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Greetings, fellow soldiers of the Horde. I am Cristoff, a young ((level 47)) Warrior in the service of Lady Sylvanas. As you know, the life of inexperienced devotees is one of adventure and personal betterment. Because of my steadfast commitment to self-improvement, my exposure to the rigors within Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch have been minimal. I strive only to be the best warrior I can be to best serve the Lady and my brothers and sisters of the Horde. The time will come when I will dominate the battlefield against the ill-intentioned Alliance.

My first lesson as to the ways one contributes to his community was taught to me by my uncle, a blacksmith from Brell. He taught me the importance of production and the need for quality raw materials to craft superior weapons, armors and potions. Through much practice and many hours spent in the wilds, I have mastered the skills needed as a skinner and am coming along quite nicely as a miner. I can currently mine Mithril with ease, but still need to practice and research the skills needed for the other, more deeply embedded metals such as Truesilver and Thorium.

I carry in my pack the Whirlwind Axe, and excellent weapon that required many days of trials and travels to earn. Why is it in my pack and not in my hands? The axe is a representation of me, and will remain unused to the day my spirit joins those of my warrior forefathers. It’s edge is clean, sharp and deadly. It is unsullied by the stains of blood and unchinged from clanging off of some vile dwarf’s helm. It’s shaft is still sturdy and unworn with the original leather strappings for grips. As long as my Whirlwind Axe remains clean, sharp and solid, I will remain as keen. No worries, however… I have a godfather of sorts who has supplied me with weapons of equal, nay superior quality.

The Ironsong Tribe, to me, embodies the traditions and focus needed to successfully navigate these perilous times. So many other groups speak languages that don’t make sense. What means “plzâ€Â
Unless I am mistaken, tonight's moot heralds the end of my two-week probationary period. I am hoping to confirm my intent to stay with Ironsong tonight, if you'll have me. However, I cannot tarry at the meeting long this evening... I have responsibilities that require my attention.

((I am a playwright and auditions for my next show are tomorrow night. I have to finish my scripts and get the audition forms done! Gah! I will be at the meeting at 6pm but cannot stay long. I apologize if this is an inconvenience.))

May our swords never dull,

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