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Crusader Senne | Application
Senne, Crusader, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Elder, Matron, Chef, Diplomat (to name a few).
Holy paladin (dual spec is Retribution).
Senne, the middle child of a upper class BE family, has always been the peacekeeper, mediator, and conscious of her small family. Her older sibling, Jarret was seduced by the darkness and now works to feed his hunger for power and to strengthen his connections with his demonic nature. Nande, the youngest of the three, is, at the very best, precocious. Her affinity for being in the wrong spot, or borrowing without asking is shadowed only by her love affair with explosive devices and her tinkerings. Senne has long ago abandoned any hope of civilizing the two, but she does spend a great deal of her time making reparations for their deeds, or apologizing.
Senne has always found rejuvenation in the quiet solitude of long walks and distant travels. During her sojourns, she takes the time to gather the various and useful vegetation ("weeds" as referred to by Jarret) to add to her vast collection. She has become quite adept at taking the miscellaneous herbs and baubles she picks up along the way and crafting them into wondrous concoctions and useful trinkets. She has even found use for the many scraps of cloth she gathers, crafting them into sturdy bandages that serve to help heal those around her in the times when her healing fails.
Senne has always been self-sufficient. During her journeys, she is able to catch or capture anything that may be edible and create succulent dishes that are enjoyed by all.
Senne has tried to ally herself with organizations or larger families in the past, only to be disappointed by their instability or unrealistic demands. Ironsong Tribe is the first family she is approaching in this manner to find a permanent home. She does regularly go on outings with a group of Reckless Mortals that enjoy forays into the Ulduar fortress and challenging the alliance at the tournament.
She has heard whispers of the clan from several sources. Arraken, a fellow Reckless Mortal, told her recently of the moots and the interaction and activity of the clan. Intrigued, she sought out a member and was directed to their posting.
Senne has an embarrassing weakness which always presents itself as her greatest trial - she has a lousy sense of direction. Honestly, she can wander for hours to make a minute-long journey. She relies heavily on those around her to keep her on the path.
Senne is driven to achieve. Whether its besting the latest challenges, improving her gear, or to help as many people as possible, she is always trying to get one step further.
I enjoy the beautifully done scenery, thoughtful quest lines, attention to detail, and many of the people I have come across. What I have missed, thus far, has been the role-playing. I migrated from Legacy of the North where I was a dungeon master for a Neverwinter Nights server. I enjoy the leveling, instances, my raiding schedule, and all of that, but I truly need something more to keep me with this game. I hope that the forums and in-game RP of Ironsong can meet those needs.
I certainly agree to follow the rules and regulations.
Greetings elf,

Please attend the next moot you are able to in order to introduce yourself to the Tribe. Moots are held every Thursday evening at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time. Contact myself or any other member of the Tribe for the location details as we move the location around.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
This isn't going as well as I had hoped. The first moot I attended was interupted by the weird "comcast black out of the west coast" that lasted long enough to cause me to miss most of everything.

I could not attend last week, but I heard nice things from Nande.

I tried to attend this week, but I, like many others, could not find my way to the Secret Cave - who knew it was as easy as jumping off a zeph?

Anyway, now I am out of the country for the next couple of weeks... I post this because I want you to know I am still interested, but I will be away. So, I will try again at the end of the month... or will that be October - 3 weeks from today.

Until then... have fun.
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