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You guys did AWESOME! Yay for -finally- getting Gruul down!

My screen shot is awful, but here it is anyways. :]


And loot was for those curious..?
[item]Aldori Legacy Defender[/item]
[item]Teeth of Gruul[/item]
[item]Leggings of the Fallen Champion[/item]
[item]Leggings of the Fallen Hero[/item]
Figures it'd be the week I wasn't able to come. I told work I would much rather work mornings that got me off by 5 (3 server time), but apparently are schedules are made by a computor now, which pretty much randomly schedules people based on total avalability with no sense of when you would rather work. So I changed my scheduled avalability to monday-thursday nights.

Anyways... Congrats! Did any tactics change, or luck just worked in your favor?
A simple change in tactics really. Even when we were dead, we refused to stay down. Blood and sweat was all it took.
It was totally hot.
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
Yah, I think the tactic that finally did it for us was "don't die". Once we finally got a run where only a couple people were dead at grow 12, it went well. I can't remember how many we had dead when gruul finally died, but it wasn't many.

Keeping the tanks up that long is painful, but we did a bit better with Eatmore than with warriors simply because he has more health. Gruul seems to attack fast enough that warriors can't get rid of crushing blows with shield block, and an unlucky crush is a recipe for 2-shotting your warrior unless the hits on either side are dodged/parried. I'm starting to see why warriors claim that +12 sta gems are better than anything else, even if I do think its stupid on blizzard's part to design their encounters that way.
Very nicely done. Now do it later in the day so I can come play Wink
I believe I had the distinction of being one of only two people who died on the fight in which we finally downed Gruul. Yay me!

The key difference between this fight and the others, at least from my perspective, was the especially awesome job done by our healer corps. (You guys *always* do a great job, but this was something special.) Keeping some healers in reserve and then doing everything possible to keep the tanks alive made all the difference. I especially liked Jaba's verbal directions on the transition, as it made it very easy to follow.

As a side note, I felt that there was entirely too much unnecessary chatter on Vent through most of the raid. I don't mind being silly and all, but during a fight, we should maintain silence unless we have something necessary to contribute. (My own snarl of frustration over Vent when getting "stoned" by a fellow player is a good example of what doesn't need to be broadcast during a fight.) There were a few times when someone had something important to communicate but was unable to do so.

Anyway, it was a marvelous achievement, and I was thrilled to be part of it!

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