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Cross Faction Event.
This is forwarded from the ALA forums after discussion there. It's also on the Whisper forums and will be forwarded to the SotE forums after i'm registered there.

I need YOUR input and support to make this happen! Thanks =)


Ok so here it is. The other day in OffDuty were were talkin about RP in general and I had mentioned Cross faction RP casually and people had expressed interest, Gendry most notably at the time. I went about my business and loged on horde later and didn't think much more of it. Extreamly bored and desperately looking for RP I looked up Streng (leader of IST for those that don't know) and asked If the tribe had any upcoming RP events. He had said no just their weekly meetings that happened to fall exactly on the same time as ALA's meetings ...which i was bumed about. I told him this and we joked around and he had expressed interest in a combined meeting (not in Stormwind of course XD) Again not thinking a lot of It i told him that we were just talking about cross faction roleplay in guild chat not long ago. I mentioned this in guild chat when I loged back on Alliance later and people seemed to be pretty excited about the idea. Someone even said it would be 7 kinds of awesome I think.

My Idea for this meeting was/is that the druids of each guild have met in secret feelings something is very wrong in nature possibly coming from the Emerald Dream maybe from Northrend. Anyway the Druids call the meetings together secretly so that the guilds don't know that they're going to be at each others meeting. The druids know that we're going to ultimatly have to work together once more when this crisis comes to light but that trickery will be needed just to get everyone to at least listen.

more Ideas:

We can go around with the horde and kill the Nightmare Dragons that are up and spawned.

This could possibly be held in a nuetral pvp zone with a third nuetral party enforcing peace. The Maul in Dire maul could be a decent place for this.

A messenger can be used for xfaction comunication/translation. Or possibly voip though i like that idea less.

Sneaking into Hyjal might be a neat idea for this. IT would be a fun location. Just need a few people from each side that are good at jumping and a few warlocks that have a lot of shards >.>;;


I'll be waiting for feedback from you guys before I mention this to IST.

Edited by IlasEarthSong 8/10/2007 9:01 PM (Most Recent)
hmm maybe this should be moved to general since it's still just an idea? Not too many views here >.> I posted on SotE's forums and they have like one forum for WoW stuff and it's got 68 veiws already I couldn't believe it.
We're discussing an ALA PvP event in the member forums. Not sure if both ideas are being kicked around on the Alliance side or not.
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