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Coming soon...

This summer is going to be a busy time for me. I'm going to a convention up in Pittsburg in June (anybody that guesses the name of the Convention (besides the Warlord Sreng (And don't you tell anybody please Sreng!)) gets a full free stack of Savory Deviate Delight) and then going off to visit relatives all over the place. And then.. it's off to college! As such, I'm going to be cancelling my subscription sometime nearing the end of May or the beginning of June. I don't know when I'll be back. I can't imagine starting again until I know my financial situation and my workload. I'll be going to a college named Eckerd in St. Petersburg Fl in case anybody wants to look it up for whatever reason.

I just wanted to say ahead of time that this guild has truly impressed me. I've never seen such a group of kind, devoted souls, and though I've never been able to fight beside any of you in any of the legendary instances, I have no doubt that every one of you fight valliantly and with incredible skill.

I also want to thank everyone that ever helped me. From Kernhoof to Kernasas, Eveline to Degrang, Palpo, Sound, Dispaya, Ronx, Shillatae, and those I haven't listed, you know who you are, and I thank you greatly! The game experience wouldn't have been the same without your help, your advice, and your own experience.

On another note, for closer friends, I may move Nafiya to another server when open server transfers open up, to aid them in their quests, but I'll always be sure to keep one alt or other within the Tribe! You guys are too valuable, too friendly, too powerful to leave!

So.. just as a heads up. And for a reminder: First person that posts the name of the con I'm going to, June in Pittsburg, gets a full stack of Savory Deviate Delight! Get those Google engines running! (Besides Sreng, since he knows, but won't tell anybody ^^)


*A neatly written note is left on the Tribal Totem, describing Nafiya's plans to travel to Thunder Bluff to find remnants of her family, and then to Tirisfal, following rumors that a Troll female has been afflicted by the Plague... should this be her best friend Karlaki, Nafiya would gladly aid the Forsaken to bring Karlaki into their group. Nafiya writes that she knows not how long the adventure will take, but that she may return someday, or not at all, and she expresses her love in bolder text to the Ironsong Tribe, signing her name, and then filling the last bit of parchment with a bold:


Good luck on your adventures!

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