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Cold Illumination - Serce
Since my youth I have been a vessel for forces greater than myself.

As I entered into womanhood the beliefs of the humans of Lordaeron began to reach us. Their precepts of the Holy Light, simpler and in some ways more elegant than the dated animistic beliefs of our ancient forefathers, inspired and heartened me against the darkness I sometimes felt all around us in the world. So fervent was I in my faith that the glory of the universe could be manifested within and without! So sure was I in my path that I was among those who disobeyed our orders and remained in Lordaeron during the Third War.

I served as a loyal ally to King Menethil and his son the Prince. Hoping to stem the tide of plague and death, I cut myself off from Quel'thelas and my kin for the time being. I knew that once the world was set aright I could be reunited with the folk of Silvermoon and all would be as it was.

I was wrong.

Prince Arthas took up the Runeblade and destroyed my home. He corrupted the Sunwell. The pain of it cut to my heart -- there was no universal glory inside me, only agony and the harsh reality of life without magic. Slowly, dazed, I made my way back to Quel'thalas as so few of my people did. We nursed our wounds and fought against becoming yet more wretched than we already were.

In time, another Prince transformed my life. Kael'thas came to us with a new promise of glory and a new source of power for the elite among us. I volunteered and was given the powers of the Light once again, able to smite and heal as I saw fit. We drew on the revealed origin of these supposed universal energies in the form of a captured being brought to us as a gift by our great Prince. I took up arms and joined the Horde despite growing up hearing the foulest tales of previous wars. Again I served, again believing I understood the world and where I stood within it, having tamed the Light to my whims without scales blinding me.

I was wrong.

Prince Kael'thas betrayed his dark master and turned the Sin'dorei against one another, stealing M'uru away from us. The Naaru revealed that all along they'd used us as pawns, yet Lady Liadrin went penitent before them and swore allegiance in exchange for renewed access to their so-called Light. I refused. Twice I'd been fooled by the promise of the Light, twice I'd had the powers leave me despite my faith and loyalty. No longer. For the second time the Sunwell of my people was put to corrupt purpose by a supposedly trusted Prince.

Since my youth I have been a vessel for forces greater than myself. Now those powers have gone from me and I stand alone, a mighty blade in my hand, a part of the darkness I once felt surrounding me.

I feel...cold.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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