managed to knock the brid down while injureing its wing. I grabed my sword and rushed the injured bird and as I reached it the creature managed to fling itself at me and slashed at my face I brought my shield up in time to deflect most of the blow and drew my sword back and made ready to drive through its heart........

Suddenly unbiden into my mind came thoughts not of my own *flash* I saw my brother at the Sunwell.......*flash* I see the gates of Quel'thalas being beaten down by the damned prince.......*flash* My brother fighting along the other guards while being swarmed by ghouls a burning energy glowing from his eyes, suddenly a blast of flame erupted from his hand wipeing out hundreds of ghouls at once........The Betrayer Prince directed the ghouls to over take him swarming from all sides......his limp body being carried from the field by ghouls and necromancers......

*flash* I'm back in the present with the giant bird flinging itself against my shield once more....... I end the creatures life with a thrust of the sword through the skull. I gather my spear and call my steed Orgrim and head to Garadar in order to gain some rest about this ordeal....

*later that night* "HELP ME VELANDRA!!!!!"

I wake with a start with those words echoing through my head......had I really just heard my brothers voice?

*flash* I'm cold in a dungeon somewhere this apears to be the city of Lordaeron I see my brother chained to the wall beaten and malnourished but still liveing.....a Litch enters along with several ghouls. "Take him to the Necropolis and Leave him with the sword the master wishes to talk to him."

*flash* I'm in a stone room now I can smell rotting flesh all around me my brother laying on the floor in front of a sword on a pedistal. He starts to wake..... I hear a voice in my head no......its in his I'm hearing his thoughts.....

I have taken intrest in you elf.
Why? Who are you?
You have power but are near death I can save you, I can make you even more powerfull, you can see your sister again.
But who are you and why would you want to save me?
I am the King of life and death, I want powerfull ones to be leaders, you don't want to die.....I can provide you with a escape all you must do is take the sword.
..........Yes, I'll do it if it means I will live to see my sister again.

I watch as my brother stumbles to his feet and reachs for the sword I try to yell out to stop him, to warn him, to save him but no noise is made.

*flash* It's freezeing, I'm underground, surrounded by the undead and.....my brother atop a undead steed......He is one of the litch kings Death Knights!......I watch as he orders the ghouls to attack a group of the Crypt Fiends?......No these ones are liveing......


*Flash* I'm back in my bed......but there is no doubt that WAS my brother......I need to help him......
I borrowed a bat to bear me to a place which I had not seen since I was a little girl.....I rode in silence to the Sunwell Isle disturbed by the thoughts of my brother brought up by the earlyer conversations among the tribe....I spoted the beach of the isle and directed my borrowed bat towards it.....When I arived I lept off the bat onto the soft sands of the Sunwell Isle and thought back to when my parents used to bring me here to visit with my brother.....I heard the Settlement of the Shattered Sun Offensive not far off to the north-west I took a few steps towards it......

*flash* I see the frozen wastes of northerand, I feel the blistering cold of a blizzard that makes most of the landscape hard to discern I look down and I can actually see myself this time.....So I turn around to look for my brother and find him there atop a Undead Steed looking down at me with his old eyes not the ones with cold hatered I saw before....He doesn't speak and after a minute of silence I go to ask him why I was here but before my mouth can form the words I get a barrage of images and thoughts He showed me that the Litch King was calling Kel'thuzad back to northerand and in his place he would be sending more death knights to the Eastern plague lands in order to push into the inhabited lands of the alliance and the horde....I hear his voice yet his lips do not move....

Velandra this is where you can save me I will be one of his generals that he sends please find a way to free my mind of him.....

Then suddenly his eyes fill with the cold hatred again and his mouth forms back in a snarl and the dark cold voice that I heard before spoke....


He Raises his arm and grabs the runesword off his back and plunges it through my body and I fade into darkness..........

I wake up....... I'm freezing and my skin looks pale and sickly.....I look around and realize that i'm in a bed and room i'm not familar with and it feels as if the whole room is rocking......I hear footsteps aproaching and I go to grab for my sword and find that it isn't there and that I have none of my weapons or armor.......I coil as I hear the doors lock being unlocked and prepare to jump and fight whom ever enters.....The door opens to a female blood elf wearing the tabard of the Shattered Sun Offensive. She spots me coiled on the bed and stiffens.

"How did I get here?" I asked

She shook her head and tried to relax before responding. "You were found by one of our guards who heard you scream out last night. When he had reached you you were covered in frost and almost dead. We assumed you had been attacked by one of the Wreched's mages; But your internal organs were so damaged that we concluded that whatever attacked you was a being of immense power. We were barely able to stabilize you...... Do you remember what attacked you?"

I thought about this for a minute before remembering my encounter with my brother...."You don't have anything to worry about its far away from here........Where is my weapons and armor?"

She furrowed her brow in dissatisfaction then led me to a room with several chests and pointed to one and said. "Your belongings are in there; but you should try not to push yourself you were out for over 16 hours and you didn't fully take to our healing spells."
I noded then proceded to gather and put on my armor and sword sheath. Now I knew where I could save my brother now I only wish I knew how.......
It was almost time for me to return to silvermoon so that the priests can continue their research and attempts to heal my "Strange Sickness". I into the courtyard of Undercity and remember the moot that happend in this very place and think back to lady Dispaya's words that the sickness would only stop after I found out who really had sent me those messages and find out who was poisoning my mind......I tried everything I could to figure this out I even called out to "The Light"...... Useless as always the light never heeded when I called it hadn't saved my family.... It didn't deliver me when I was a slave I don't see how the other Blood Knights had forgotten that "The Light" had abandoned us all when we needed it the most......

As I climbed the steps that led up to the room that held the Orb of Translocation I heard a whisper in my head but I couldn't figure out what it said......*flash* I'm standing in front of some steps of frozen rock. I knew that I was in the Icecrown Glacier I turned and looked around there wasn't much to see...... Then I heard heavy boot steps I looked up the winding steps and saw the Damned Prince- No he was the Litch King now every trace of humanity gone... I looked down at my waist searching for my blade but it wasn't there, so I looked back and glared at him before he even reached the bottem I Demanded. "Why am I here? Why are you torturing me with this sickness? If you could do this much you could have killed me, so why?!"

"Heh heh heh....... Why? Why would I destroy you when you have such....Promise...."

"Promise?! Perhaps you have spent too much time up here and the cold has numbed your mind I'll never serve you!"

"Never is a strong word.....remember your own brother serves me even now and what your faith? Hah the light abandoned you just as it abandoned me.......The Litch King and I are now one he gave me power and now we can give you power too no one will stand in your way, you will be immortal."

"What makes you think I'll give in just because of your promised "power" and my brother even fights your control now.....Heh I look forward to the day that I rip your frozen heart from your chest!"

"Heh heh heh.......Give my offer some thought or just be swept aside like the rest of my enemys..."

*flash* I'm back laying on the steps feels like I may have broken a rib....heh the priests will be happy about that.....
It has been several days of hearing the non-stop whispers in my head often saying "Kill them.", "Become Immortal.", "Take the power.". Throughout all of this I noticed that my wounds were healing and my strength has been increased even higher than it originally was, I still felt the intense cold but the pain had numbed I wasn't coughing anymore but my skin still took on the deathly pale tint, I also noticed that animals were avoiding me and my temper had grown short...... It almost like I'm bein slowly changed ito one of "his" servents luckly "he" hadn't taken me to that mind to mind communication again......but its only a matter of time and I know it........
((I have been meaning to update this story for a bit now but been haveing trouble finding time to. >.<))

I had to get away from everyone so I couldn't hurt them ever since I helped the tribe slay one of the dragons of nightmare I felt it a unatural power was growing in me. With every creature I killed "it" made me stronger but it alsoed weakend my resistance to the voices they grew stronger and I don't know how much longer I could keep control....... Four nights ago I had packed up my weapons and as many provisions as I could and fled I don't know how I ended up here of all places I had burned down this cathedral months ago but it seems that it had been rebuilt by someone. This place was considered holy to the followers of the light, aperantly it did hold some power as the scourge wouldn't enter I had been siting here trying to escape the voices.....awaiting help from wherever it will come.

As I knelt at the altar praying for help from any deity that would hear my pleas and have simpathy I heard what I had been dreading.

"Heh heh heh.......You really think those pathetic creatures your kind worship can save you?"

I stood and turned with my blade in my hand and saw him frost and rot seemed to crawl along the walls in his presence. He was the greatest cause of my anguish through my entier life, The former damned prince, the Litch King. He didn't seem to really be here though his body seemed to waver in the light, but physical or not his presence was still formidable.

He looked down at my sword and said. "Hah you plan to fight me?! At least your brother never considered something so pointless."

"Pointless or not I won't allow you to control me." With those words I rushed him and swung my blade, which he parried with ease.

He kicked me into the wall and said. "Heh wheather in this life or the next you WILL serve me elf." He then raised frostmourne and swung down.

I raised my shield to block the blow but the "blade" passed right through my shield and body without leaveing a mark but I screamed out in pain for where the weapon had passed became frigid. "I WILL NOT SERVE YOU!" I growled and this time called on the power of the light and sent a blast of power from my shield. The blast hit him square in the chest but he didn't budge.

"I told you it's pointless you can't defeat me." He grabed me by my neck and lifted me from the ground and it felt as if my life was being drained from me and something else was growing.

"NOOO!!!!" I cried and then a suden light apeared in the cathedral and I was droped to the ground. I looked over and saw a being of pure light I knew what the creature was but I couldn't recall the name for it at the time..........Naruu! Thats what they are called I suddenly felt warmed and the voices that had been speaking in my mind since the first mind to mind communication with the Litch King were silenced instantly.

A new voice in my head spoke but it sounded soft and warm. "I can help you be free of this beings infulence.....A'dal has deemed your kind redeemed but only you can decide if you want that for yourself."

I paused I always thought the light had abandoned us and that it was our right to take back what they withdrew and use it for our means.......but here is this creature offering to not only forgive but to save me after all we had done to their kind......."Yes....."

"Then I will help you." At that moment I was filled with a warm feeling and I stood up my wounds healed in a instant and the light surrounded my body and bright shineing marks apeared on my forearms. I grabed my sword from the floor and raised it with both hands and cleaved downward and the "Litch King" Raised his sword in a attempt to stop it, but my blade shined brightly with the light and it drove strait through the sword and his "body" and it dispersed into shadow energy.


The shadows then dispersed and I was free. The light around my body faded but the marks on my arms stoped glowing and were like the tribal marks of some trolls, I looked over at the Naruu and said softly. "Thank you." It then faded out to somewhere else.....I stood there for a moment just glad to be free then I rushed out to go home.

((This will be the end of this story untill Wrath of the Litch King comes out. Hope you enjoyed it. ^.^))
((Eh its not exactly the release of Wrath yet but close enough and I figured this is a good place for follow up to tonights moot.))

*After the moot as Velandra is back in her bunker putting away her armor* Well I hadn't gotten everything I had hoped for tonight....But the tribe was thinking about it which gave me a better chance then ever to rescue my brother. "I'm sure they will find some way to help...." I just wish I wasn't so useless......But He's my brother and I am going to save him.....*With that thought she fell alseep*
Zaevian rode on the frozen mountain path. The Litch King had ordered him to find the remaining Troll Villages and capture their strongest warriors, He was createing a new army for his assault on the liveing in the south. Zaevian's fingertips griped the blade his excitement makeing cold bolts of energy jump from the blade, This army will be the greatest force he has ever been able to control since he became one of the Litch King's generals, If only he could get rid of that annoying gnat of his former self. The insolent creature had started trying to take control of their body for months now, Ever since his damned sister started talking to him. But the Litch King said he would handle it and he hadn't heard her voice since so he was sure that the whelp wouldn't be able to free himself. Soon very soon he would be able to go down south and destroy everything his former self once knew and finally be rid of the pest....... So very soon.
Zaevian walked down the streets of Stratholme along with four of the high ranking Necromancers of the cult of the damned and his two death knight body guards, One was a orc and the other was a human and both had white hair and blue eyes, He bust through the door into Baron Rivendares house and walked up to the other general who held an un-amused look on his face. "What do you want Zaevian?" he asked. Zaevian snarled and said. "Its not what I want but what the Litch King wants! He demands to know why in the many years you have been in control of his forces here have you not been able to even defeat these "Forsaken" that broke away from the scourge?!" The Baron's Face took on a annoyed look as he stated. "Sylvanas is no small mater to defeat by herself and she has amassed a large force of undead under her control and she has made alliances with those of the horde makeing it near impossible to defeat them! Not to mention those annoying Argent Dawn have been sending multitudes of enemys to deplete my forces!" Zaevian laughed. "Hah thats your excuse? A few humans and orcs are whats been stoping you? Fine Rivendare you just watch as my forces overcome what you failed to." With a smirk on his face Zaevian turned to leave and right after steping out of Stratholme he felt the presence in his mind again and shouted. "Its her again! Block her before she can find out where we are and what we are doing!" The Necromancers immediately followed his orders and reached out with their own minds and fought back the other thoughts with their own until they ceased their invadeing presence. "Bah! We are going to have to find her and kill her before she ruins our plans." Then they called for their horses and rode back to the Necropolis.
Velandra sat on her bed looking around her sparsely decorated room until her eyes set on the chest where she stored valueable items. She rose and walked over and ran her hands over until she found the hidden lock where she pressed her family pendant. *pop* The latch came unlocked and she lifted the lid and moved aside her journal and picked up the three objects on the bottem of the chest and placed them into her bag. Then she doned her armor paded and covered in black cloth, If anyone knew what she was going to do they would try to stop her for sure. She snuck out of the barracks and led her horse out of the stables careful to not attract attention. She stoped by the Ironsong guild hall and left a note on the door that read. "I'm going to rescue my brother. I might not make it back but I should be back in a few days if all goes according to plan." She then heard noise comeing from inside and jumped back on her horse and rode off.

She sat on a rock in the Alteric Mountains searching with her mind for her brothers presence and thought. "He shouldn't be far from what I gleaned before I got shut out is he always returns here to hide his Necropolis...." Several minutes past and she couldn't get past those defending his mind when she heard a rock get kicked from behind her. She sprang to her feet and grabed her sword and shield and took a crouched fighting position ready to kill whatever was behind her. It was a orc and a human in black garbments with white hair and blue eyes.
"What do you want?" She demanded.
"Your brother wants to have a talk with you." The orc said.
"Now come along like a good little elf." Remarked the human with a smirk.
Velandra laughed. "Hah! He sent only the two of you to get me? My brother underestimates me."
"Not exactly....." Said the orc and then waved his hand and from behind a piece of the mountain came ten abominations, fourty ghouls, eight gargoyles, and four Necromancers.
Velandra frowned. "Now will you come with us elf?" asked the human.
A smirk spread across her face. "No.... I don't think I will you just made this a bit more fun for me." With that she leapt into the air and came down on one of the abominations heads plungeing through its head killing the creature instantly, Then she immidiately then sent out a shockwave of holy energy and then touched the ground consecrating it. The battle raged on till she had killed all of the necromancers and gargoyles and half of the ghouls and two of the abominations still standing and she had cleaved off the arm of the human death knight.
"Hah! Is this all the scourge can muster?!" She shouted then spun and stabed a ghoul through the forehead. Then everything went black as the orc threw a rock into the back of her head and she lay on the ground everything fadeing into nothingness........

((Anyone who wants to do any RP regarding the note feel free to do so here.))
Velandra awoke several hours later, the first thing she noticed was that it was very cold. She opened her eyes and saw the pale face of her brother with his blue eyes stareing back into hers. "Zaevian...."

He smirked. "Hello Velandra. Are you feeling well?"

She looked down and saw that all of her armor and bags were gone and she was wearing a black linen shirt and pants, she then looked around the room and saw that she was chained to a wall to the right of the door and to her right against the wall was her armor, the two death knights from before, and multiple ghouls. "Why did you bring me here Zaevian?"

He frowned. "What kind of answer is that you can't answer a question with another question. And besides your my sister why wouldn't I bring you here to me?"

"Perhaps because you want me dead? I saw that in your mind, so why haven't you done it yet?"

He grined widely and started laughing. "Because its so much better to see the anger of betrayal in your eyes when I kill you. And I couldn't see that while you were unconcious." He then walked over to the table that held her Armor and picked up her sword.
"Fine blade you have here sister....."

He didn't have time to finnish his sentance as Velandra used her monsterous strength yanking the chains out of the wall carrying brick with it and slaming it into the side of his head. As her brother toppled she swung the chains and wraped them around the necks of the two death knights and threw them into the wall. She then ran and grabed her sword from the ground and slaughtered the zombies before they could react.

She then cut the chains off of her hands and wraped the two death knights together. Quickly she doned her armor and gathered her bags and shield and pulled out one of the 3 items she had taken from the chest it was a vial of blueish-green fluid which she poured down the throat of her brother. She then grabed another one of the items which was a box that held 6 small round objects, and grabed her brother and ran through the door. She had exspected that she was going to be taken to her brothers Necropolis and had gotten information about the Necropoli from a forsaken rogue he showed her six points that she would need to place these in order to take down one. She ran and aproached one of the points looked around the corner.....Nothing she placed the round bomb. She continued runing and placeing untill she came to the last point. "Where are the other scourge?" She wondered. Looking around the corner she saw a litch and several members of the cult of the damned. "Damnit... So thats why I didn't see many scourge these guys are likely directing them elsewhere. But why?.....No matter I still have to get out of here." She took the last bomb crouched down and rolled it towards the middle of the room and ran while pulling out the detonator. "I hope this works." She said as she rand towards the wall and pressed the detonator. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! She pulled out the last item which was a potion that would make her float to the ground without injury and smashed open the wall and jumped out with her brother over her shoulder drinking the potion on the way down. She landed with a thump on the cold ground of the Alteric Mountains looking to the night sky she saw the stars and started heading in the direction of Undercity. "Now I just have to make it back without getting caught by the scourge." She said as she heard growls comeing from the crashed Necropolis.
Velandra left the guild hall with her brother over her left shoulder. The day had gone well not only had she rescued her brother but she also been able to have a great time at the tribal moot and had a nice time talking with various people includeing one very promiseing young Blood Knight. She streched and inspected her right arm, She was thankful for laury's bandages with them she could hold her sword again and her leg only occasionally sent her shots of pain if only this headache would go away she would have been haveing a great day. "Oh well can't have everything I guess. She thought. She walked through undercity untill she came to the door of Dispaya's crypt. She leaned against the door for a minute to rest her leg then straitend herself and knocked........
((This was supposed to go up yesterday but my internet went kaput.))
Velandra sat in a chair in the Undercity Royal Quarter waiting for the apocathary to come and give her the potion that would free her brothers mind. A frown of annoyance went across her face they had told her to be here an hour ago and she was still siting here waiting for them to finnish. "Oh well I guess I can't get too mad they are doing me a favor....Even if its for their own advancement with their queen." she mumbled. As she sat there she thought back a few nights ago when she arrived at Dispaya's crypt with her brother in tow.

About half a minute after she knocked on the crypt's door it creaked open and she saw the head of Dispaya pop out. "Ah, Velandra come in please." said the mage. Velandra smiled and picked up her brother and brought him inside. "Thank you for helping Lady Dispaya. Where should I put him?" The mage pointed to a table with a glass tube around it and said. "In there. And don't worry about it." The mage smiled as Velandra took her brother over to the table then motioned to two chairs sitting by a table that they both went and sat down in. "So how can I help you....I really wouldn't know where to begin with helping your brother." The mage said. Velandra smiled and reached down to two of her bags. "Really I think I know what to do....." And she continued to explain what she had done for the weeks before going to rescue her brother includeing the special potions she had gotten from the Royal Apocatharies that kept him asleep and disconnected from the scourge, then after she had finished she said. "Now I only have two things that I should need help with......I need a place to keep my brother safe for the time being I would do this myself but....." she waves a hand at her many bandages. "I don't think I could keep him safe in my current condition." The mage nodded and said. "We can keep him here for now." Velandra smiled again and continued. "And secondly I would like you to check the potion that the apocatharies are creating to sever the link with the Litch King....They told me that it should break the bonds on my brothers mind giveing him control again. But I'm not sure that they won't just poison him to get rid of a threat." Dispaya sat noding then said "Of course Velandra."

Velandra came out of her day-dreaming at the sound of something crashing and opened her eyes to see three apocatharies shooing an abomination out of their work area. She glanced around until she noticed the particuler forsaken she was waiting for to aproach. She stood up and waved to the apocathary. "Hello there elf." He said in a low slithering voice. "Hello there Atramin. Do you have the potion." The apocathary glared at her. "Of course I do, What do you think I am?" He reached in a bag and handed her a large vial. "Now he has to drink all of it and don't forget, The Dark Lady wants to meet with him." He then glanced around and had the apearance of someone wanting to get back to his work as if idle chatter was uncomfortable to him. Velandra took the vial and noded at the apocathary. "Thank you Atramin." She put the vial in her bag and headed off to Dispaya's crypt with a giddy spring in her step.

She had been siting there for over an hour as Dispaya checked the potion that "should" help her brother. The mage looked over at her. "I can't find anything that would kill him, It should be safe to try." Velandra smiled widely as she got up and they went over to the table that held her brother and after puring the liquid down his throat. After a few minutes he opened his eyes and stood up and stared at the elf in front of him. Velandra closed her eyes and conentratedsearching his mind. "It....It worked!" she said.

Zaevian's eyes then seemed to focus and he said. "Velandra is that you?" The elf smiled tears forming at her eyes as she lifted the glass tube and hugged her brother.

"Zaevian......I finally rescued you." She said as she started to cry.

Zaevian then looked around the room until his eyes rested on Dispaya widening in shock. "You....You are the white lady!" he gasped as he formed shadow power into hist hand.

Velandra jumped in front of him and yelled. "She isn't scourge Zaevian!" She waited until he let the shadow power release harmlessly then put a hand on his shoulder and said. "She is one of the Forsaken and a leader of the Ironsong tribe.....A group that has treated me like family."

Zaevian turned and bowed to the mage saying. "I'm sorry I didn't know last time I saw you.....Well you were one of us...them....." Then something on his facial expression changed and he frowned and grabed Velandra by the throat lifting her from the ground her skin turning pale and her armor becomeing covered with a layer of frost. Dispaya shocked started to channel fire to blast the death knight but quick as a thought he grabed the cloth wraped runeblade from her back and tossed Velandra aside puting up a anti-magic barrier. He then stormed up to Dispaya saying. "Ah, White Lady so nice to find you here perhaps I can give you to my King and he might forgive me somewhat for loseing my Necropolis." He went to grab the mage by the throat but something happend and he instead grabed his head with one hand and with his outstreached hand battered aside the mage like a ragdoll before fleeing the crypt.

When Dispaya was able to gather her wits Zaevian was gone and Velandra lay pale and close to death continueously mumbleing. "It worked......It had to of worked......." Before Finally completely falling into unconsciousness.
Zaevian had arrived at Acherous a day ago and had been left in a cell without his runeblade to await the Litch King. As he stared at the wall he heard booted footsteps aproaching he stood and faced the door as it opened. There stood Baron Rivendare along with two other Death Knights. "Come with me Zaevian the King is ready to sentance you." said Rivendare who then motioned for the two younger death knights to seize Zaevian. He made no attempt to resist as they grabed him and escorted him to the Litch King.

He was taken through a door to a large room where the Litch King stood on a balcony, he was thrown down on his knees in front of the king.

"Zaevian you disapoint me. You couldn't even handle that pathetic little girl? And whats more is you allowed her to not only destroy your Necropolis but also aloowed her to kill many of my acolytes and Asim Deathborne. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"No my liege, I accept whatever punishment you deem necessary."

"Good, Then here is my verdict you are to be striped of your rank and much of your power and are to be put under the command of Darion Mograne. If you want to regain your power and rank you would do well in the battles to come."

The Litch King then placed his hand on Zaevian's head and he felt as the power was drained from him. He was then dismissed and sent to retrieve his runeblade and report to his new commander. He then heard a voice in his head. "We could be free..." He reconized his own voice but it wasn't his thought it was his "other self". "Quiet cur the Litch King is my liege and you already stoped me from gaining a chance of forgiveness by presenting the white lady."

"Why do you swear your loyalty to that acursed "king" his only purpose for you is killing those that still live. Do you think he will keep you death knights around when he has conquered the entire world that he would let his free thinking agents stay around when they could pose a threat to him?"

"Perhaps you're right, but I'm not willing to turn my back on my master."
Velandra bounced on her right leg for the healer. "See I told you I was fine I don't see why you kept me for so long Northrend is dangerous and my men need me."

"You were in no condition to be going there after your little Zealous adventure you broke your leg and it was your commander that told me not to magicly re-set it so quit your complaining." said the elf that was inspecting her. "Anyways I would say that your temper has cooled some and that your leg has healed nicely so I guess I'll give you the go ahead to go rejoin your troops." he said never actualy careing to look her in the eyes.

"Finally!" exclaimed Velandra and she sprang up and left heading for the barracks in orgrimmar to grab her posessions. She cringed as she saw another Death Knight pass bye she was finding it hard to remember they weren't her enemys anymore, yet she still couldn't help but think with all these Death Knights showing up she wished her brother was one of them.

As she left the Barracks with her huge pack and many weapons she stoped in her tracks as she saw a Blood Elf Death Knight standing in the middle of the road in front of her. She grabed for her sword and crouched into a fighting position and shouted. "What do you want Death Knight? If you make one wrong move I'll cut you down." The elf then took off his helm revealing the blue eyes and black hair and unmistakeable face of her brother Zaevian.

"Hey Vel what kind of greeting is that for your big bro?" He asked with a smile.

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