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Comprehensive Jewelcrafting Thread - UPDATED levelling guide
Here are some very useful guides in regard to the new Jewelcrafting profession. The levelling guides provide an idea of the materials required, as I know some Tribemates are interested in gathering in advance!
This Jewelcrafting Chart in .pdf format by Siha of the Southerwardens, clearly shows the skill progression of all recipes currently trainable. I also recommend reading the detailed Levelling Guide by CitizenKaine2 that I've posted below.
All information is as of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade beta, and is subject to change.

As posted by Pern, on the WoW Beta Forums:

Let me start by saying that I love the profession of Jewelcrafting, I've got 375 skill in it myself and I'm super excited about the future. I've collected some of the common questions people have come to me with, as well as some obvious FAQ-style questions to make a makeshift guide for Jewelcrafting. I would like to add to this guide as well as do more Jewelcrafting research, but I need your help! I'm compiling a list of all the Jewelcrafting recipes, the materials required, the items produced, and where to find everything. If you find a recipe, please post it here so I can add it, same for rare gems.

Where do I start?
Apprentice through Artisan Jewelcrafting may ONLY be trained in Silvermoon City (Horde) and The Exodar (Alliance). This is of course subject to change, but at the moment plan on a trip to those cities. Master Jewelcrafting may be trained at Thrallmar (Horde) and Honor Hold (Alliance) in Hellfire Peninsula.

What do you need for Jewelcrafting?
Primarily, ore and gems. There are a few that use alchemy mats, a few that use enchanting mats, and a few that use assorted mob drops, but nothing in such quantity that it would merit taking a second profession other than mining.

Where can I use Jewelcrafting?
Anywhere, there are no fixed resources required (like a Forge or Moonwell). Most Jewelcrafting items require a Jeweler's Kit to produce, this is a trade item you can buy from nearly any Trade Goods vendor for 8s.

What can I make with Jewelcrafting?
As the flavor text specifies, you will learn how to cut precious gems and craft jewelry. Specifically, Jewelcrafting allows you to make rings, necklaces, trinkets, a few crowns, and socketable gems. This is a very unique profession in that it produces two types of gains, new gear for accessory slots and augmentation of existing gear. It's a hybrid between a production profession like tailoring and the service profession of enchanting.

How good are these accessories?
The obvious shining point of Jewelcrafting accessories is that accessories are traditionally rare to characters below level 30, so being able to create accessories customized for characters leveling up is wonderful. Past level 30, the Jewelcrafting gear is vastly outpaced by dungeon loot. Past 30, Jewelcrafting items seem to be at roughly a "quest reward" level, and as of yet there are no "ringers" that would warrant taking off dungeon loot for. I imagine this may be addressed at launch via rare designs and just more designs in general. Endgame Jewelcrafting is not about accessories though, it's all about the gems!

Which classes benefit most from Jewelcrafting?
Since accessories can be used by anyone, and there are gem cuts to augment virtually every stat, all classes benefit most from Jewelcrafting. There are necklaces with high attack power, rings with armor and defense, trinkets with mana regeneration, socketed gems with crit rating. This really is a unique profession in that it doesn't seem biased toward any class or role.

Which professions work well with Jewelcrafting?
I would strongly recommend picking up Mining if you plan on Jewelcrafting. The reason is threefold. First, it's cheaper. Smile Second, your materials may be in short supply due to the greater demand and lesser portability of ore versus bars, and you can't do much with bars (I imagine the ore market will boost when the expansion is released, but overall the demand for bars comes from many sources, the demand for ore is exclusively on Jewelcrafting). Third, by mining you will find gems naturally on the nodes while mining in ADDITION to the gems you will get when you Prospect all of that ore, not to mention stones for statues.

If not mining, I might recommend Enchanting, as nearly everything you can produce as a Jewelcrafter is of at least Uncommon rarity, and in many cases isn't worth selling on the Auction House due to oversaturation. Since very little of it is Soulbound however, there's not much difference if you simply stick Enchanting on an alt.

What should I skill up on?
There are two major standbys for leveling Jewelcrafting, Stone Statues and Trade Goods.
Those practically worthless stones that drop from mining nodes are converted into Stone Statues for a cheap Renew (10 hp/s for 15s at the Rough level up to 50 hp/s for 15s at the Dense level) and cheap Jewelcrafting levels.
Trade Goods are mats required for some of your Jewelcrafting recipes that are made from base metals, very similar to the clothcrafting or engineering schema in that at the "Copper" level you use the "Delicate Copper Wire" trade good in almost everything you do, and it uses 2 Copper Bars. So this is an item you can make for cheap skill that you will use to gain more skill, and is one of the only times in Jewelcrafting that Bars will be more important than Ore. Smile

What should I stockpile now to level Jewelcrafting?
As far as rare items at higher levels, you're pretty much on your own because the recipes could change at a moment's notice, but think about elemental essences and the like.

How high can I get with materials from Azeroth?
310, this is pretty much the same for all other professions as far as I've seen.

What is Prospecting?
Prospecting is a skill that can be trained at level 20 Jewelcrafting from any Jewelcrafting vendor. It grants the Prospecting ability in your ability book. In game text:


2 sec cast

Search 5 ore of a base metal for precious gems. This will destroy the ore in the process.

The function is incredibly similar to Disenchant, it kills the ore but has a chance at returning materials used in your profession. In this case, gems.

What gems can be found with Prospecting?
From all testing so far, you can get any gem that is naturally found on the node of that ore type (eg Shadowgem from Copper, Citrine from Mithril, Azeorthian Diamond from Thorium, Flame Spessarite from Fel Iron)

Are there any restrictions to Prospecting?
Two actually. First of all, as the description states you can only search ore of a base metal. This excludes noble metals such as Silver, Gold, Truesilver, Eternium, and Khorium (any ore with "green" rarity). Second, you must have Jewelcrafting skill roughly equivalent to the mining skill required to mine that ore (eg 175 for Mithril, 300 for Fel Iron, 350 for Adamantite).

I have a ton of gems, now what?
Below 300 Jewelcrafting skill, gems are only used as part of jewelry creations, and although you will need a lot of gems to skill up, they don't really take value until past 300.

Past 300, the Outland-exclusive gems can be "cut" into gems that can be added to socketable equipment.

Aren't socketable gems just portable enchants?
Gems are "portable" in the sense that a Jewelcrafter can cut a gem and sell it on the Auction House, but they have restrictions too. Gems can't be added to gear that does not have pre-existing sockets, enchants can be.

Can I stand in Orgrimmar all day cutting gems for people to make money?
While it is true that gems are significantly easier to acquire than enchanting materials, there is a cooldown imposed on gem cutting. From all testing so far, this cooldown appears to be 10 minutes for Uncommon gems and 60 minutes for Rare gems. I can easily see Jewelcrafters selling the ability to cut a gem though for this very reason, since your time is a premium and the recipes are rare.

How do I cut gems?
Gem cutting requires a gem, a recipe for the specific "cut" of gem you're aiming for, and a Simple Grinder, which is just a trade item found on nearly any trade goods vendor for 2g50s.

What does specific cut mean?
As mentioned in the Jewelcrafting preview, there is more than one way to cut each type of gem. For example, a Golden Draenite can be cut Brilliant (+6 Intellect), Gleaming (+6 Spell Critical Rating), Thick (+6 Defense Rating), Rigit (+6 Hit Rating), or Smooth (+6 Critical Strike Rating), and these are just the ones we know of so far. Every cut requires a different recipe, so you can imagine already how many potential recipes there are!

Where do I find these recipes?
In the alpha, a small selection of gem cutting recipes have been placed on the Master Jewelcrafters in Thrallmar and Honor Hold. In the release, these recipes are designed to be world drops. I imagine some of them will be vendor-bought, but the vast majority of gem cuts will be found in the world. Additionally, there are some blue gem recipes that have so far been found only in Nagrand.

Blue gems?
There are six "uncommon" (green rarity) Outland gems: Blood Garnet, Flame Spessarite, Deep Peridot, Golden Draenite, Shadow Draenite, and Azure Moonstone. They come with relatively similar and common drop rates from Fel Iron, Adamantite, and Khorium nodes, as well as Fel Iron and Adamantite prospecting. In addition to this, there are super rare blue (blue rarity) gems that are found the same way with an exceedingly lower drop rate, these gems tend to produce fabulous effects when cut.

What kind of effects?
From the limited number of rare recipes I have so far, the stat gain from rare gems is a very marginal increase over their uncommon equivalents. For example, the Brilliant Golden Draenite gives +6 Intellect, but the extraordinarily rare Brilliant Dawnstone, with an even more rare recipe drop, gives +8 Intellect.

Are rare gems really worth it then?
Absolutely! For the extra day of stripmining it takes you to find a Dawnstone, you can have 100 days of playtime with a piece of Tier 7 armor that has 2 more intellect than everyone else's. Understand that as a line item, the increase is not that significant, but when you consider that it is a bonus above and beyond everything else you have, getting the best gems you can for your gear will be crucial.

What is the best gem you've seen so far?

Brutal Earthstorm Diamond

+3 Melee Damage & Chance to Stun Target

Requires at least 5 Red gems and at least 5 Yellow gems and at least 5 Blue gems

"Only fits in a meta gem slot."

What does the 5 Red, Yellow, and Blue gems thing mean?
Good question.
Gem Cuts known so far:
Cut Color Effect1 Effect2
Lustrous Blue Mana/5
Solid Blue Stamina
Sparkling Blue Spirit
Stormy Blue Spell Penetration
Dazzling Green Intellect Mana/5
Enduring Green Stamina Defense
Jagged Green Stamina Critical Strike
Radiant Green Spell Penetration Spell Critical
Brutal Meta Melee Damage Chance to Stun
Destructive Meta Spell Critical Spell Reflect
Glinting Orange Agility Hit Rating
Inscribed Orange Strength Critical Strike
Luminous Orange Intellect Healing
Potent Orange Spell Critical Spell Damage
Glowing Purple Stamina Spell Damage
Royal Purple Mana/5 Healing
Shifting Purple Agility Stamina
Sovereign Purple Strength Stamina
Bold Red Strength
Delicate Red Agility
Runed Red Spell Damage
Subtle Red Dodge
Teardrop Red Healing
Bright Red Attack Power
Brilliant Yellow Intellect
Gleaming Yellow Spell Critical
Rigid Yellow Hit Rating
Smooth Yellow Critical Strike
Thick Yellow Defense
I like where this is goin.
Hmm, so it is ore and not bars. I guess that makes sense with the prospecting skill - I had figured you'd just get a higher drop rate for gems or something.
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A useful Jewelcrafting Levelling guide I found, by CitizenKaine2, from the Stratics Message Boards.

Here is the list of best case scenario and recommended amounts of materials for 1-300 Jewelcrafting:

7g 12s 80c for training
180-240 Copper Bars
50-75 Malachite
100-140 Silver Bars
40-60 Shadowgems
100-140 Bronze Bars
75-90 Jade
90-120 Elemental Earth
120-180 Thorium Bars
30-45 Star Rubys
30-40 Large Opal

Acquire the above materials and then go to the Jewelcrafting trainer in Silvermoon / Exodar. You shouldn't have to leave once you start.


Learn Apprentice Jewelcrafting for 90c
Buy a jeweler's kit for 7s 20c
Craft 70 Delicate Copper Wire from 140 Copper bars (you will need at least 70 Delicate Copper Wire)
You should now be level 50
Learn Malachite Pendant for 90c
Craft 10 Malachite Pendants from 10 Delicate Copper Wire and 10 Malachite
You should now be level 60


Learn Journeyman Jewelcrafting for 4s 50c
Learn Inlaid Malachite Ring for 90c
Craft 20 Inlaid Malachite Ring from 40 Malachite and 40 Copper Bars
You should now be level 80
Learn ring of Silver Might for 5s 40c
Craft 50 ring of Silver Might from 100 Silver Bars
You should now be level 130


Learn Expert Jewelcrafting for 45s
Learn Ring of Twilight Shadows for 7s 20c
Craft 20 ring of Twilight Shadows from 40 Shadowgems and 40 Bronze Bars
You should now be level 150
Learn golden dragon ring for 10s 80c
Craft 30 Golden Dragon Ring from 30 Jade 60 Bronze Bars and 60 Delicate Copper Wire
You should now be level 180
Purchase Design: The Jade Eye from Gelanthis (the supplier with the 3 trainers, if you're Alliance you lose) for 22s 50c
Craft 45 The Jade Eye from 45 Jade and 90 Elemental Earth
You should now be level 225


Learn Artisan Jewelcrafting for 4g 50s
Learn Thorium Setting for 31s 50c
Craft 45 Thorium Setting from 90 Thorium Bars (you will need at least 45 Thorium Settings)
You should now be level 255
Learn Ruby Pendant of Fire for 36s
Craft 30 Ruby Pendant of Fire from 30 Star Ruby and 30 Thorium Setting
You should now be level 285
Learn simple Opal Ring for 90s
Craft 15 Simple Opal Rings from 30 Large Opals, 15 Thorium Setting and 30 Thorium Bars
You should now be level 300

Congrats you're level 300!
<places> Point of clarification:

Jewelcrafters are the *only* way to get gems for socketed items?
No, there are dropped gems also.
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Are existing items going to get or be able to get sockets? Or will it just be new expansion only items?
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Grymfang Wrote:Are existing items going to get or be able to get sockets? Or will it just be new expansion only items?

At the moment it just looks like expansion items only

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