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Conclave of the Chosen
This is a council fight in which we’ll fight 4 different aspects of the loa:  Paku (bird), Gonk (gorilla), Kimbul (tiger), and Akunda (stegosaurus).

We will fight two aspects at a time, with a new one entering the fight after each one dies.  Each new one brings a new set of new abilities, plus a permanent ability that will last for the rest of the fight.  The fight always starts with Paku and Gonk.  Then Kimbul, and finally Akunda enter the fight.


* Tank them 7 yards apart:  Tanks need to make sure that the bosses are always separated by at least 7 yards as they buff each other (Loa’s Pact) if they’re closer than that.

* Single-target them down:  When one aspect dies the other goes back to 100% health, so there is no point in trying to damage both.

* Kill the surviving aspect next:  The surviving aspect will gain a buff (Loa’s Wrath), so we’ll need to kill the surviving one next, and not the new one who enters the fight.  

So, for the entire fight, we need to tank them 7 yards apart, single-target them down, kill the survivor next.

[Heroic only:  Healers will need to use cooldowns when an aspect dies, as its death applies a hard-hitting 6-sec DoT to the entire raid (Cry of the Fallen).  May want a cooldown for each death.]

[Heroic only: Krag’wa the frog will also jump to the location of the furthest player in the raid, then jump to the next furthest, and so forth.  You’ll see a tan swirly effect on the ground that shows where he’ll land.  If you’re in the swirl when he lands you’ll take a bunch of damage and get knocked back, so make sure to get out of the swirl.  (If Krag’wa is a problem we can have a couple ranged players stand at max range to bait the jumps).]

[Heroic mechanics summary: watch out for a big DoT as each one dies, and get out of the tan swirls.]

PAKU (the bird)

* Taunt mechanic:  Paku has a self-buff (Hastening Winds) that stacks every time she hits the same target.  Her stack drops off if she hits someone else.  The best way to handle this is to have a MELEE player taunt Paku and get hit once.  This is much simpler than having the tanks swap the two aspects.

* Dispel the haste buff Paku puts on her allies (Gift of Wind).

* Paku’s Wrath:  get under the bird.  This is Paku's permanent ability.  We saw this on Thursday.  When she reaches full energy she’ll fly to a random spot at the edge of the room and channel damage to all players, with more damage done the further away you are from her.  The entire raid should run to the big yellow circle underneath her, including the two tanks, to minimize damage.  

[Heroic only: Watch out for Krag’wa the frog’s jumps here and try to get out of the brown swirly while still standing in Paku’s safe circle.]

So that’s Paku:  a melee player taunts Paku to reset her stacks, dispel Gift of Wind from the adds, and get under the bird for Paku’s Wrath.


* Spreading Hex:  At full energy Gonk will hex a player (Crawling Hex), which pacifies them for 5 seconds, then jumps to all players within 8 yards. There will be a red 8-yard circle around the hexed player.  --> Get your circle away; everyone else, get out of the circle.  The hex can be dispelled, but make sure the hexed player is far away from the rest of the raid or the hex will spread.

* Frontal cone attack, Wild Maul:  Gonk will periodically transform into a raptor and cast Wild Maul on the tank.  This does massive physical damage.  Tanks should face him away and use mitigation to survive.  Everyone else stand behind Gonk.

* Raptor adds (Gonk's Wrath, permanent ability):  As his permanent ability Gonk will summon raptor adds, which spawn around the room and fixate on random players. If they reach their targets they do large melee hits.  These can be CC’d. These are a BIG DPS priority:  kill them fast.  [Heroic only:  If they get close to each other they go faster and become immune to CC for 5 seconds  (Pact Hunter).] 

So, for Gonk:  get your red circles out of the raid, stay behind Gonk, and DPS the raptors.

Paku & Gonk summary:

* Get under the bird (Paku's Wrath)
* Run your red circles out (hex)
* CC & kill the raptors (Gonk's Wrath)
* Stay behind Gonk
* Dispellers, dispel Gift of the Winds from enemies
* One melee needs to taunt Paku to reset her stacks

When Paku dies, Kimbul will spawn.

To avoid nasty ability overlaps later in the fight, try to kill Gonk the moment Paku’s special ability begins.


Kimbul has only just one regular ability and one permanent ability.

* Tank swap mechanic: anti-tank cone attack + DoT (Lacerating Claw):  This does a lot of physical damage and applies a stacking 45-second DoT. Tanks will need to swap Kimbul before their stacks get too high.

* Leap ability:  His permanent ability is a leap (Kimbul’s Wrath).  On a timer, he’ll debuff random players (you'll be marked with a red arrow), then he will jump to each one, knocking them down and applying a debuff to everyone within 5 yards of that player.  If you get the skull and red arrow, immediately move away from other players.

So, tanks need to swap Kimbul, and if you get the red skull and arrow over your head, run out of the raid.  We will be dealing with these abilities along with Paku’s Wrath, Gonk’s hex, and Gonk’s raptor adds.

Gonk & Kimbul summary:
* Tanks swap Kimbul
* Stay behind Gonk
* Run the red things out:  red arrows (Kimbul's Wrath leap attack) & red circles (hex)
* Get under bird (Paku's Wrath)
* CC & kill the raptors (Gonk's Wrath)

Once Gonk is killed, Kimbul gets buffed so we’ll kill him next, and Akunda enters the fight.


* Get away from Akunda when he casts Thundering Storm.  This does a lot of damage to anyone within 10 yards of her as the cast finishes.  Be quick to exit the circle.

* Dispel Mind Wipe:  Random players will be debuffed with Mind Wipe,which causes them to lose all their spells for 30 seconds.  Dispel this.

* Explosion + static spheres:  Akunda’s permanent ability debuffs random players with Akunda’s Wrath, which explodes after 5 seconds, doing damage to anyone within 5 yards AND sending static orbs in all directions.  Getting hit does damage and a stun.  This, plus all the other mechanics, makes this last part of the fight pretty crazy.  Get your debuff away from others, and dodge the spheres.

So, during Kimbul & Akunda:

* Run Akunda's Wrath & red arrows out (Kimbul's Wrath leap attack)
* Dodge spheres
* Get out of Akunda's circle for Thundering Storm
* Get under the bird (Paku's Wrath)
* CC & kill the raptors (Gonk's Wrath)

* Dispellers, dispel Mind Wipe
* Tanks, swap Kimbul

After Gonk dies and we're fighting both Kimbul and Akunda is the most intense part of the fight.  Once Kimbul is down, the fight eases up slightly as we’ll only have one boss to deal with, plus the 4 permanent abilities.

Akunda only:
* Run Akunda's Wrath & red arrows out (Kimbul's Wrath leap attack)
* Dodge spheres

* Get under the bird (Paku's Wrath)
* CC & kill the raptors (Gonk's Wrath)
Note:  as we learned on Thursday, ALL of the aspects get the +damage buff when one of the aspects dies, so kill order doesn't matter.  We killed Paku third and this worked well as Paku is pretty easy.  I think we could kill Paku last, too.
Heroic Conclave of the Chosen

1.  Cry of the Fallen

Whenever an aspect boss is defeated, they will cast a spell called Cry of the Fallen.  Cry of the fallen applies a 6 second debuff to all players.  This damage can be lethal when it occurs in combination with other incoming damage.  

--> Wowhead recommends that healers use at least one healing cooldown for each Cry of the Fallen.

2. Proximity Buff for Raptor Adds

The Ravenous Stalkers (raptor adds) summoned by Gonk will gain the Pack Hunter buff when they are within 5 yards of each other.  This increases their speed and makes them immune to CC.

--> Players fixated by a raptor should try NOT to kite their raptor into another raptor, or both raptors may well reach their targets and deal substantial damage.

3. New mechanic: Krag'wa

The frog loa, Krag'wa, will be present as a mechanic in the fight on heroic.  He will appear in the middle of the encounter space and cast Krag'wa's Wrath, which causes him to jump to the location of one of the three furthest players, inflicting damage and a knockback.  His landing zone will be marked with a swirly zone.  After jumping four times, Krag'wa will despawn.

--> Get out of the swirly landing zone.

Also, be careful during Pa'ku's Wrath (when we get under the bird) as the knockback could bump you out of the safe zone.

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