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Combat LOg disappearing
I thought it only happened when I went into a BG; then I thought it was only when I went into instances (which BGs are, technically). Just the other night, it disappeared while grinding in the Burning Steppes.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know how to fix it? I wonder if it's one of the add-ons, I'm using, but have yet o disable them to test it out.
I remember this being a widespread issue quite a bit ago, although I never experienced it firsthand.
Are you using Simple Chat to get the combat log?
I'm having a similar problem, though its not my combat log.
I create a new window for the 'off' channels such as LFG, Trade, etc that I dont want cluttering my main chat window.

It disappears within minutes. I've tried locking my chat settings, using simple chat, etc.
It still disappears.
I don't remember if I'm using Simple Chat or not. I used to lock the chat windows, but then I can't move the CL back over after re-logging.
I have that issues to. I just type in the name of the window that I made "Healing" for me, and ti comes back up.
I have had this problem for months now, both combat log and any extra windows (I made one so I don't miss whispers) just go poof! at random times. The only way I know how to fix it is to click on simple chat, then reset all your window sizes and such.. oh so annoying.. if anyone knows any other ways.. I would love to hear it! And yes, I tried locking chat windows etc.. I do shut off simple chat after it gives me the combat log again, is that my boo boo?
Xerrik gots dis problem too, if ya ever figure a way ta fix it Xerrik'd sure like ta know.

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