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Cry of the Phoenix
Flickering silvery-green flame illuminated the room with an ethereal glow, casting shadows over Shenawyn’s delicate features. The room was quiet, strangely absent of any exuberant nether creatures, whose constant demonic chittering more often than not provided the ambience of Prisom’s apartments. The Sin’dorei paladin weathered his sister’s steady stream of fel creatures with good-natured vexation, as he did most of her escapades. Tonight’s mishap in the confines of Shadow Fang Keep was an exception, as was their heated exchange in the Undercity immediately following.

Gentle hands guided the finely woven cloth as the pale blonde elf attended to her task with hushed reverence. Soft murmuring and the languid drip of water echoed the girl’s unusually sedate mood. On occasion, the back of her hand would brush against her temple and she would wince, the corners of her fel-tainted eyes crinkling as they normally did when she laughed. Shenawyn wasn’t laughing. She was too exhausted for giggling, never mind the immutable throb of her headache. What had she been trying to prove with her recklessness?

“I am going to be hurt, Pris. You can’t prevent it.” Her flat statement in the Undercity a ghostly resonance in his head.

Steam curled tendrils of her hair around her face, and he thought she’d never looked more beautiful. He could prevent it. He should have prevented it. He had failed. His twin had put him to the test. Just as in the dream, he had failed. There were so many trials ahead of them yet. How could he face them, knowing he couldn’t stop her from falling? Prisom couldn’t push the thoughts from his mind.

There were no words between them now as Shenawyn wrung the last drops of moisture from the embroidered square of mageweave and reached for a towel. It had been a long night, and there were many more ahead of them. With the unwavering progression of their powers came even more responsibility, further obligations. The two siblings would not have much time to rest before they were needed to set Saevel’s plan in motion. However, before they could even hope to tackle such a monumental task, their energies would have to be refocused.

Looking at each other, they nodded, both reaching a simultaneous conclusion. It was time for a visit to the Estate.

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